Hello and Welcome to the world of Freerealms Warrior Cats. This page is entirely devoted to the comparing of the OLD and NEW clans. The purpose of this page is to educate the general population of Warriors of their own history and struggles we have faced in the past. My name is Jaystar, former leader of Bloodclan and many other clans, and this is OUR story.

1. What is the difference between the NEW and OLD clans?

The division I, Jaystar, have decided to make between the NEW and OLD clans is the creation of this wiki around c. January, 2013. Any clan created long before the wiki's creation is defined as an OLD clan while clans created after this point in time, is a NEW clan.

2. Territory

Before the creation of the Clan Territory Map by the leader of Ravenclan, Ravenstar, there was no way of keeping track of the ever changing and expanding borders between each clan. Members of OLD clans had no choice but to memorize the territories of other clans and their own. There was no time to waste, at any moment, the territory once considered very important to them, could be taken. There was NO talk of sharing territories, and there was no limit to the size of the territory.

3. Creation of Alliances

Before the creation of this wiki, the concepts of Alliances was not only unheard of, but frowned upon. According to the information in the "Warriors" novels, we know that Alliances between clans were not something to celebrate. This can be heavily supported by the actions of the clan cats in the 1st Arc books, "A Dangerous Path, and "The Darkest Hour".

4. Warrior Code

The Warrior code is a set of rules that are mandatory to follow in order to be taken seriously as a clan. These roles are as follows,

5. Warfare

6. General Attitudes


Q: Why does this page exist?

A: To inform thegeneral population of the wiki of their own history.

Q: How do I know if my clan was old or new?

A: If your clan was created after January, 2013, your clan is new.

More questions to come....