This is the page for Bronzeclan.


Leader: Bronzestar


Medicine cat:





Our territory

We live in Berry Forest. About 100 yards down the path, there are some leaves on the left side. That's the entrance to our territory... You slip through the leaves (you will only fit if you're a cat) and there are some logs to climb down and up. Once you get in, there are five dens - a warrior den, a leader and deputy den, a medicine cat den, an apprentice den and a nursery. That's pretty much our territory.

How to join:

Step 1: Find Bronzestar's page

Step 2. There should be something telling you about a form. Fill it in and use it to reply.

Step 3. Wait for Bronzestar to read it.

Step 4. She may take you in!

Sometimes, Bronzestar searches for cats and asks them to join Bronzeclan, if they want to. They follow the same steps, if they want to join.