Ello it's Bluê. This is a story about my lives as a warrior cat. No all parts in this book happened on FreeRealms, but space fillers were needed in some areas. Enjoy.

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Young & Devious Crookedstar

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  I sat down on the cliff over looking the camp. I watched as the cats rested up and got back to work after we delt with yet another group of trespassers. Trespassers. That's all we ever get now. Trespassers. Why can't the clans just leave us alone, I growled to myself, well I'll show them we won't be pushed around any longer... I'll show them all.

Part 1: Bubblestar's Journey - Chapter One

 I woke at the sound of her voice.

"Bubblepaw! Wake up you dorm mouse, Sharpclaw and Smokepelt want to go hunting." Swiftpaw yelled from outside the apprentice den.

I stood and shook scraps off moss from my pelt. "Ok I'm coming." And pushed my way out of the apprentice den. We have been training for six moons now, so any day can be our assessment.

I headed towards where Swiftpaw, Sharpclaw, and Smokepelt waited. Smokepelt is a big gray tom with tabby stripes and piercing blue eyes. Sharpclaw is a small she-cat with sleek, short gray fur and soft green eyes. Swiftpaw is a medium sized white she-cat with black paws and a black tail tip, with nice blue eyes. While I am a fairly small slate colored she-cat with amber eyes.

When I was born, my mother was worried that I wouldn't make it being so small. She still worries about be, but she doesn't need to, I know I can become a strong warrior.

"Let's hunt by Greatoak," my mentor, Smokepelt, was saying.

  "But the river is swimming with fish." Sharpclaw replied.

"How about you take Swiftpaw to go fishing, and I'll take Bubblepaw to Greatoak." Smokepelt meowed flicking his tail against the ground.

"Sounds fine to me," Sharpclaw meowed leading Swiftpaw to the river.

One Greatoak was in sight I caught the sent of a mouse. Greatoak is a huge oak tree that seems to touch the sky and roots the stretch about three fox lengths.

I carefully followed the scent until I found the mouse. It is nibbling on a seed by the roots of Greatoak. I quietly stalked toward it, my paws barely touching the ground. When suddenly a strange scent hit me.

  I looked around tasting the air when my tail rustled the leaves on the ground, sending the mouse fleeing. "Foxdung!" I muttered irritated. I tasted the air for prey again, when that smell hit me again. I realized with a start that it was a cat; but didn't seem to be from any clan I know.

I decided to go check the sent out. I stalked into the brambles and peered on the other side. What I saw puzzled and shocked me. There was a tom, who must me the rouge, and two small kits. The kits scent was very familiar... Then I realized it was Ravenclan's scent. I realized those kits needed help, I couldn't just let the rouge take them. So I launched at the rouge.

I screeched as I landed on his shoulders and dug my claws into his back. He yowled in shock and bucked me off. I landed in front of him and slashed my claws across his face. He hissed in pain and rammed into me, throwing me into a tree. I layer their dazed ans he jumped on me and pinned me down, he dug his claws into my side. He was to heavy and I couldn't get him off. Suddenly I heard a familiar yowl and the tom's weight was lifted off.

I lifted my head to see Smokepelt with the tom pinned under him. "Why are you in BloodclawClan territory?" He hissed at the rouge. The rouge just glared in response.

"Fine then you have no reason to be here," Smokepelt growled and bite the tom on the shoulder before letting him up. The rouge hissed then ran away.

"Are you okay?" Smokepelt was now peering down at me.

I stood and shook my fur. "Yeah I'm alright," I glanced at the kits. "What are we going to do about them?"

Smokepelt followed my gaze. "Better let Sunstar decide as he walked over and picked up the wide eyed kits.


When we got back to camp Swiftpaw and Sharpclaw rushed over. "There you are. Where'd you get those kits?" Sharpclaw asked.

Before we could answer Sunstar padded over and Smokepelt started explaining what happened while I took the kits to the nursery.

"Hello Stoneflower." I greeted as I set down the kits.

"Ah, hello Bubblepaw. Are these the kits I overheard you guys talking about?" She looked over the kits.

"Yeah, could you keep an eye on them until Sunstar decides what to do?"

"Sure thing," she said turning her attention to the kits.

"Thanks!" I called over my shoulder as I padded away.

I sat down curling my long fluffy tail around my paws and gazed around camp. The camp is one big hollow in the ground surrounded one one and a half sides by a cliff, then on the opposite side is a lone cliff we use as where the new warriors sit vigil, and besides both cliffs is a lake which narrows to a rive that cuts our territory in half. High rock juts out from the first cliff that covers one side of the camp. There are many ledges on that cliff. The warriors den is on a big ledge a little above High rock. The leaders den is at the bottom of the cliff, where there is a crack that leads to a small cave.

Next, after the part with all the ledges, there is a small dip in the ground where we built a den around, that's the Apprentice den. Across from it is a rise in the ground where to medium sized trees have grown. That is the Medicine cat den is. Shinyclaw, our medicine cat, stores her herbs within the roots of the trees, and has made a nest up in the branches, she has a separate area in the den where sick or injured cats rest or sleep.

Near the apprentice den, at the corner where the two cliffs meet, is a big tree is. The nursery was built with brambles around the roots, the inside of the den is completely covered in soft moss so the kits and queens will be comfortable.

There is an area between the rise of the medicine cat den and the half part cliff. Near one camp entrance is where a pile of boulders are. We built a den out of brambles, braken, and honey-suckle. The lone cliff sits between both camp entrances, the one by the Elder's den and by the river.

I padded to the apprentice den to get some sleep before the gathering tonight. I pushed my way inside and walked to my nest. I plopped down in the nest and curled up, tucking my tail over my nose as I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up with a paw prodding me in the side. I opened my eyes and blinked, looking up at the cream she-cat looking down at me. "Time for the gathering," Dovefur meowed before padded out of the den.

I stood and shook the scraps off moss from my fur and yawned. I walked out of the den and joined the rest of the cats that are going tonight. I spotted my brother Goldpaw, he's a big tom for his age with short gold fur and kind brown eyes. I sat by him while we waited.

Sunstar came with Sharpclaw following close behind, with both kits dangling from her jaws. "Let's go," Sunstar meowed, leading us out of the camp.


We were the last to arrive to the gathering. Sunstar dashed through the clearing and lept onto Greatrock.

"Now we can begin," yowled Shadowstar, leader of EclispeClan.

As Shadowstar began speaking I sat down nest to Swiftpaw and Goldpaw. I gazed around at the cats, RavenClan seemed a little anxious, must be because of the missing kits. As Sunstar began speaking, he told about how we found the kits.

"Bubblepaw attacked bravely and with the help of Smokepelt, they defeated the rouge and saved the kits." He nodded to the trees, "Sharpclaw, come return the kits to their clan."

Sharpclaw padded to the center of the clearing with the kits in her jaws.

"Oh, Leafkit! Creamkit!" A RavenClan tom cried with delight. He padded over and nosed the kits before looking up at Sharpclaw and then at Sunstar, "Thank you so much."

"Your very welcome," Sunstar dipped his head.

"Oh wait till your mother sees you when we get back to camp" he murmed to the kits as he nosed them back to where he was sitting.

The rest of the gathering went by kind of fast, and I only half payed attention to it. As it was time to go Mintpaw came to walk next to me.

"That was nice work getting the kits," he meowed. "Your gonna be a great warrior, the other clans better watch out!" He mewed.

I chuckled, "Thank you, and hey your not so bad yourself fuzz ball." I said nudging his shoulder.

"Race you back to camp!" He said as he raced off.

"You're on!" I yowled racing after him.


"I now name you Bubbleheart, a loyal and brave warrior of BloodclawClan.

"Bubbleheart! Bubbleheart!" The clan yowled.

I swelled with pride as I sat next to my brother Goldfur, Swifttail, and Mintpelt. "We're finally warriors!" Goldfur meowed excitedly.

"Yeah! We got to sit vigil tonight." Swifttail meowed.

My mother Bluetail rushed over to me and Goldfur. "I'm so proud of you!" She gushed as she covered our faces with licks.

"Mom!" Goldfur complained.

"Oh if only your father could see you two now.." She meowed proudly with grief right behind it.

Our father Goldheart died in an accident on a thunderpath right before we were born. So I have never met him. But the clan and my mother say he was a wise and strong warrior.

This is it, I'm finally a warrior! I looked at the clan's smiling faces. I'm going to be the best warrior they have ever seen. As long as I'm around we will be the best clan ever!

Chapter Two

  Smokepelt kept pacing outside of the nursery, anxiously flicking his tail. His mate Morningflower is kitting at the moment, but we are all worried because use she has been sick the past few moons. Shinyclaw is doing the best she can to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Shinyclaw's new apprentice Lavapaw padded out and looked at Smokepelt sadly, "Smokepelt, one kit died.." She touched his should with her tail and told him he could come in to help with the rest.

Time passed by as some cats waited anxiously outside the nursery. Until a wail of grief sounded from inside the nursery. Shiny law padded out a heartbeat later. "Morningflower... She's dead. And so are two of her kits, only one kit survived." She meowed her voice full of grief.

"Oh no... Poor Smokepelt...." Bloodfang whispered.

Smokepelt stumbled of of the nursery, his eyes clouded with grief.

Sunstar walked over to him and touched his shoulder with his nose. "Will seat vigil for them tonight. Do you have a name for your surviving daughter?" He mewed gently.

"Dawnkit.." Smokepelt replied quietly.

"Well Dawnkit will be greatly taken care of," he then turned his attention to the she-cat sitting outside the nursery. "Whitewhisker, can you take care of Dawnkit along with your kits?"

"Of course I will," Whitewhisker meowed.

"Thank you.." Smokepelt whispered.

Whitewhisker led him back into the nursery to say his goodbyes in private.


Tiny claws pierced my tail, as a I heard a tiny meow of laughter. I glanced behind me and saw Dawnkit punching after my tail. That little kit just has the clan wrapped around her tiny tail, especially her father.

I chuckled, "What are you doing?" Flicking my tail around for her to chase after it.

"Practicing," she mewed.

"Practicing what?"

"Hunting! Of course. I'm going to be the best warrior ever." She squeaked.

"She acts a lot like you did when you were a kit," an affectionate meow sounded from my right.

I turned and saw Bluetail gazing at me warmly. "Maybe soon you'll have your own kits," she meowed to me.

"Yeah right!" I laughed, "That won't be happening anytime soon."

We laughed together as we watched Dawnkit chase after a butterfly. Me and my mother have always been close, we joke with each other all the time.

Suddenly a yowl pierced this quiet afternoon. "We're being invaded!"

"DarkmoonClan! You fox hearts!" Sunstar yowled as cats streamed into the camp.

"Bubbleheart!" I heard a scared meow.

I saw Dawnkit trembling a tail length away. I ran over and scooped her up, looking for a safe place to hide her. I dashed over to the nursery and put her inside.

I then ran to the nearest enemy and tackled them over, pinning them. I slashed my claws down his shoulder and  bit his ear. He kicked me off and ran away out of camp.

I heard a shriek come from the direction of the nursery. I whipped around and saw Whitewhisker trying to fend off a brown tabby tom and a silver she-cat. I dashed over and slashed at the silver she-cat.

Together we fended off the two cats from getting to the nursery. Then I heard Emberstar yowl, "DarkmoonClan retreat!"

The two cats we were facing fled, and we watched as DarkmoonClan left.

"Why did they come here?" Whitewhisker panted.

"Who knows, bunch of fox hearts." I snarled.

I gazed around the camp seeing if everyone was ok. And then my paws froze to the ground, as I stared in horror at the unmoving body across camp.

"Bluetail!" I yowled as I raced to her side. "Mom? Bluetail please wake up," I shook her side with my paw not caring about the blood seeping in my fur.

Bluetail weakly lifted her head. "Bubbleheart, my precious daughter. Be strong.. I love you so much.." She touched her nose to mine as I crouched down to hear her.

"Please.. You can't leave me.. You're going to be ok... You have to be.." Tears streamed down my face as I gazed at my dying mother.

"I was always going to have to leave you both someday... I can see Goldheart.. It's time for me to go.." She meowed softly as her head dropped back to the ground. Her eyed glazed over and slowly they closed.

"Bluetail? Bluetail please... Wake up... Please," I buried my head into her neck fur sobbing as I felt a tail brush my side.

"Oh Bluetail... I didn't get to say goodbye.." Goldfur meowed, his voice full of grief.

We sat there and grieved our dead mother as the clan got their wounds checked, gathers scattered prey, and fixed damages made in the fight.

Bluetail.. I will never forget you.


I could barely do anything, the grief was too much, but I forced my self to get up each sunrise. I have to do this for my clan. I pushed my self from my nest, not bothering to groom myself and shuffled to the camp entrance to go hunting.

I saw a mouse scuttling along on the ground and dropped into a hunter's crouch. I tried focusing on the mouse, I pounced and killed it swiftly with a bite to the back of its neck. I stated at the mouse as a imagine of Bluetail's bloody body dashed in my head. I shrieked and fell back on my haunches. I shook as the image left, trying to catch my breath.

"Bubbleheart? Was that you? Are you ok?" Mintpelt meowed as he raced around the corner, claws unsheathed searching for danger, "What is it?"

"No, sorry. It's nothing.." I meowed my voice shaking a little.

He gazed and me and brushed his tail down my side, "You should try keeping yourself busier another way."

I nodded and grabbed the mouse.

I walked into camp and dropped my mouse onto the fresh kill pile. I decided to make myself useful and clean out bedding.

I poked my head into the elders den, "Hello, need any fresh bedding?"

"Oh hello Bubbleheart, oh sure, please." Yelloweye meowed kindly.

I started scraping old the moss as I listened to the elders recall old times.

"Remember when Sunstar was a kit and he ate that stink bug," Rowanwhisker chuckled. "He smelled bad for days."

I smiled as I took out the old bedding and headed to get fresh bedding. As I got to the river I started collecting fresh moss. It was so quiet and peacefull out, it was almost easy to forget everything bad that has happened. I sighed and breathed in the clean river air, I have to be strong.. For my clan.

Chapter Three

  Dawn light shine through the warrior's den. I yawned as I stretched in my nest and stood. I sat and groomed my pelt.

"Hey Bubbleheart guess what I heard," Swifttial padded into the den with her tail high.

"What?" I asked curiously.

"Sunstar said we might be ready for apprentices soon!" She meowed excitedly.

"Really?!" I jumped to my paws.

"Yeah! Isn't it great? Come on we gotta go prove we are ready, let's hunt or patrol or something!" She meowed racing out of the den. I followed right on her paws.

We raced out of camp and decided to do some fishing. Once we got to the river we both found good spots to fish down on the low level rocks.

I watched the water closely, careful to make sure my shadow does not go over the water. As soon as a fish came close enough, I flicked my paw out and scooped the fish onto land. And killed it swiftly with one bite.

After awhile more of fishing we decided we had enough to carry back to camp.

I heard a little tweet and looked over to see a raven hopping along the forest floor. I set down my fish and quietly stalked to it. Just as I was about to pounce, I stepped on a twig. The bird went fluttering away.

Oh no you aren't getting away that easy, I thought as I sprang up after the bird. I jumped almost as high as one and half fox lengths and caught the bird by its feather dragging it back down with me, and killing it.

"Nice catch! It amazes me how high you can jump sometimes." Swifttail meowed impressed.

"It's all in the hind legs." I meowed.

"You've got some strong hind legs, it's what makes you one of the fastest cats in the clan." Swifttail said walking back to where we left the fish.

"Well I don't know what I'd do with out them." I said adding my raven to the fish and picked them all up.

As soon  as we padded into camp and dropped our prey on the fresh kill pile, I saw Tornear walking out of the medicine cat den, looking even skinnier then before.

Tornear is our deputy, and for the past few moons he's been pretty sick. We don't know what's wrong with him, even Shinyclaw can't figure it out.

I yawned and sat down in the sun, "I wonder who we would get as apprentices," I meowed to Swifttail.

"Who knows, I just hope mine is eager to learn and not lazy," she replied sitting next to me.

"That's for sure," I mewed.

We laughed at the excitement of getting our first apprentices.

"I can't wait 'till we finally get them," Swifttail sighed.

I nodded in reply. "Well we will find out what they are like once we get them," I meowed cheerfully.


"Until she has earned her warrior name this apprentice will be know as, Dawnpaw. And her mentor will be Bubbleheart," Sunstar yowled from the top of Highrock.

I touched noses with Dawnpaw and sat next to Swifttail and her new apprentice, Spottedpaw.

"You are all dismissed," Sunstar meowed hopping off Highrock.

Dawnpaw turned to me. "So what are we gonna do first?" She mewed, her tail twitching with excitement.

I turned to Swifttail, flicking my tail at her apprentice. "How about we both show them the territory," I meowed flicking my ears at her.

"Sure, sounds fine by me. Come on Spottedpaw," she walked to the camp entrance. I followed with Dawnpaw at my heels.

Finally my first apprentice. I will make sure she learns as much as I can give her.

"Use your tail for balance, Dawnpaw!" I instructed her,as she stumbled yet again from balancing on her hind paws.

She nodded and reared up on her hind paws again. Sticking her tail out straight to balance.

"Good now swipe straight down with your front paws. Act as though you are swiping the opponents face," I meowed while studying her form.

She swiped down hard with her claws, not once falling this time.

"That was great!" I mewed approvingly.

"Hey Bubbleheart! Want to have our apprentices have a little practice fight with each other before we end it for today?" Mintpelt meowed walking over with his apprentice, Adderpaw.

Adderpaw is a small black tom with white stripes around his rear and shoulders, and his tail is almost all white, he has bright blue eyes.

"Sure that sounds fine. Are you ok with that Dawnpaw?" I asked looking at her.

"Huh? Yea sure," she mewed distracted, staring at Addedpaw.

I rolled my eyes and flicked my tail over her ears. "Then let's begin."

Dawnpaw dropped into a crouch, while Adderpaw proofed out his fur to make him look bigger. He charged at Dawnpaw, attempting to tackled her down. At the last moment Dawnpaw leaped out of the way, spun around, then swiped her sheathed paw across his haunches.

He turned and swiped at her face quickly, managing to get her ears. Dawnpaw reared up on her hind paws and then dropped her weight down onto his head, making him dazed for a moment then tackled him, pining him with one paw on his shoulder and one on his cheek.

"Good job!" I meowed proudly, as Dawnpaw let Adderpaw get up.

"You both did well, back to camp now, get something to eat and to rest. We are on the dawn patrol," Mintpelt meowed heading toward the camp. I followed with Dawnpaw scampering just ahead of me.

I sighed peacefully, mentoring could be rough, but seeing Dawnpaw improve was worth it. She is almost ready to be a warrior, and she will have to be strong to survive the wild.

Chapter Four

 "I now name you Dawnpelt, a new warrior of BloodClawClan," Sunstar yowled as the clan cheered.

  Dawnpelt trotted over to Addertail and Spottedsnow. They started chatting about how excited they were to be warriors. 

  I saw, Goldfur's apprentice (now a newly made warrior), Ivymask, sitting alone watching the other new warriors. Just then Goldfur padded over to me waving his tail in hello.

  "How come Ivymask is all alone?" I asked

  "Hmm, I don't know. I'll go talk to her and see if anything is wrong," Goldfur walked to Ivymask and I saw him start to speak to her.

  I left the, to and and padded to Dawnpelt to congratulate her, "You did well, Dawnpelt, congrats on being a warrior. Don't forget your vigil tonight." I meowed touching noses with her.

  "Thanks," Dawnpelt meowed, her eyes shining. "I'm going to be the best warrior ever!"

  "I'll be a better one though," huffed Addertail, puffing out his chest.

  Spottedsnow snorted, "Yea right!" Her said holding in his laughter.

  Addertail mock hissed at him and tackled him over. They started wrestling and Dawnpelt rolled her eyes, snickering.

  I chuckled and left them to it. Padding away to the fresh-kill pile and grabbed a mouse. I settled down to eat as Mintpelt padded up.

  "Hey mind if I join you?" His meow muffled by the sparrow in his mouth.

  "Sure," I said.

  He settled by me and started eating his sparrow while I ate my mouse. 

  "So..." He meowed shyly twitching his ears and glancing at me.

  "So...?" I asked staring at him funny.

  "Well... I wanted to ask.. If well you wanted to-" he was interrupted by a wail from the medicine den.

  I sprang to my paws and dashed off to the den. Once I entered I saw Sunstar, Dewmist, Waspclaw, Goldfur, and Shinyclaw already there. With Mintypelt following close behind along with others.

  "Tornear.. Is dead.." Shinyclaw looked up sadly at her clanmates, "There was nothing else I could do.."

  I could hear the gasps of shock from the clan, as well as my own. Sunstar rested his tail on Shinyclaw's shoulder, "It was not your fault, you tried everything you could," he meowed gently. Then addressed the clan, "We will sit vigil for him and select a new deputy by moonhigh." He meowed with grief in his voice.

 He sat by Tornear and dipped his head, saying his good-byes. I padded out with the rest of the clan that wasn't very close to him.

  I padded away and settled down on the ground by Highrock. Even with my mind racing I managed to doze off.

  "Trouble... Trouble is coming..." A far off voice said. I opened my eyes to be standing in the middle of a foggy clearing. I opened my jaws to speak, but no words came out.

  I felt someone breath down my neck and whisper to my ear, "Trouble is coming.. Enjoy the life of them while you have it... Death is near.."

  I jolted awake, panting. I looked up and it was almost moonhigh. Sunstar will be picking the new deputy soon..

  "All cats gather below Highrock!" Sunstar yowled.

  I looked up to watch Sunstar as he gazed at the gathering cats. "It's time to pick the new deputy. I saw this before the body of Tornear so that he may hear and approve of my choice."

  He paused and gazed down at the crowd, "Baderfang will be your new deputy!" He yowled for the whole clan to hear.

  The black and white she-cat raised her head with pride as the clan cheered her name. "I accept the role, Sunstar."

  Sunstar dipped his head then jumped off Highrock and went into his den.

  Just then, Dewmist, Shinyclaw, and Lavapaw carried out Tornear's body to be layed for vigil. They layed him down and his family gathered close while others sat a little ways away. I sat in silence for awhile then got up and went to my nest to sleep.


  I just caught a shrew when I heard some cats laughing near Great Oak. I padded over to see what was going on and stopped in my tracks and glared at the apprentices. Fallenpaw and Shadepaw were at the bottom of the tree laughing at Honeypaw who was in a high branch. Honeypaw was my new apprentice, Shadepaw was Mintpelt's, and Fallenpaw was Acorntail's.

  "Come down scardey cat!" Shadepaw teased.

      "I.. I can't! I can't get down help me!" Honeypaw shrieked.

  Fallenpaw and Shadepaw looked at each other seeing how serious it was now.

  "What do you think you are doing mouse brains?" I growled at them dropping my shrew.

  Fallenpaw and Shadepaw whipped around. "B-Bubbleheart? Honeaw is stuck in the tree." He meowed looking scared now.

  I sighed and walked to the tree, "I'll get her." I sank my claws into the trunk and started climbing to Honeypaw who crouched fearfully on the branch, digging her claws in.

  I reached her branch, "Honeypaw, it's ok just walk over to me, and carefully, rear first, back down the tree." 

  She nodded and slowly crawled to me, she then started backing down the tree as I called the her encouragingly.

 She made it safely to the bottom. "Good job!" I called down and started backing down myself, when my hind paw slipped on some moss growing on the side of the tree. I yowled in fright as I felt myself falling through the air. I twisted in mid-air so I would land paws first.

  I hit the ground hard and heard a snapping sound as pain shot up my back left leg. I collapsed on the ground, howling in pain.

  The apprentices stated in fear until Fallenpaw shook himself, "I'll get help!" He yowled racing toward camp.

  Shadepaw and Honeypaw sat by me trying to see where I was hurt and I dug my claws in the ground trying to block out the pain.

  It felt like moons until Fallenpaw came back with Shinyclaw, Goldfur, Mintpelt, and Swifttail.

  "Oh no.." Shinyclaw meowed as she saw my leg. "Pick her up gently and bring her to my den immediately." Shinyclaw meowed trying to keep her voice calm.

  As they picked me up I yowled on pain as my leg was jostled. They carried me to camp, but by the time we got there I felt like I was about to black out from the pain.

  I was dimly award of being carried to the medicine den and then layed on a bed of moss. Also of Shinyclaw waving away the other cats and calling to her apprentice, Lavapaw, as they reluctantly left.

  "Her leg is badly broken, fetch poppyseeds, rush and cobwebs." She meowed to her apprentice as she examined my leg further.

  Lavapaw returned with a bundle in her mouth and layed them down, pushing the poppyseeds to me she meowed, "Eat them, it helps the pain." 

  I could not speak through the pain so I gave a slight nod and licked them ups just then Shinyclaw pushed hard on my leg and I yowled out in pain. She then got a stick and binded my leg in the rush and cobwebs.

  "That is all I can do.. Rest your leg, and we will see if this works." She gave my shoulder and lick then collected the leftover herbs and went to her storage den with Lavapaw following.

  I could feel the poppyseeds working as a passed out.

Chapter Five

  I opened my eyes, it's been a moon since my accident. Dewmist is taking over Honeypaw's training while I'm hurt. Until I get better I can't even leave the den, much less the camp. If I get better, I though bitterly.

 I looked over and saw a shrew next to me, someone brought me prey. I pushed it away, my appetite gone.

  "You should eat, strengthen yourself," I heard someone meow from the entrance. I looked up and saw Swifttail gazing in. "May I come in?" She meowed.

  "Sure," I meowed half-heartedly.

  Swifttial sighed and sat next to me, "Don't worry... You'll be out chasing prey and training Honeypaw again any day," she meowed trying to sound cheerful.

  "IF I get better. Face it.. I'll never be the same again.. I over heard Shinyclaw.. She was telling Lavapaw she doesn't think it will heal right.. I'll never be a warrior again," I meowed the words choking in my throat.

  Swifttail did not know how to respond so she just sat closer and pressed her face into my shoulder.

  What if I can never walk... I thought to myself.


  "Just try getting to the fresh-kill pile," Shintyclaw meowed after the got my on my paws, but my injured leg didn't heal properly and Shinyclaw says it may stay crooked forever. She is trying to get me to strengthen my other legs to make up for it.

  "Alright.." I said wincing in pain as I dragged my leg along with me. I managed to get out the den without to much pain and started across the clearing. I could feeling they're stares burning into my pelt, and they're murmurs of sympathy as I dragged myself to the fresh-kill pile.

  Once I got there I felt exhausted. "This isn't going to work," I meowed to Shinyclaw. " I already feel too tired to take another paws step." I sat down with my leg sticking out awkwardly.


  Another couple moons passed as I snuck out of the medicine den early in the morning and dlimped to the camp entrance. Dapplefoot was guarding the camp entrance when I got there.

  "Going for walk?" she asked puzzled.

  "Yep," I meowed limping past her.

  "Need any help?" She meowed concerned.

  I felt my neck fur bristle a bit, "No," I almost growled as I kept going.

  I'm not a kit I can take care of myself. I was so lost in my thoughts I didn't realized I was at the EclipseClan border and I crossed a tail length over.

  "Trespasser," a voice growled.

  I saw a brown tabby tom, with big brown eyes staring at me his fur bristling.

  "I-I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention.." I said flustered. What's wrong with me, he's a EclipseClan cat! I thought to my self.

  His fur started to lie flat, and he pricked his ears. "My clanmates are coming. Just.. Get out of here before they come," he meowed walking to me and pushing me over the border.

  I winced in the pain of my leg. "Sorry," he muttered.

  I limped away as fast as I could and turned back to see him walking over where I was, hiding my scent. Why would he do that? I didn't even get his name..

  I decided to get as far away as possible from the border, my fur fluffed out and feeling flustered. I should just get back to camp, I thought, changing directions.

  Once back at camp I heard Shinyclaw yowl, "There you are Bubbleheart! What were you thinking leaving camp?"

  I limped over my fur bristling again at that. "Am I supposed to stay in the camp my whole life? I did just fine, I only walked around for a little bit then came back, it's no big deal."

  She signed and nodded, "I know. I just don't want you straining your leg too much."

  I let my fur lie flat, "I won't, don't worry."

  She nodded and padded away to her den. Just then Swifttail walked up.

  "Want to share a mouse we me?" She mewed cheerfully.

  "Sure," I said going with her to the fresh kill pile. Then settling down to eat as we chatted, not once did she mention my leg. Just how I wanted it.


  Sunstar lead us to the gathering place. It's been moons since I have been to a gathering. This is the first time with my leg, I wonder what the other clan cats will say, I thought to myself. I was not struggling as much to keep up, so that meant my other legs were getting stronger. 

  As we arrived Sunstar leaped up on Greatrock with Birdstar and Shadowstar, as they waited for Emberstar and DarkmoonClan.

  "Hello again," a voice said behind me.

  I turned my head and saw that brown tabby EclipseClan cat. "Oh.. H-hello," I meowed back. I could feel my pelt getting hot. What's wrong with me, I thought to myself.

  "Mind if I sit here?" 

 "No, go ahead," I said flicking my tail, as I sat down with my leg sticking out awkwardly. "I never got your name.."

  "My name is Foxface. What's yours?" He meowed sitting by me.

  "I'm Bubbleheart."

  "Well it's nice to meet you," he glanced down at my leg. "Forgive me for asking, but how did that happen?"

  "Oh.. Just an accident. I was helping an apprentice get down from this tree when I slipped and fell. And well yea," I meowed awkwardly.

  "I see. Oh here comes DarkmoonClan," he meowed watching the cats arrive, while Emberstar leaped onto Greatrock with the other leaders.

  "Let's begin," Sunstar yowled, as he began to speak.

  I hardly listened to the leaders as I tried not to look at Foxface, I stared at my paws and waited till the gathering was over. Once over the clans started getting together to leave when I felt a paw poke me in the side. I turned and saw it was Foxface.

  "Hey we should meet up sometime... You know to get to know each other, I'd like to see you again. How about tomorrow night? We can meet here." He meowed meeting my eyes.

  "Oh uh....-" I heard Swifttail yowling my name, "I gotta go.." I said turning to leave.

  "Wait! Please just say you'll meet with me.." He meowed quietly.

  "Alright fine.." I sighed, "I gotta go now.. Bye," I said racing off without waiting for a response and caught up to my clan.

  Why did I agree to do that, I said to myself as I walked back to camp with my clan.


  I quietly walked toward the gathering place after sneaking out of camp. I can't believe I'm doing this... But he really just wants to be friends.. That's not so bad right?

  I made it there before him so I sat below Greatrock and waited. Soon I heard rustling in the push from the direction of Eclipse territory and soon saw Foxface padded out. Once he saw me he smiled and walked over touching his nose to my ear.

  "Hello Bubbleheart," he meowed and he sat next to me.


  We started chatting, and soon I relaxed and just went with it all. He's really not a bad cat... He's prety nice and everything.. He's pretty.. Loud I guess is the word I'm looking for, I snickered a little as he looked at me funny, making me laugh again.

  "Hmm you think I'm funny, huh?" He ran and jumped on Greatrock, puffing out his chest he yowled, "I am the greatest cat you will ever see!"

 I laughed, " Quiet, mouse brain! You'll wake the whole forest get down from there!"

 It was almost moonhigh as I started yawning.  "We could spend the night here," he meowed, hopping to his feet and poking my shoulder with he's paw, "I doubt our clans would notice if you say you just went out to hunt early.!so come on what do you say?"

  "Alright I suppose," I said finding a comfy spot in the roots of a tree nearby. 

  "May I share the nest with you," he meowed smirking slightly, "You don't mind, right?" He said he face right in front of mine so I could feel his breath.

  "Oh sure.." I said making room for him as he laid down next to me. What's with the smirk, I thought while watching him, I shrugged.  He smells like the pine forest I thought as I closed my eyes and fell asleep.


The next day I woke up the day after I saw him feeling kinda sick to my stomach. I thought maybe if I ate something I would feel better.

  I padded to the prey pile and picked out a mouse, I sat down and started eating. Once I finished, I still felt sick so I went to see Shinyclaw.

  "What can I do for you?" She said looking up from sorting some herbs.

  "I feel sick," I meowed.

 "Hmm let me see," she had me lie down and felt my stomach. She paused for a second staring intently at my stomach.

 "Bubbleheart, you aren't sick," she meowed calmly, then turned to look at me a smile on her face. "You are expecting kits."

  "Kits?!" I yowled and shock and stood up. Oh no, this can't be happening.. I stared at the ground shock.

  "So, who's the father?" She mewed, going back to sorting her herbs.

  "I... I uh... I better go," I couldn't tell her, I broke the code, what will happen if they find out?

 I limped out of the den without a glance back, and padded out of camp. No.. How could this be happening..

Chapter Six

    I looked up and saw Mintpelt walk into the nursery carrying a fish in his jaws. Everyone thinks he is the father, me or him don't try and correct them. I told Mintpelt what happened, and he said he wouldn't try and correct them if it would keep them from asking questions. He has been a big help though always bringing prey. I knew any day now the kits would be coming.

  He dropped  the fish in front of me. "Is there anything else you need?"

  "No I'm good, thank you for the fish," I meowed sniffing it.

   He nodded then left the den, leaving me alone with the fish. When suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I cried out at the pain.

 Mintpelt poked his head in, "What's wrong?"

  "The kits are coming!" I gasped.

  His eyes widened and he raced to the medicine den yowling for Shinyclaw. Soon the came back and Shinyclaw sat next to me while Lavapaw separated the herbs the brought and shooed Mintpelt away. Shinyclaw ran her tail over my stomach and told me what I had to do.

  Soon the first kit came, followed by two others and finally I was done. One was a gray tabby tom, then other a red pelted tom with a black tail and one black paw. The last was a little she kit with blue-gray fur and black paws and black tail tip.

  Shinyclaw and Lavapaw cleaned everything up while I licked my kits. They padded out and I heard them say "You can come in now" and then leave.

 Soon Mintpelt came in and gazed at the kits, "They are beautiful... What are their names?"

  "The gray tabby is Graykit, the red tom is Blazekit and the little blue-gray she kit is Streamkit," I mewed nudging the kits towards my belly.

  Mintpelt sat with me and nudge the kits back if they wondered away from my stomach. Soon I felt myself drift off and fall asleep.


  I sat outside the nursery and watched the kits play. Graykit was pretending to be a fox and was chasing Streamkit around while Blazekit sat watching.

  I sighed, I haven't seen Foxface yet to tell him about our kits, hopefully I can go to the gathering tonight.

  Just then Sunstar padded up, "Would you like to go to the gathering tonight?" He asked me.

  "Sure, who will watch my kits though?" I wanted to go but I didn't want to leave them all alone in that empty nursery.

  "I'll watch them," Mintpelt said overhearing us and walked over.

  "Thank you," I dipped my head to him.

 "Then let's go," Sunstar said gathering the cats who are going.


  As we arrived at the gathering I looked around for him. I spotted him sitting with the deputies. Why is he over there? I thought to myself. I tried to catch his attention, but he was too busy talking to a RavenClan cat.

  I couldn't get over to him because the gathering started. I waited, working my claws in the ground. Once Shadowstar spoke he said his deputy, Eagletalon, has retired as an elder and now Foxface is the new deputy.

  So that's why he was over there... Soon the gathering was over and I got to him before the clans broke up.

  "Psst.. Foxface, over here!" I whispered from where I was hiding.

  He turned and saw me and bounded over, "Hey Bubbleheart, haven't seen you in awhile!"

 "I have something to tell you.. I had kits... They're yours," I said looking at the ground.

  For a heart beat he was silent and just stared at me, then he licked my face and said, "That's great! What do they look like? What are their names?"

  "Well I have three, one red tom named Blazekit, one gray tabby tom named Graykit, and one blue-gray she kit named Streamkit," I meowed then turned and saw the clan was leaving. "I have to go, we can talk later." 

  "Alright, bye," he meowed running to his clanmates.

  I limped over to my clan mates and walked back to camp with them.


  I sat outside the nursery and watched as the kits chase a butterfly. Goldfur padded over and sat next to me.

  "I bet they are going to be fine hunters," he chuckled as Graykit leaped up in the air after the butterfly, barley missing it. Streamkit copied him, she managed to jump higher and caught the butterfly in her paws. "Seems like Streamkit might have that same leap you had," Goldfur commented.

 I sighed, "Yeah, had." I flexed my injured leg.

  He glanced at it, "Sorry.. Sometimes I try and forget that it happened to you."

  "Me and you both," I mumbled.

  Am I doomed to never walk right again? I guess I never will be a leader like I always dreamed..

Chapter Seven

    "Mommy! I stepped on a thorn!" I looked up from grooming myself and saw Streamkit limping toward me, once she got to me she sat down and lifted her paw, "I can't get it out!" She wailed.

  "Calm down I got it," I pulled the thorn from her paw and licked her pad. "You can go back to playing now."

  "Yay!" She squealed and ran back to her brothers.

   "Hey Bubbleheart! Come on let's go hunting," Swifttail bounded over and nudged me to my feet.

  "But who will watch my kits?" I asked.

  "Otterwhisker!" Swifttail called over her shoulder, while pushing me toward the entrance. 

  The light brown she-cat lifted her head from the lapwing she was eating, "Yes?"

  "Can you watch Bubbleheart's kits? She needs a break."

  "Sure thing," she chuckled. "The first litter is always the hardest."

  I looked over my shoulder at my kits, I had a bad feeling that I should not be leaving them out of my sight.

  Still, I let Swifttail push me out of the entrance.


  I managed to catch a vole, even while I was distracted. Suddenly, I heard a little shriek coming from the river. I ran toward the river and looked around, but no one was in sight. I saw little ripples on the water's surface as if it was disturbed. I peered into the water and saw something down there I couldn't make out. So I shoved my head in the water and looked.

  I coughed and shock my head out of the water, "Blazekit!" I dove down and snatched him up. I ran as fast as could, with him hanging from my jaws, back to camp and yowled for Shinyclaw.

 Shinyclaw came running from her den, she saw Blazekit and took him from my jaws and ran back to the med den. I paced out side, still having a limp from by crooked leg. Seemed like a moon until Shinyclaw came out of the den.

  Her head was lowered as she walked to me, "I'm sorry, Blazekit is dead."

  I was shocked, grief flooded in me, then it turned to anger as I turned and scanned the clearing, spotting her sitting with Streamkit and Graykit. I stormed over my fur bristle, burning with rage and grief.

  "How could you let this happen?!" I growled snapping my jaws close to her whiskers.

  Otterwhisker hung her head, "I was playing with Streamkit when Graykit said Blazekit was gone. We searched the whole camp and couldn't find him. I'm so sorry.."

  Soon, the grief overwhelmed the rage. I brought my kits close to me and laid down, waiting for them to bring out Blazekit's body.


  "I name you Streampaw, your mentor will be Honeydrop." Sunstar touched noses with Streampaw, then Streampaw touched noses with Honeydrop.

  "Streampaw! Streampaw!" The whole clan cheered.

  My chest swelled with pride as I looked at Streampaw, then at Graypaw with his mentor, Shadetuft.

  I looked at the sky briefly, I wish you could have been here as well Blazekit. I walked up to my kits, nosing them gently, "I'm so proud of you, my little warriors."

  "Mom!" Graykit complained batting me away. Streampaw just purred, her tail fluffed with excitement.

   Shadetuft and Honeydrop came and took them to see the territory. They will be great warriors. Suddenly a thought dawned on me. They never ask about their father.. I told them he was a diffrent kind of cat, and that's it. Will he want to meet them at the gathering? Should I tell them who their father is before hand. Or should I wait and see what they think of him? These thought went through my mind as I watched them leave camp. Oh what am I going to do?


  "Our first gathering! I can't wait until we leave." Streampaw was bouncing around. I asked if I could go to tonight's gathering. They probably assumed I missed going to them.

  "Streampaw, Graypaw, come with me for a moment. I need to speak with you before we leave." I called them to me and we exited camp. We walked for a awhile untill I was sure we were out of hearing range from camp.

  "Remember, what I told you.. About your father. How he is a diffrent cat." I began.

  "Yes," They replied together, sounded confused and curious.

  "Well you may be meeting him today... What I'm going to tell you, must never be spoken to another cat. Do you understand? This is very important."

  "We understand," Graypaw replied.

  "I kinda thought Mintpelt was our dad.." Streampaw mumbled quietly.

  I took a deep breath, "You're father's name is Foxface. He is from EclipseClan." I paused as I heard them gasp and stare at me with wide eyes. "I know that this must be a shock to you. The only reason I didn't tell you before now was because I wanted to wait until you were ready. I didn't want to ruin your kit hood. He is a wonderful cat, but if you don't like him. I won't pressure you to. But he would love to meet you both." I brushed my tail over the ground nervously.

  "We'll meet him, Bubbleheart. If you love him, then I'm sure he isn't a bad cat." Graypaw mewed nosing my leg.

  Streampaw still seemed shocked, but she nodded in agreement with Graypaw.

  "Thank you, it's time to go, I hear the clan leaving now." We rushed to catch up to the clan.


  We were the second to last clan to arrive. I spotted Foxface sitting with the deputies under the rock, EclipseClan's deputy was not present. Did something happen to him? Foxface spoofed me and walked over to where I was hiding in the shadows, Graypaw and Streampaw siting on each side of me.

  "Bubbleheart!" He touched my ear with his nose. "Are these who I think they are?" He said seeing the two apprentices.

  "Yes this is Graypaw and Streampaw, your kits." I meowed nudging them both. Fox face already knows about Blazekit. I told him as soon as I could.

  "They are so big, it's nice to finally meet you both," he said flicking his tail awkwardly. "Graykit, you look like your going to grow up to be a strong warrior. Same with you Streamkit, I see your mother's spirt in you."

  "Thank you, I'm glad we finally know who our dad is," Graykit meowed then looked at the apprentices from the other clans. "Can we go meet the other cats now?"

  "Yes go ahead," they both ran to meet the apprentices.

  "They sure are some lovely kits," Foxface meowed, watching them.

  "Oh right, where is your deputy?" I meowed curiously.

  "He retired," he puffed up his chest proudly. "I'm EclispeClan's new deputy." 

  "Congrats," I purred.

  "Thanks," he glanced at the Greatrock. "Gotta go before RavenClan gets here, bye!" He bounded off back to the other deputies. Leavening me to think in the shadows. Maybe things are finally turning for the better.

Chapter Eight

The sun shone brightly in the clearing, cats were either sunning themselves, eating, or getting ready to train or hunt. It was lazy day, things have been peacefull between the clans. Which could only mean something was hound to happen soon. Leaffall will be coming shortly, which means the cold season isn't very far away. Leafbare is always the hardest, it freezes up the river, which is out biggest source of food. But for now, cats are enjoying the warmth and sun while it last.

"Hey Bubbleheart, want to go swimming? You could use the practice anyways,it'll strengthen up that leg of yours even more then it is now," Swifttail trotted over to me, her tail high.

"Sure, sounds good," we headed out of camp and towards the river. The river runs right next to our camp, which is why the dens that aren't high up are very protected in case it floods.

Swifttail launched herself into the river. I followed right after. She's right about it strengthen my leg, before when I could only drag it, Shinyclaw would make me swim next to her until it was strong enough that now I just limp.

Swifttail splashed my face and let out a laugh. I splashed her back, we did this for a while. Then dove down into the water and caught a fish each. Might as well bring prey back while we are out here. Most cats don't like water. But BloodClaw cat's aren't afraid of getting wet. It can be pretty fun as well. Other clans think we are strange for it, well more fish for us.

We crawled out of the water and shook out fur dry. We laughed when we shook water on each other. We picked up our fish and headed back to camp. Days like this were great. That was what most Greenleaf days were like, lazy and full of prey.

We dropped the fish on the kill pile and groomed each other.

"Bubbleheart! Guess what!" Streampaw came running towards me.

I licked her ears, "What?"

"You should of seen it! Me and Graypaw were hunting and he saw this huge raven, he crept up to it, but it heard him and tried to fly away. So Graypaw shot up into the air and brought the bird down. It was so cool!" Just then Graypaw walked into camp dragging a huge raven.

"Great catch!" I called to him purring.

His eyes shone as he dropped it on the kill pile and came to us. "That bird had no chance," he meowed, proudly.

We laughed, and sat with each other, talking. We talked to them about how training was going. They will be warriors soon. "So Swifttail, ever though about getting a mate and kits?" I teased.

She scoffed, "After seeing your little beasts? No thanks! Besides no toms even look at me anyways, I don't care about getting a mate anyways.

I shrugged, "They might be beasts, but they're my beasts."


"I name you, Streampelt. In honor of your skills and fur." Sunstar yowled.

We cheered her name. Finally my kits are warriors. My heart was filled with joy. I looked at Graystripe who was cheering his sister's name.

I touched noses with them and congratulated them. They were so excited to sit vigil and move into the warriors den.

"Congrats Graystripe," I looked and saw Ivymask congratulating him. Hmm they seem close, I thought as they touched noses.

I smiled and watched as cats crowded around them. Things were finally turning around. Goldfur sat chatting with Sagefur. Shadetuft and Honeydrop were throwing moss balls for Minnowkit and Bumblekit, Cloverleaf had them two moons ago with Speckletial. Softpad was sorting through the prey, Lavafur was carrying herbs in for Shinyclaw. While Hawkclaw, Troutpaw, Waspfang, and Pebbleheart were going off on patrol.

Things were nice and peaceful. Let's hope it stays this way.


"Shatteredpaw! Shatteredpaw!" The clan cheered. I had another litter of kits who just became apprentices. Shatteredpaw, Auttumnpaw, and Echopaw.

Streampelt and Graystripe congratulated their younger siblings. Goldfur's kit Mousekit, hopped around the new apprentice's feet. Goldfur and Littlewing had Mousekit four moons ago. They named Mousekit for his size, hopefully he will grow.

I congratulated my kits and nuzzled them. I was proud of them. Then anxious. I have to introduce them to their father, I hope they take it well like Streampelt and Graystripe did.


They gazed up at Foxface, I didn't want to wait for the gathering so we met at the border. It was Shatteredpaw who spoke first. "Why is your name Foxface? Is it because your muzzle is kinda long?" Auttumnpaw started laughing and Echopaw just shook her head. Foxface was lost for words, I wacked Shatteredpaw.

"Shatteredpaw! You could have at least found something nice to say!" I scolded.

She just shrugged and stared at her father, Autumnpaw still hasn't stopped laughing.

I signed, at least it wasn't a horrible first meeting. Foxface seems to like them anyways. We sat and chatted for awhile. Echopaw asked a lot of questions about EclipseClan, mostly about how they don't eat fish. Autumnpaw kept trying to attack his tail, and Shatteredpaw kept asking about his name.

Soon it was time to say goodbye and we left. They chatted about him on our way back but as soon as camp was in sight they shut their mouths. They knew no one else could know. They walked into camp and Shatteredpaw tackled Mintpelt and her sisters joined in. I couldn't help but laugh as he struggled to get the apprentices off of him.

Chapter Nine

The day started out peaceful. Until we heard the battle cry.

I was sitting under Highrock, watching the kits play outside of the nursery. Minnowkit, Bumblekit, and Mousekit will be apprentices soon. That's when we heard a yowl. Cats stopped what they were doing looking around in confusion. But as the sound got closer, what we thought was a yowl for help, was actually a battle cry.

Cats we have never seen before swarmed into the clearing. At first we were shocked, that is, untill one of the strange cats tackled Acorntail. The she cat ripped into his throat. Blood gurgled from the wound, he twitched once then layed still. Soon more of the strange cats came and attacked.

A big tom slammed into me, he started slashing at my shoulders. I clawed at his face, but he kept attacking me. I realized this cat would fight to the death. So slashed up his belly and he staggered off of me. I heard yowling by  the nursery and rushed over.  Cloverleaf was fighting off a white she cat, so I attacked her from behind.

We fought off the cat, then I heard shrieking. I saw a huge tabby tom with his teeth in Streampelt's neck. I panicked and tackled him over. He kept fighting. Through my rage and panic I sank my teeth in his throat and held him untill his blood was gurgling in my mouth. I dropped him. Shocked at what I just did. Then turned and tended to Streamelt.

I heard a she cat from the strange cats yowl, "ShadowClan retreat!" ShadowClan? What's going on?

"Dad!" A cat that had to be an apprentice, ran to the cat I just killed. He buried his nose in flank. A cat grabbed him carrying him away. And another cat grabbed the tom. Soon they were all gone.

Shinyclaw and Lavafur ran around sniffing wounds and treating them. What's ShadowClan? The question kept bouncing around. Not even Sunstar, who looked like he lost a life, had an answer.


ShadowClan has attacked us three more times. Hawkclaw and Acorntail are dead. Streampelt is still recovering from her neck wound. Shatteredpaw has a gash in her cheek, and her ear is torn. Goldfur has a gash down his side. And Swifttail a gash down her shoulder and her arm.

I saw Sunstar talking with Badgerfang, "What do they want with us?" Badgerfang growled.

"I'm not sure. But whatever it is, it's not good." Sunstar replied.

I remembered hearing one of the strange cats say they needed territory. I decide Sunstar could use the information. I walked over and dipped my head when I approached them.

"Sorry to interrupt, but I remember hearing one of their cats say something about needing territory. Maybe that's what they are doing. Trying to take ours."

Sunstar thought for a moment, "You could be right Bubbleheart, thank you for sharing. Me and Badgerfang will discuss this. Why don't you see if Streampelt is getting better."

I dipped my head and walked to the medicine den. I poked my head inside, "Anyone here?"

"Is that you Bubbleheart? I'm just sorting herbs. Come on in and go see her," I heard Shinyclaw call from somewhere inside.

I walked around the corner and saw Streampelt sleeping in her nest. I decided not to wake her up. I sniffed her wound a little.

"She's recovering well. She will be better in no time," Lavafur meowed as she came up beside me.

I nodded, "Thank you. I guess I'll leave her be."

I padded out and grabbed a fish from the kill pile. I saw Mintpelt sniffing through the prey. "Want to share?" I called to him.

He looked and nodded, "Sure."


I was walking around the border when I heard mewling. It was coming from the thunderpath. I limped over and saw a kit there. A monster was coming. I bounded to it and scooped it up. I walked over to a nearby tree and set it down. "Are you ok? Where is your mother?"

I heard a cat growl. "How dare you steal my kit!" I turned and saw a cat. She looked familiar. Wait that's the cat that seemed to be ShadowClan's leader!

"I didn't steal her. I-" she slashed my face with her claws and grabbed the kit.

I could hear the kit telling her mom that I saved her, but her mother was not listening. I shook the blood from my face. "Fox-heart," I muttered. Then I heard screeching. I ran as fast as I could and saw the she cat and kit again. A fox was snarling at them, blocking their path. If it was just the she-cat I might have just ignored her. But she has that kit with her. So I bit the fox's back legs. The fox yelped in shock and ran away.

The she-cat hissed at me, "Stay away from me, bug!"

Bug? I thought, as she bounded away. Ungrateful little mouse brain. I limped back to camp. That whole clan is just filled with fox-hearts.


Again they attacked us. I knew what we had to do. I padded over to Sunstar, "Sunstar," I dipped my head, "can I talk to you alone?"

"Of course," he nodded to Badgerfang and she padded away.

"Sunstar, these cats won't give up. Not unless they're.." I paused.

"Unless they're?" He pressed.

"Unless they're dead."

He stared at me for a minute. I know that we don't kill unless needed. But I can see that he knew I was right. "I don't like the idea  of killing. But it's either us or them. I'll tell the clan." With that he bounded onto Highrock and announced what we had to do.


We were waiting for them this time when they attacked. Sunstar went straight for they're leader and attacked her throat. 

I ran for the nearest cat and tackled her, I sank my teeth in her throat and clawed at her belly. I blocked out the taste of her life blood. I knew that this had to be done. So I didn't think of anything but the life of my clanmates.

Soon she was still and I moved on to the next cat. We did this untill only a few of them were left standing. The leader growled. "Fine, you win. Retreat!"

What was left of them ran away. And that was the last we ever saw of them.

Chapter Ten

"Bubbleheart! Be careful!" Goldfur called to me.

"I'm fine!" I was trying to follow them over stepping stones, a row of stones on top of the waterfall that we use to cross if we don't want to swim. I was struggling to keep my footing, my leg really wasn't helping. Suddenly I slipped, I yowled in fear as I felt myself fall towards the waterfall.

"Bubbleheart!" Goldfur yowled and dove after me. He grabbed my scruff and threw me to the other side of stepping stones. I landed in the dirt on the other side. I turned and saw as Goldfur lost his grip and fall down the waterfall.

"No!" I shrieked. Me and Honeydrop ran down the hill and to the river. We dove in and found him. We dragged him to shore.

Blood was pouring out of a wound in his head. He must of hit head first into the rocks at the bottom of the water fall. He lay completely still on the ground. "Goldfur..." I chocked out. I buried my face in his shoulder.

Honeydrop sat beside me and put her tail on my shoulder.


It's been two moons since Goldfur's death. His son Mousepaw was close to being a warrior. Minnowsplash and Bumbleflight have been warriors for a moon now.

I pushed back the grief so I could be here for my clan. It's been moons since the battle with ShadowClan, leafbare was close. Just then, we heard a screech.

Cats turned and saw Trouttail and Shadetuft running into camp. Followed by some strange cats. More strange cats? They attacked us. I recognized the leader, he was that apprentice. The one who's dad I killed. The cat ran straight for me. He tackled me and pinned me, he shoved his face near mine. "My name is Duststar, leader of DusklightClan. You killed my father. So I'm going to kill you," he lifted his paw to reliever the blow. But before he could a streak of white slammed into him. Swifttail! Swifttail bit his eat and kicked at his belly. Duststar whipped around and sank his teeth in his shoulder. I joined the fight and bit at his leg, finally he yowled, "Retreat!"

They all ran. We never saw DusklightClan again. Someone said they just died out. But that wasn't the last we ever saw of Duststar.

That's when I saw Graystripe laying limp on the other side of camp. I ran to him, but it was too late. He was dead. He wasn't the only one Badgerfang was dead as well.


"I name you Shatteredheart!" Sunstar yowled.

The clan cheered the new warriors names, "Shatteredheart! Autumnwhisker! Echowing!"

I congratulated my kits. I noticed Streampelt was sitting at the edge of the clearing, her face was expressionless.

I was proud of my kits, little did I know I was having more.


"I name you Cinderpaw!" 

Cinderpaw stood with Littlepaw and Fawnpaw. Mousetail was bouncing around them congratulating them.

Cinderpaw, Littlepaw, and Fawnpaw. My new litter of kits. Yet again I was anxious of them meeting Foxface.


Again I sat and watched as they stared at Foxface. They just sat and stared at their father, Foxface was waiting for them to say something. Then Cinderpaw spoke up, "Shatteredheat is right. Your face really IS long."

"Not again..." I slapped my paw against my face.

Again Foxface didn't know how to respond. Littlepaw was trying not to laugh. And Fawnpaw looked confused.

He looked at me then back at our kits. I just shrugged. He laughed and started chatting with them. Oh well, I guess this wasn't too bad of a meeting. Gonna have a little talk with Shatteredheart though.


"I accept the role as deputy," I held my head high. Sunstar choose me to be deputy. After Badgerfang died, Sunstar made Weaselwhisker deputy. But he died from a fight with a badger.

Sunstar dipped his head to me. Shatteredheart came over with her sisters, "Congrats!"

I smiled at them. Cinderpelt and Littlecloud were now warriors, Fawnleaf was now a Medicine cat. Shinyclaw died peacefully from old age. Leaving just Lavafur, but now also Fawnleaf.

Now I'm deputy, one day I'll be leader. Until then, I'll be the best deputy ever.

Chapter Eleven

 "I need you to come with me to see where the sickness is coming from," Sunstar meowed. Applenose, Swifttail, and I were listening to Sunstar as he spoke. Cats have been getting sick left and right and we don't know where it's coming from. We decided we need to find out.

 We all nodded and got up to leave. Sunstar led the way as we tracked down the sickening smell. Soon we found where the smell was coming from. It was a huge heap of twoleg trash that was pilled up near the river. Some of it was falling into the river.

 "That must be why cats are getting sick. It's polluting the water and fish," Applenose meowed.

 We nodded and started trying to clean it up. We pushed the trash from the river and scooped up whatever we could from the river. We would have to wait a moon until the water could be safe again. But by then it will be Leafbare. As we were cleaning I heard Sunstar yelp. I turned and saw a rat clinging by it's jaws on Sunstar's leg. I wacked it off, "Are you ok?"

 "Yea, fine." He meowed licking his leg. "Let's go."


 "Is he any better?" I asked Lavafur. Sunstar ended up getting sick, from the trash and rat.

  "He's getting worse," she meowed, I could hear the worry in her voice. She looked at me, "Don't worry. Now go on, shoo, I have work to do."

 I left the den and started calling cats for patrols. Once I was done I saw Streampelt walk in with a vole in her jaws, she took it to the elder's den. She hasn't been the same since her brother's death. She doesn't talk unless she needs to, she doesn't bounce around and play with the kits anymore. I was worried about her, but she didn't want to talk about it.

 Suddenly Trouttail ran into the camp, "DarkmoonClan is tresspassing!"

 I called some cats and we ran after him. We saw the cats, there was a rabbit laying a few tail lengths away. They were hunting on our territory, they were all fighting so me and my patrol ran into the battle. I tackled a ginger and white tom and claws at his ears. He yowled and clawed my nose, he wiggled away and ran.

I moved on to the next cat. Soon they left. 

 "This is ridiculous, we need to talk to Scourge about his cats," Bettlestrike meowed, flicking his tail irritatedly. Scourge was Darkmoon's leader now. Emberstar retired with her last life to be an elder.

 Dawnpelt and Sharpclaw nodded at that, "You should talk to Sunstar, Bubbleheart. See what he thinks we should do."

 I nodded, "Alright I will. Smokepelt could you bring the rabbit back to camp?"

 "Sure," he said, picking it up as we headed back to camp.

 I walked to the med den but froze when I saw Lavafur and Fawnleaf crouched over Sunstar, who wasn't moving.

 "What's going on?" I asked rushing over and seeing him not moving.

  "He's dead, that was his last life..." Lavafur mewed, grief clouding her eyes.

  I crouched by him, Sunstar you were such a great leader. That's when I realized, through the grief, that I was now leader.

Chapter Twelve

  I walked up the cliff, heading for the Moonpool. It's time I got my lives. I crouched by the water and touched my nose to it. At once I slipped into the darkness.

I opened my eyes to see starry cats surrounding me. One cat walked from the group and walked until he was in front of me.

"Who are you?" I asked.

He smiled, "I'm Goldheart, your father."

I stared at him, not sure what to say, when he touched his nose to mine. "With this life I give you strength, so you can have the strength to deal with all that is thrown at you."

He stepped back and another can't took his place, Bluetail. She smiled at me and touched noses with me, "With this life I give you love. So you can love your clan like a mother loves her kits."

She went to step away but paused, "Please don't go!" I wailed.

"My place is here," she gazed at me warmly the stepped back with he rest of the cats. 

I then heard tiny paws walk to me and looked down to see Blazekit. My chest swelled with grief as I ducked down so he could reach me.

"With this life I give you a sense of adventure, so that you will always seek out more." He then gazed up at me and nuzzled my leg, "I love you." He mewed then scampered back to Bluetail. I wanted to tell him I loved him back but I couldn't find the words as the next cat came.


He smiled and touched my nose, "With this life I give you wisdom, so you can do what you believe is right. And what is best for the whole clan." He then stepped back with Blazekit and Bluetail.

The next cat who came up was Sunstar, "With this life I give you pride. Never let someone lead your clan for you."

Once he stepped back Shinyclaw took his place, "With this life I give you determination, always take that extra step."

She stepped back and I can't I have never seen before approached me, "My name is Aspensong, I was a friend of your mother, from RavenClan. I saw you grow up, you are a strong cat. With this life I give you loyalty. Even though me and your mother were friends, we knew where our loyalties were. Know where yours is."

I stared as she walked away, I had a feeling I knew what she was talking about.

A dark tabby tom took her spot and smiled at me. "Smokepelt?" Smokepelt died from the same sickness that killed Sunstar, just a day after he died.

"With this life I give you patience, so you can teach all those young cats." He touched my nose and I could feel the life poor into me just like the others. He left and I waited for the final cat.

Next an all too family gold tom approached, "Goldfur!" I cried, feeling the guilt and grief come back at once.

"It wasn't your fault, that was my choice." He touched his tail to my shoulder, "Things will happen that we can not control. You must be prepared for anything. So, with this life I give you the ability to think of all possible outcomes. Just your instincts." He touched my nose and gave me one last nod before standing besides our parents. My family smiled at me with pride.

"Bubblestar! Bubblestar!" The starry cats yowled together. 

They were starting to disappear and StarClan was getting dark, "Wait! No don't go, please," I wasn't ready to loose them all again. "Please.."

But it was too late my vision went dark, when it opened my eyes I was by the Moonpool again. Lavafur was perched on a rock close by with her eyes closed. She opened them and looked at me, "Ready to go?"

I nodded, not wanting to speak as we made it back home.


"Hey Bubblestar, ready for your first gathering as leader," Swifttail, who I made deputy as soon as I got back from receiving my lives, was nudging me.

"Not really," I sighed and laughed. "I'm going to make such a fool out of my self. How am I even supposed to get on that rock with this dumb leg."

"Hmm," she thought for a second. "I'm sure you'll figure it out. Come on its time to go."

"Gee thanks," I mumbled and led the clan to the gathering.

We were the last to arrive, Ravenstar, Scourge, and Foxstar were already up there. There are more than four clans, but these are the main four. More clans just keep sprouting up, occasionally they show up for gatherings, but not all the time.

I walked to the back off the Greatrock and looked at the ledge that was halfway up. I swallowed hard and leaped up, my claws scraped the edge and I pulled myself up. I jumped to make it to the top, I couldn't make it to the top. I felt teeth sink in my scruff and someone pull me up. I stood at the top and saw Foxstar.

"You okay?" He meowed. He pulled me up.

"Yea fine," I meowed then sat by the other leaders.

Suddenly, another cat burst into the clearing her clan following. PoisonivyClan.

"Sorry we are late," Toxicstar mewed as she jumped up.

We nodded to her and Ravenstar began the gathering.

The leaders spoke about normal things, when it was my time I spoke load and clear. Most of what I said was the usual stuff, but I also told about MeadowClan moving in next door.

As Toxicstar was talking I saw Autumnwhisker talk to a brown and black tom from PoisonivyClan. I narrowed my eyes, they seem cozy.

The gathering was over and I led my clan back to camp when we got there I stopped and shook my head.

Shatteredheart was sitting on Littlecloud's face, "Say it!" She kept yelling at Littlecloud.

"What is going on?" I yowled.

Shatteredheart looked up, "Littlecloud won't admit I'm a better warrior!"

"Are not!" Wailed a squished Littlecloud.

I sighed. Autumnwhisker shoved Shatteredheart off, "Go be mousebrains elsewhere." She meowed.

They walked away mumbling, I went to my nest and curled up to sleep. Right when I was falling asleep I told myself to ask Autumnwhisker who that tom was tomorrow. 

Chapter Thirteen

  I slapped my paw on Autumnwhisker's tail before she could leave, "We need to talk." I meowed and motioned to the rock that hangs over the river.

We sat down, "So," I started. "Who's the tom?"

"Huh?" She said staring at me, shifting her paws.

"You know exactly who I'm talking about. Spill it, who is he?" 

"Well uh... His name is Absentshadow." She mewed awkwardly.

"Mhm," I mewed, then grinned before getting up. "You probably shouldn't get all cozy at gatherings." 


I growled as I ripped the fur out of the she cat's shoulder, she yowled and wiggled away from me. Yet again a clan was tresspassing, this time it was BrightClan.

We have gotten so many tresspassers, that we have begone to not care how hurt they get. As long as they leave one way or another, we do not care anymore.

Soon we chased them away, either dragging themselves or their fallen clanmates, "Foxhearts!" They yelled over their shoulders.

I growled and caught one of them before they crossed the border sinking my claws in their flank, "If protecting my land and clan from the likes of you rabbitbrains, then call me foxhearted." I snarled at him then let him go, he scrambled over the border and fled with his clanmates.

Earlier this moon we gave the twoleg lake to RavenClan, we had no use for it and the land next to it, they needed it more than us. Too bad more clans are not like them.

I snorted, I'm surrounded by these mousebrains. Why can't they just leave us alone for once? We never get any peace. And they call us the foxhearts.

I notice Streampelt watching me, her eyes narrowed. She caught my eye, then turned and walked away. What's gotten into her? I decided to find out.

I caught up to her, "Is their a problem you would like to discuss with me?"

She snorted, "Well that's a start to it."

"Excuse me?" I titled my head, confused.

"You never say anything like, 'Hey, how are you?', 'How ya doing?', to us anymore."


"Your kits!" She bristled her fur. "You talk to us like every other clanmate! Are we nothing more than that!"

I shook my head, "I can not show favorites within the clan."

"Not even to your kits?"

"No, it would not be very fair."

She growled, "What about how we just kill without a second thought now?! We never did that before! Why now? They're right... You're just a blood thirsty foxheart!" She turned and ran from me.

"Streampelt!" I called after her, but she was gone.

Am I really what she says I am?


"Maybe you can help me put with a problem I'm having," Foxstar meowed to me. He visited unexpectedly and said he needed to talk.

"Like what?" I titled my head.

"You've been having problems with Darkmoon too haven't you?"

"Yes, they have trespassed very often recently."

He flicked his tail over his paws, "Then I propose an idea. What's to say we stop them."

"Stop them?" I asked slowly. What did he mean by stop.

"A war. They can't go around doing this. They should be stop. Permanently." 

I hesitated for a second. Killing a few cats was no big deal to me, but trying to destroy a whole clan? They won't leave you alone unless you do this, a voice whispered to me.

I nodded and grinned, "Alright. Let's do this."

Chapter Fourteen

  "We're ready, Bubblestar," Shatteredheart meowed to me where I stood beside Foxstar. We were looking towards Darkmoon's territory.

I nodded to the long legged she-cat. And looked at Foxstar.

"Let's do this," he meowed. Then yowled, "Attack!" I echoed his yowl to my clan and we rushed forward.

We saw Darkmoon cats as we reached closer to the camp. One of them fled up the cliff where their camp rested. We rushed upon the cats that remained. A flash of gray fur rushed past me. Smokepelt leaped onto a tom and wrestled him to the ground.

Soon the Darkmoon cats came and leaped into the battle. I saw their leader Scourge tackle Foxstar. They were yelling things at each other, but I couldn't hear over the sound of fighting.

A small she cat attacked me. She bit into my bad leg, I shrieked and smacked her off. I tackled her and sank my teeth into her shoulder. She clawed at my face and I was blinded by blood. I felt blood gush into my mouth and I knew I bit into her throat. She stopped fighting and went limp. I let her go and shook the blood from my face and looked for my next target.

The fight when on like that for awhile, I was fighting off some cat when a flash of blue gray fur caught my eye. Soon I was knocked over and saw Streampelt standing over me, her eyes blazed with hatred. She growled and bit into my shoulder.

I kicked her off and turned to run. I got up to the top of the hill when she caught up and growled at me, "I hate you!" Then she launched herself straight towards me.

Time seem to slow down as I looked at her. Claws stretched to me, eyes full of anger. But in my mind all I saw was that little kit that would leap around and want to ride on cats backs. 

I ducked and she went right over me, and over the cliff. I looked over the edge and saw her trying to hold on to the edge. I stretched a paw towards her, "Let me help you."

"Never!" She clawed at my paw, making her loose her grip and she fell. There was a splash and she disappeared under the water.

I stared in horror at the ripples when I heard paw steps behind me, I turned and saw Swifttail.

"It's over, we won," she mewed and put a tail on my shoulder. I nodded and tried not to think about who we might've lost.


I stared down at the camp. Cats walked in and out of it, while others went from den to den, or dozing next to the river.

From this cliff I could see the whole camp, and behind me the territory stretched out for as far as I could see. To my right was the new RavenClan border, I could just make out some RavenClan cats drinking water from the lake.

I was tempted to go say hi to them, see how their clan is. But I decided against it, I only know Ravenstar, I don't know many of her clan mates. Instead my gaze shifted to my left. Sharpclaw was showing a few new apprentices how to fish.

I heard mewling from below and saw Thunderkit chasing after Summerpaw. Summerpaw was carrying a piece of moss just out of the kit's reach. Fawnleaf was bringing some herbs back to her den. All was well and peaceful. Then I heard the shrieking and yowling, I pricked my ears and heard it coming from the thunderpath.

I gathered a few cats and we ran to the border. Once we got their we saw out clanmates fighting another bunch of tresspassers. I growled and ordered my clan to make them leave. Whether that was leaving the territory or leaving the living, I didn't care anymore, just as long as they were gone.

Soon they were dealt with and we went back to what we were doing, those that needed it went to the med den. Those who did not, continued with what they were doing.

I went back to my spot on the cliff. I glared at nothing, thoughts running through my head. I sunk my claws into the ground, tearing up the grass.  Why can't the clans just leave us alone, I growled to myself, well I'll show them we won't be pushed around any longer... I'll show them all.

Chapter Fifteen

Cats around me laughed and chatted. We went to EclipseClan's camp after the battle, Foxstar decided to have a feast to celebrate our victory. But I didn't feel like celebrating, all I could think about was the way Streampelt looked at me, and that I couldn't save her.

I watched cats around me celebrate, but I stayed to the shadows. I didn't want to participate. I was still tired from the battle and would like nothing more than to sleep. I lost two lives in that fight. So I was down to only two.


"Hello, Bubblestar. Remember me?" I heard a wolffish snarl.

I turned and saw the big gray wolf. I sighed, "What do you want Cam?"

"Oh just thought I'd stop by.." He looked around.

I bared my teeth at him, "Just spit it out, why are you here?"

"I need help taking down this guy. He's been causing me trouble."

I snorted and turned away from him, "I don't see how that's my problem. I suggest you leave." I walked away from him, I suppressed a sigh, he helps me out once and than expects me to do all these favors for him.

He growled and turned towards the border, "Gee thanks." And he left.


"Bubblestar, I'm just trying to tell you to... Just be careful," I sat by the lake in RavenClan's territory. Ravenstar was next to me, talking to me about Foxstar. She does this sometimes, tells me to watch out for him, even though she knows he is my mate. 

I try and be polite about it, "Foxstar isn't the cat you think he is." I meowed flatly, brushing my paw over the water.

She sighed and stared at the nearby twoleg place, "If you think so."


I yowled in outrage and clawed the trespassers off me. Another clan was trying to take our land. They were easily dealt with as always, but I was getting real tired of this. Why did they always have to come after my clan? Why not another clan. 

I sighed, no matter. The gathering is tonight, I need to pick which cats were coming.


The gathering went well when I heard a familiar mew. I looked around the tree and saw Shatteredheart talking to some tom, I almost gasped when I recognized the tom. It was Duststar.

Chapter Sixteen

I shook my head as I saw the scene before me, "How often are we going to do this?"

Autumnwhisker was sitting on Cinderpelt. While Cinderpelt kept wailing for her to get off, Echowing decided to help. And by help I mean help hold Cinderpelt down.

"She started it!" Wailed Cinderpelt.

I sighed, "I don't care who started it. Just knock it off. Go train some apprentices."

The untangled themselves and then went to fetch some apprentices to train. They got a couple more warriors, Mousetail and Minnowsplash, and led the apprentices to the training hollow.

Fawnleaf came in with a huddle of herbs in her mouth, she does all the collect since Lavafur is getting pretty old now. And disappeared into the med den.

On the other side of camp I could hear Thunderkit begging to go outside the camp. He's just about old enought to be an apprentice, I need to think of who to mentor him.

I looked around at my clanmates and count sight of Summerlark. He might be a new warrior, but he is a good warrior. He used to play with Thunderkit when he was an apprentice, he might be a good candidate.


Thunderpaw was hopping around his new member Summerlark, ready to leave the camp for the first time. I watched them leave, happy for more apprentices. Everything seemed so peaceful right now. So why do I feel like something bad is going to happen.


I gasped as the enemies claws hit their mark, my throat. I collapsed and my vision went dark, soon I opened my eyes again. I felt a surge of panic when I realized I'm now on my last life. I stepped back and watched as my clan drove off the remaining cats.

When we got to camp I pulled Swifttail to my den, "Swifttail, you need to promise to not tell anyone else this."

"Umm ok," she titled her head. "But you should really go see Lavafur so she can check you out."

"I will in a heartbeat," I paused. "I just want you to be prepared. I'm now on my last life."

I walked past her to the med den as she let out a shocked gasp. And went to see Fawnleaf and Lavafur, I could tell as Fawnleaf tended to my wounds that she knew I was on my last life.

I still had that feeling something bad was going to happen. 


Ravenstar and Platiumstar thought it would be a good idea to have a feast. All clans were invited, it was held at the gathering place.

I sat chatting with the other leaders, still not able to get the sense that something will happen out of my head.

"Hey Buublestar, here I managed to get you a vole," mewed a friendly voice.

I saw Sharpclaw drop a vole next to me, "Thank you Sharpclaw." I smiled at her, she's always been such a loyal cat.

I bit into the vole as cats ate and chatted around me, by the first bite I knew the vole tasted funny. It was old or stale, something else. I took another bite and swallowed. Then I felt my windpipe closing up.

I gasped and shot to my feet coughing, I couldn't breath. The leaders looked terrified at me, "Bubblestar what's wrong?" I heard Foxstar's concerned meow.

I couldn't answer, I still couldn't breath. I felt paws push me down and saw Sharpclaw sneer at me, "Time to put an end to your terror once and for all." 

That's when I saw the berries stuffed inside the vole. Deathberries! She poisoned me! But why?

"Bubblestar!" I could barely make out who was who any more.

I saw cats grab Sharpclaw, vaguely aware that the cats were my clan mates, and that they just ripped into her throat. 

My gasp become shorter and shorter, my vision getting darker. I could see the faces of my kits, friends, and of Foxstar, as I slowly drifted away.

My body went completely numb, and suddenly I was consumed by darkness.

Part 3: Bluestar's Regret - Chapter Seventeen

It smells like a swamp. I opened my eyes and saw tall dark trees and shadows all around me. I lifted my head and looked around. What happened?

Then I remembered, that traitor. But wait, aren't I dead? This doesn't look like StarClan. There's only one other place I could've ended up.

Anger boiled inside me. I get sent to the DarkForest for protecting my clan? I stood and looked around.


I spun around, that voice is so familiar, I saw a starry cat. Is that... Bluetail?

I ran towards her, my heart filled with joy. She's come to get me, take me away.

But I ran into something, there was nothing there. The border between StarClan and the DarkForest.

Grief crushed down on me as I looked at my mother heartbroken. I wanted to be with them again. With all off them!

She looked at me sadly then turned and walked away.

"Bluetail! Please don't leave me here! Come back!" But she already disappeared.

I let out a wail, feeling betrayed all over again.


I gasped and opened my eyes, familiar sents all around me. I was in camp surrounded by clanmates. Was... Was that all a dream? The death berries? The DarkForest?

I found my answer the minute Echowing pokes her head in the den, I realized I was in the warriors den. "Bluefur," she said looking straight at me. "Swiftstar wants to see you."

Bluefur? Swiftstar? I stood and almost gasped when I saw my paws. Tabby stripes?

I ran from the den and to the river, I looked at my reflection and couldn't believe what I was seeing.

I was still a slate colored cat and still had the same eyes, but this time I have black tabby stripes. Bluefur? That's my name? But it doesn't make sense.

"Bluefur, we need to talk. Come in my den," I turned and saw Swifttail, er, Swiftstar. She looked the same, but as she looked at me her eyes were knowing. She motioned me into the leader's den.

I followed her in, ", what's going on?"

"I had a dream," she looked down then back at me. "You're Bubblestar. Aren't you?"

"How did this happen? I should be dead still.." 

"I don't know, but it did."

I looked at the entrance to the den, "Should we tell the clan?"

"Yes," she paused. "But not now. Tonight."


"How is that even possible? Why should we believe that. This cat is a new outsider. Don't give us false hope that our mother is back!" Shatteredheart yowled outraged at the news.

I stood by Swifttail and lifted my chin, "I could say things no one else knows. Like Autumnwhisker's mate. How's Absentshadow? I know you are expecting kits. Or Shatteredheart and her mate Hawkfrost, who used to be Duststar, but he changed his name."

Silence greeted that, with shocked looks on the fasces of the cats below.

"Is that really you..?" Autumnwhisker finally mewed.

"Yea it is," I replied gently.

So much for gently. My kits rushed upon me and squished me to the ground.

"Ok ok! I wasn't gone that long was I?" I shoved them off.

"You were gone for a few weeks," mewed Littlecloud.

"Really? I was? But I just woke up in... Nevermind." I decided not to tell them yet what happened in.. That place.

"Yea, Swiftstar made Shadetuft deputy," Cinderpelt glanced at the dark tom, whose been watching. I couldn't tell what he was thinking.

"Does that mean you're going to be leader again?" Thunderpaw's question caught me off guard. I haven't thought about that.

Swiftstar and I shared a look. "That's up to Swiftstar," I mewed. Not sure what she would say. She is a sister to me, I don't want to take this away from her.

"I think you should lead us, Bluefur," she chuckled. "I'm not cut out for his leadership stuff."

"Someone else should be deputy, I rather be a normal warrior," Shaderuft spoke up.

"Are you sure Shadetuft?" Swiftstar questioned.

Shadetuft nodded and went quiet again. 

I looked at Swiftstar, I could tell she knew what I was thinking, "I don't even want to be deputy again. I just don't think I'm cut out for this." 

I nodded, "If you wish."

She stepped towards me an touched my nose. I could feel her other eight lives rush into me, I didn't know that was possible. "Bluestar." She mewed.

The clan cheered.


Shatteredheart organized patrols, I decided make her the new deputy. Autumnwhisker moved into the nursery.

I heard a hiss by the entrance and went over.

"I just want to speak to your leader!" I heard a tom growl.

"That would be me, Scourge," I narrowed my eyes at him. What now?

The black tom dipped his head, "I wish to join your clan." His eyes saying his telling the truth.

I studied him. His a black tom with white speckles on his muzzles, one green eye and one blue.

I nodded and turned to Cinderpelt, whose was staring at him with a weird look on her face, "Show him around." I nodded to him.

She led him in the camp and I said to her quietly as she walked past, "Keep a close eye on him."

She nodded and kept walking.


A few moons have pasted, Scourge has fit into the clan well. And Cinderpelt is always following him around, I guess she's really taking to heart to keep an eye on him.

Autumnwhisker had her kits, all girls. Frostkit, a light grey she kit with blue grey spots, black ears and teal eyes. And then there was Lavenderkit, she is dark grey with purple eyes. and last but not least, Stormkit, she is all white with black stripes, black paws and amber eyes.

Those kits are already getting under everyone's paws. Thunderpaw was having issues with Summerlark, so I finished his training. He his now Thunderheart.

I heard a loud wail and turned to see Autumnwhisker grabbing Frostkit's scruff. She dragged her back to the nursery while Frostkit flailed her paws and kept mewling.

I could tell that kit was going to be a fighter. And probably really annoying. I chuckled at the thought, still hearing her mewling coming from the nursery.

Chapter Eighteen

I flicked my tail in frustration, "I don't care! You do what your mentor says, if you really think what they are doing is against the rules here then come and tell me. I don't want to hear another complaint. Got it?" I stood over Frostpaw, who was gazing up at with with different emotions. Fear, awe, maybe defiance. She might be annoying, but she's smart enough not to speak while I'm angry.

She twitched her ears and lashed her tail, "Got it." She mumbled and joined her sister, Emberpaw, who were picking out something to eat.

I sighed and looked at Autumnwhisker, "How did you deal with them?"

She shrugged, "I have no idea."


"Hey Foxstar!" It trotted over to him waving my tail.

He barley acknowledge that he heard me. He was talking to his deputy Rosetail, and a few other cats I didn't know.

I drooped my tail then shook my head. He's just talking to friends, no big deal. I walked over to Ravenstar and sat besides her for the gathering. We chatted until the gathering begun.

The gathering was boring, no interesting news. I announced our new apprentices but that was pretty much it. I also have a new kit who is training to be a medicine cat, Blackpaw.

After it was over I tried to talk to Foxstar, but he was still with Rosetail and they were leaveing. So I gathered my clan and we left.


Shatteredheart had a kit, Firekit. Hawkfrost is the dad, it still makes my fur bristle to think about it. But if she's happy that's all the matters. Her cousins show her the ropes, even though she is not an apprentice yet. But she will be soon.

Frostpaw, Blackpaw, Lavenderpaw, and Stormpaw are now warriors, well Blackpaw is a medicine cat. Their names are Frostfeather, Blackfeather, Lavendergaze, and Stormpelt.

Frostfeather was still an annoying furball, she bugged Cinderpelt and Scourge's daughter Applepaw, who was born not that long before Firekit.

Earlier this moon though, Ravenstar told me of a problem she was having. She decided to combine RavenClan with DarkmoonClan; she was trying to lead both, but they were falling, the logically choice was to combine them. They would be DarkmoonClan and move to their territory. We decided to become allies with DarkmoonClan.

Now that RavenClan was no more, we reclaimed the twoleg lake. Might as well take it back and expand the territory a little.


"Appleclaw! Appleclaw!" The clan cheered her name. Cinderpelt's daughter, Appleclaw, was finally a warrior. In another moon Firepaw will be a warrior.

Shatteredheart was watching Firepaw play with Frostfeather. Shatteredheart is a long legged gray she cat, with darker gray spots on her back, an all black tail, she has fur that covers one eye, it's tip is black but the rest is a pale yellow, which travels all the way across the back. She already has a few scars, mostly a few gashes on her neck, her right eye has been clawed, and her ears are torn in a couple of places.

Littlecloud was talking to Cinderpelt by the river. Littlecloud is a small she cat, she's all brown and has green eyes. Cinderpelt is a silver tabby she cat with blue eyes, both her ears are torn.

I sat up on the cliff that over looks the clearing, watching my clan as they went about their day when I could hear paw steps running towards me. I turned and saw Lavendergaze and Echowing escorting a Darkmoon cat to me. 

I tilted my head, "What's going on?"

"We need your help," she panted as if she ran the whole way here, desperation in her eyes.

Chapter Nineteen

I bared my teeth, claws out, tail lashing, surrounded by clanmates and a few Darkmoon cats that were left at their territory, "Stupid flea bags! Leave this isn't your territory."

The wolves just snorted. The Darkmoon cat brought me to help them get the wolves of their territory. They said this pack lives next door to them in the swamp and occasionally one crosses over the border, but this is time it looks like the whole back was here.

"It looks like we will have to fight them," Shatteredheart whispered in my ear. I nodded to her and looked at the Darkmoon cat that seemed to be taking lead over her clanmates. She nodded as if saying they were ready. Firethorn looked nervous standing next to her mother, Autumnwhisker.

Before we had a chance to attack the lead wolf leaped at me, tackling me over and pinning me down before I had a chance to react. My eyes widened as I saw his jaws come down on my throat as I tried kicking him off, but he was too heavy, and my crooked leg was too weak. 

My vision went black and everything went quiet. I knew I was loosing a life. It felt too long until I could hear the fighting. Cats shrieked around me, wolves howled. There seemed to be more cats. Darkmoon's neighbors heard the commotion and joined the fight against these wolves. I stood up shakily, and twisted my head just in time for a she wolf to leap at me.

She tackled me to the ground and we rolled around. She got some strong bites into my neck and face, I could feel my energy draining. I slashed my claws upwards at her throat. She yelped and jumped off me, I stood weakly as she shook her head and looked at me with hunger. She's not going to give up so easily.

I braced my self as she leaped again. I crouched and ran under her belly, slashing it as I ran under her and escaped her attack. I reared up the best I could and slashed my claws down her hind legs. She yelped and twisted around to snap at my face. I jumped back, she was close to biting my nose. She lifted a strong paw and brought it down on my face.

Blood welled up around my eyes, I was swaying on my paws, my vision getting darker. She attacked again and I couldn't get up again as I lost my second life. When I awoke again I saw Shatteredheart. I wolf had his jaws around her tail, he shook her and flung her way, tearing off half her tail with a sickening rip.

I leaped at the wolf and stabbed my claws into his eyes. 

The fighting went on for a long time, until finally the wolves left. Darkmoon thanked everyone who came to help and offered to help treat wounds. We stayed for awhile so the most injured could be treated. I lost my first four lives in that fight... One fight and I lost four lives.

I shook my head and limped into camp. I just wanted to sleep, just want this day to be over. On the bright side, we didn't loose any members in this fight. Maybe we won't have to deal with those cold hearted wolves ever again.


"Look at what they did to my tail!" Shatteredheart growled, flicking her tail which was now ripped in half. The bottom half was still her tail, but now the top half is just bone.

"It doesn't look that bad," Fawnleaf was trying to reassure her.

Shatteredheart grumbled something else I didn't hear.

"Stressed out?" Someone meowed in my ear.

"You really shouldn't sneak up on me," I jokingly glared at Mintpelt as he sat down in front of me.

"Sorry," he chuckled, then become more serious. "Do you really think that's the end to that."

I sighed, "Honestly I don't know, but let's just act calm and collected. If I or any of the top warriors act nervous or anything, then it's going to freak the whole clan out.

He nodded then looked at the fresh kill pile, "You should eat something, get your strength back."

I nodded and followed him to the prey pile. Something in the back of my head was bugging me, but I couldn't put my paw on it.


"We should have these meetings more often," Ravenstar meowed.

The leaders decided to have a meeting to just discuss things, nothing really in particular, but we thought it might be good to get together every once and awhile.

"Agreed," Platiumstar nodded.

Ravenstar told us that the combining of her clans went well, of course the only news we really shared was how well our clans were coming. Occasionally a new leader, with their brand new clan, would ask the older leaders for some advice. Most of the time they were smart enough to not share information about their clan, but not all the times.

MeadowClan just moved in next door to us, their leader is Rosestar. So far all they have been was a nuisance. They tresspass daily, I challenged Rosestar about this, she said the same thing she said last time. That the warriors who crossed over will be punished. Obviously she isn't good with punishments, because I've seen the same warriors still crossing the border.

We had neighbors on the side of the waterfall, BoneClan, I don't recall their leaders name. They are a fairly new clan, but they look like they won't last long. They are all scrawny like they have t seen a good meal in moons. They must not be very good with hunting there, either they will move, or eventually die off. So I'm not very worried about them causing trouble.

A clan called TigerClan moved into where RavenClan used to be. We aren't very close so I'm not going to give them the pond. They must have found a different source of fresh water because I hardly ever see them at the pond. Occasionally a cat from their clan will tresspass, but not often enough for me to be too concerned. Right now MeadowClan is the biggest problem, and will be taken care of soon enough.

Chapter Twenty

"That's enough, go to Fawnleaf," I meowed to the training cats. Firethorn struggled to her paws and limped back across the cliff instead of swimming the river to camp. 

Cinderpelt went to follow her, "Not you, you stay. You aren't hurt enough for a break." I called her back and she went and sat with the other senior warriors.

I heard mumbling coming from the younger warriors, mainly Frostfeather complaining, "Why do we even have to train, we already know how to fight."

I held back a growl, disrespectful. "Frostfeather!"

She sat up eyes wide.

I smirked, "Thank you for volunteering."

She walked into the hollow and blinked as I joined her in there, "Who am I fighting."


He eyes widened in fear.

"Go," I growled, starting the fight.

I watched her as she circled me, from where her eyes kept darting I knew exactly what she was going to do. And she did just as I predicted, she lunged for my left side. The side with my weaker leg. I was ready, I spun around before she got to me and grabbed her by her neck. I shook her then threw her to the other side of the hollow.

She landed with a yelp, then struggle back to her feet. I wanted for her to attack again, not showing any emotion on my face. She darted her eyes around looking for an opening. I grew tired of waiting and launched at her. I grabbed her by her scruff and threw her into a nearby tree, not too hard, but hard enough to make her dizzy.

She lifted her head as I planted a paw on her shoulder, the other over her throat. "Still think you don't need to train?" I let her go, "Get out of my sight and go see Fawnleaf."

She nodded, and ran back across the hollow and to the river, her fur fluffed and tail tucked between her legs. I scared her, I though and chuckled inwardly, good.

I turned to the other younger warriors, "What about you? Any complaints?"

She shook their heads quickly, fear in their eyes.

"Good," I nodded to two of them, "then it's your turn."


"Kittypets!" I growled, batting away one of the tresspassers.

I whispered to Shatteredheart, "there's a lot of them, go get EclioseClan to help out."

She nodded and ran off, while we continued fighting. Soon Shatteredheart came back, but with very few cats! one of them was Foxstar. I was fighting off this cat when I saw that EclipseClan wasn't joining the fight, Foxstar just sat there and watched emotionless.

I could feel a crushing weight on my chest, why isn't he helping me, us. That distraction caused the cat to knock me over and rush me. Before her could though I black shape came out over no where and scared him off, "Ravenstar!" I yelped in surprise.

She smiled, "I saw Shatteredheart as she was running back to you guys, thought you could use some help."

"Thank you," I dipped my head to her, I could always count on her help. I saw Foxstar face turn to anger as he watched Ravenstar.

With Ravenstar's help, we easily chased off the remaining cats. We thanked her again and she left, Foxstar left without saying another word.

Why is he acting like this? My tail drooped. That's when one of his cats asked to join my clan, it shocked me but I said yes. Maybe he just didn't feel like EclipseClan was right for him.


The leaders were having another meeting together, it was more like we just sat around chatting and relaxing. I had much better things to be doing, but I didn't want to be rude so I joined them.

Everything changed suddenly though, Foxstar came, he never comes. But he looked angry, and he came straight for me.

He growled at me and accused me of stealing his clan mates. He had me backed into a corner, I watched him, hurt and afraid. I wasn't stealing anything!

That's when he attacked me, I didn't do anything to defend my self, I couldn't hurt him. Only reason he didn't kill me was because Swifttail came and got in the way. Foxstar left, and I just layed there.

"Why would you let him do that to you," Swifttail growled. "Are you so blind that you can't see he is just using you?!"

I shook my head, "You're wrong."

"No she's right, Bluestar," Ravenstar mewed concerned.

I glared and both of them and just shook my fur, "You don't know what you're talking about." I then left and went back to the territory, where Fawnleaf then rushed me into the med den.


"Damn kittypets just stop crossing the border," I growled at the MeadowClan cats, they were still crossing our border, and it was getting irritating. TigerClan was crossing on occasion, but still not enough to be concerned about.

BoneClan, as I predicted, died out. Now PrismClan has moved into their old territory, they've been a bit annoying, but still not enough. Besides MeadowClan, no clan has been tresspassing enough times for us to take action against them.

MeadowClan finally left and we went back to what we were doing before they arrived. I walked back to camp and sat below Highrock. I felt exhausted even though today was a lazy day. The memory of what happened still a heavy cloud over my head. I heard paws pad over to me.

"How are you feeling today," I knew that meow, but I still looked up as Mintpelt sat beside me. He eyes showed his concern.

"Don't worry about me, I'm fine," I sighed.

He studied me for a heartbeat then decided not to push it, "If ya say so."

He chatted with me and I listened as best as I could, enjoying his company. The fur on my neck stood up, it felt like someone was watching me, someone that shouldn't be here. I scanned the area around camp and didn't see anything. 

"Something wrong," Mintpelt was watching me.

"No, it's nothing," just my imagination I thought. I felt a diffrent set of eyes on me and looked up to see Hawkfrost, who joined our clan not that long ago. He was glaring at me, then he looked at Mintpelt and snorted.

What's that about? I thought. I shook myself and went back to talking to Mintpelt. I'm not doing anything wrong, am I?

Chapter Twenty-One

"Foxdung," I muttered as the mouse escaped from me.

Mintpelt chuckled. I glared at him, "What?" He meowed innocently.

I shook my head and continued with our hunting, I still had a feeling I was being watched.


I tilted my head, confused, "Ok, take a deep breath and tell me what you wanted to say."

Littlecloud took a breath then spoke again, "Come look at a new move we made up!" She was soaking wet, so she must have swam across the river from the training hollow.

"Alright, let's see it," I followed her back to the training hollow.

"Ok, let's show Bluestar," Littlecloud meowed to Frostfeather. "Come at me."

Frostfeather, who was one of our fastest cats, launched towards Littlecloud, claws extended, teeth bared. I though for sure she would get Littlecloud, but at the last minute Littlecloud jumped up, twisted over Frostfeather's back, running a paw sharply down her back while doing it, to represent her classing Frostfeather. She landed behind her and wasted no time at tackling her over. It all happened so fast, by the time it was over Frostfeather was pushed against the ground with Littlecloud on top of her, jaws bared over her neck.

"That was great!" I praised them. They nodded and smiled.

A new move is always good to have.


"I'm going to tell him," Hawfrost meowed coldly.

I glanced at him, "What are you talking about?" Tell who what? I thought to myself.

He snorted, "You'll see."

He left the camp and I stared after him in confusion, what is he talking about?


"Bluestar," I heard a growl. I turned a saw Viperheart, a tom from EclipseClan. Swifttail was standing behind him, she must have escorted him in.

I sighed, "What do YOU want."

He bared his teeth, "Just follow me, it's Foxstar."

I pricked my ears and a narrowed my eyes, but I still got up and followed him. I shooed off the clanmates that wanted to follow.

We headed across the river and close to the thunderpath border. Foxstar was sitting there waiting.

"Go away Viperheart," he meowed without looking at us. Viperheart hurried away, to where I'm no sure.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"You know exactly what," he growled and turned to me coldly.

I flinched, taking aback by how he was acting. Although it wasn't that much different from how he usually acts.

"Who is he?"

I looked up, "Huh?"

Too late to react, he slashed his claws down my face. I yowled in shock and pain me backed away from him.

"Stop avoiding the question!" He growled in my face.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

He growled lifting his paw again, "Who's the tom Hawkfrost told me you've been with!"

Now I finally got what he was saying now, that's what Hawkfrost was talking about, Mintpelt. Seeing the hurt and anger in his eyes, I felt guilty. Was I wrong about just being friends with Mintpelt.

I heard paws thrumming towards us, "What's going on?" Demanded Blackfeather, who was followed by Shatteredheart and Cinderpelt.

Foxstar turned on them and growled, "I have no mate, that's what." He turned and called for Viperheart, who appeared from nowhere and they left.

My kits just stared in shock at where he was standing then looked at me. I shut my eyes and ran.

Next thing I knew I was at the PoisionivyClan border, and it just happened Toxicstar, my daughter, was leading a patrol. "Bluestar, what's wrong?!" She rushed over the border to me.

I stared at the ground and shook my head. Shatteredheart found us and explained what she saw to Toxicstar.

I dug my claws in the ground, blood still running down my face from when he clawed me. I shut my eyes as tight as I could, what have I done?

Chapter Twenty-Two

I barely did anything or talked to anyone. Most of the time I just say in my den and stared at the wall. I think I hurt Mintpelt's feelings because I've been avoiding him. I know my kits were worried, but I just didn't have the hurt to do anything, I was overwhelmed with guilt.

"Bluestar..?" I small meow sounded outside of my den. When I didn't respond they came in. "Bluestar we need to leave for the gathering," Shattedheart nudged me to my feet and led me out of the den.

I let her take me past our clanmates and out of camp. When we arrived I led the clan into the gathering area, just to be greeted by a bunch of glares and hisses.

Cats were whispering while shooting glares at me, what's going on? Then I saw Foxstar at the foot of Highrock. Did he go and spread this all to everyone? Why?

Some cat bared their teeth at me while I walked by, I tried shutting out the things they were calling me. I was about to jump onto Highrock when I heard Foxstar meow coldly to me, "You're just a pathetic excuse for air."

That made me freeze, I wanted to run and curl up in a ball somewhere, anywhere that wasn't here. Then I felt a tail touch my shoulder me saw Ravenstar, "Come on, Bluestar, we need to start the gathering." She smiled at my, but I could tell she knew what was gong on, but still she was kind to me.

I sat by here on Highrock as the gathering began. When it was my turn to speak I held my head high and began, "BloodClawClan is doing well. Prey is plentifull and..." I flattered as cats kept yowling stinging words. Ravenstar put a paw on my shoulder, I glanced a.t her then continued, "We hope to have enough fish for the coming Leafbare. That's all."

Once the gathering was over I hurried out of there, my clan following. The heart beat I got back to camp I went back in my den. I buried my face is my paws and willed my self to sleep.


Moons have passed, I slowly got myself involved in my clan again. I was sitting under Highrock with Shatteredheart when Lillysong rushed up to us. "Bluestar! A cat is in our territory, she says she has a message for you from TigerClan. I told her I'd bring you out."

I studied her, our clan is not well liked, why does TigerClan need to send a messenger to us, couldn't they just tell us at a gathering. I wasn't a trustworthy person but still, I supposed I should see what it is. "Alright fine," I sighed.

I stood and followed Lillysong, Shattered heart right at my heels. Lillysong led us to a hill on the outskirts of the Twoleg place, which was a small hill with some wooden stuff I've seen twolegs sit on.

I sniffed the air, the cat didn't have a very strong TigerClan sent. TigerClan smells strongly of fish and ocean water. This cat didn't smell much like them at all.

"What do you want?" I meowed, not very interested in the small cat.

"I have a message from TigerClan for you, Bluestar," she meowed, smirking.

"So we've been told," I heard Shatteredheart's suspicious meow from behind me.

Before I could say anything else the small cat launched at me, she shoved death berries in my mouth and raked her claws across my throat. I didn't have time to react and collapsed. Blood gurgling in mouth, I watched what happened next, my vision blurring.

Shatterheart jumped on her and flung her into the twoleg benches. She grabbed the little cat by her head and slammed her face into the bench until she went limp.

I couldn't make out what anyone was saying, but Shatteredheart and Lillysong picked me up and rushed me to camp and the med den.

No medicine cat was around, Shatteredheart desperately looked around for something to treat me. She shoved yarrow towards me for the death berries.

I looked at her sadly and managed to say, "That... won't help... my neck wound." More blood gurgled in my mouth and from the wound, the death berries were still causing me to have small spasms.

I felt my vision getting dark. Goodbye, I thought as I closed my eyes and let out a last sigh. Feeling my self be consumed by darkness.

Chapter Twenty-Three: Shatteredheart's POV

It was a seemingly regular day, usual amount of tresspassers, nothing we couldn't handle. We switched between playing and sharing tounges with eachother and chasing away enemies.  I was sitting in the shade of Highrock with Bluestar when one of the newer warriors called for her...

"Bluestar!" Lilysong called as she trotted into camp, "A cat out in the territory says she has a message for you from TigerClan. I told her i'd bring you out."

I knew our clan wasn't well liked, and we recently had to kill a few TigerClan warriors in defense of a ThunderClan kit. I never let Bluestar go alone to these types of mysterious meetings, TigerClan or not.  After being in Bloodclaw as long as I have, you start to get paranoid and very defensive.

"Alright fine," Bluestar sighed.

We stood up from our spot next to Highrock and Lilysong led us to the TigerClan she-cat. She was sitting on the hill near the twoleg nests, she was very small and didn't have a very strong TigerClan scent.

"What do you want?" Bluestar asked not sounding interested in the little she-cat.

"I have a message from TigerClan for you, Bluestar." She said smirking.

"So we've been told." I narrowed my eyes watching her closely.

She launched herself at Bluestar, shoved bright red deathberries into her mouth that she must've been hiding underneath herself, and slashed her claws as deep as she could across Bluestar's throat. It happened so fast I couldn't stop it. I was frozen in the moment it happened and as soon as my mother hit the ground, i tacked the little murderer and flinged her into the nearest twoleg bench.

"I'll kill off your whole Clan you evil foxhearts!" The TigerClan cat yowled as she was being thrown.

I jumped on her and grabbed her tiny head with both my front paws, claws as deep in her flesh as i could get, and slammed her face on the bench repeatedly until she went limp and her eyes clouded. Lilysong started franticly apologizing.

"Bluestar! I'm so sorry, I didn't know she was going to do that! It's all my fault!" She wailed, pacing with eyes wide and tail fluffed up.

"Calm down and help me carry Bluestar to the med den." I ordered her.


As Lilysong and I ran through the entrance with Bluestar on our backs the cats that were still in camp swarmed.

"Give us some space! Make yourselves useful and go search the territory for TigerClan cats!" I snapped at them.

"Firethorn, where are all the medicine cats?!" I yelled from the doorway of the med den.

"I- I don't know!" She yelled back in panic.

I returned to Bluestar, we had set her down next to the herb store. I told Lilysong to go fetch Toxicstar and see if PoisonIvyClan's medicine cats were available.

I started digging through the plants FawnLeaf had neatly piled, not caring about their order.

"Um.. here eat this," I set yarrow next to Bluestar's face.. yarrow for deatberries, right? I was never a very gifted healer and I had no idea what to do. She was on her last life, I didn't want her to die...

"That.. wont help the neck wound," She pointed out, gurgling blood and having small spasms.

She gave a deep sigh and closed her eyes. The blood was still flowing out of her throat as her chest fell still. I sat there staring at her hoping she'd wake up again, but after what felt like seasons I had to face reality. I dragged her out to the base of the hill. Toxicstar and one of her Clanmates ran into camp with Lilysong on their heels.

"What happened? Who did this to our mother!?" Toxicstar growled as she came up beside me.

"TigerClan..." I hissed, sitting with my ears flattened.

Some of our other sisters, Cinderpelt, Littlecloud and Echowing returned to camp from their hunting patrols and dropped their prey as they saw the blue-grey tabby lump laying bloodstained and still in front of me.

"I'm going to kill them!" Toxicstar yowled.


We buried Bluestar there, at the base of the med den hill. The Clan gathered around the freshly dug mound and sat murmuring. FawnLeaf and Blackpaw returned from whatever plain of Oblivion they had been when we needed them most and they were miserably sorry they weren't there to help. After everything had died down the Clan started turning to me and I remembered my rank..

"Congratulations," Everyone had started saying to me. I was now in charge of the Clan.. I was still full of fresh rage towards TigerClan. Some cats went to their dens, it was getting dark. I stood up and held my head high.

"Littlecloud, you're in charge until I return." I said without looking at her.

She nodded at me,

"FawnLeaf, we set off to the Moonpool at once!"

Part 3: Shatteredstar's Fury - Chapter Twenty-Four

I opened my eyes to a familiar scent. I looked around me, death and darkness, I could only be in one place. The DarkForest. Was StarClan really this unforgiving, I snorted, apparently so.

At first I didn't see any other cats here, I didn't last time either. Am I stuck here for good this time? Then I saw movement in the bushes. I bared my teeth, fur bristling, when a small blue-gray she cat walked out of the bushes.

I stared at the cat in confusion, not processing what I was seeing, "Who-Who are you..?"She smirked, which made her look far more dangerous than what she seemed, "I'm you. This part of you didn't travel to your new body. I'm Bubblestar, the one and only."

"But... You're me... How are you here if I was alive with the new name Bluestar."

"A small part of your soul had to stay here for you to get your new life. So Bubblestar still exists in the DarkForest. And if you were to be reborn again, Bluestar would exist still as well."

It was still hard to understand, "Wait, a small part of my soul? So I don't have a full soul? What happened of I run out?"

She thought for a moment, "I suppose if you were to run out of your soul... You would be purely insanity. After that... I don't know what will happen to us. It might destroy all of your soul. Meaning if you were to do that, we wouldn't exist."

"How would we not exist, we are already dead. Nothing is left after that.." Then I got it, "We would fade away."

Bubblestar nodded, "Precisely. Don't fret yet, we have plenty of tries before we need to worry about that."

I nodded. I looked around, "Are there other cats here?"Bubblestar nodded, "Yes, I don't talk to them much though."

"Hmm.." I sat down and sighed, "How did we even become reborn in the first place?"

She shook her head, "I'm not certain, and I don't know how we could do it again." She then got a sly smile on her face, "But I do know how we can have a little fun."


Entering the real world took a lot of energy, but we did it, well I did it. Bubblestar combined in Bluestar's body so it would be easier to stay in the real world.

I found my self standing below the med den pile, on freshly dug dirt. I looked down at my see through paws, I was standing on my grave. I heard noise coming from the clearly.

I padded over, sticking to the shadows. Shatteredheart was sanding on Highrock, she was saying something to the clan but I was close enough to hear yet. When I got closer the clan yowled, "Shatteredstar! Shatteredstar!"

So I was gone long enough for her to get her lives. I froze, she seemed to be staring right at me. But then I realized she couldn't see me, she was staring towards my grave. Grief welled up in my chest. I have to figure out how to get back again.

Shatteredstar made Littlecloud her deputy. An excellent choice, she's an amazing warrior, and given the chance she'd be a great leader.

I spent days at a time in the real world. Watching over my clan, I've given up trying to speak to them, or showing them I'm here. I get the feeling they know somehow. I watch them as they train, patrol, anything. I don't need to eat or sleep anymore.

One day while watching a training session, Littlecloud kicked Firethorn off of her. And Firethorn launched straight into me. Instead of her passing through me she actually collided with me. I let out a yelp as she hit me and scrambled to my paws.

Firethorn shot to her feet, "W-Who's there?"

The other cats were staring too, apparently they also heard me.

"Y-you can hear me now?" I slowly held out a paw and touched Firethorn's nose.

She leaped back, fur fluffed up in fear.

"It's me, Bluestar. I've been around for awhile now. But you guys couldn't hear, see, or feel me. But I guess now you can hear and feel me."

"Bluestar...?" Littlecloud mewed, grief clouded her eyes.

I walked up to her and touched her nose, "Yea it's me."

She stared at the spot in front of her, where I was standing, "Are you coming back again??" She said hopefully.

I sighed, "I'm not sure, I will try though. Until then I'll still be here for you guys."


I sat on the logs next to the river, inside camp. Mintpelt walked by carrying a fish in his jaws. I sighed, I felt bad for avoiding him and then dying. Mintpelt is a medium sized blueish tom, with bright yellow eyes, a yellow tuft of fur on top of his head, and a strange marking on his cheek. It looked like a yellow lightning bolt.

He dropped the fish on the pile and left camp again, I considering trying to talk to him but I don't think he even knows I'm here. The ones who know decided not to tell the whole clan until I get back.

"Bluestar?" Shatteredstar meowed quietly in the clearing. They still couldn't see me, so I walked over and nudged her.


"Oh good there you are, come on we need to talk."

We climbed up to Goat Hill, Littlecloud, Cinderpelt, Rosetalon and Echowing were waiting there.

Shatteredstar started discussing plans, Rosetalon was to infiltrate TigerClan and destroy them from the inside. And we'll attack them on the outside.

I was touched that they were going to such lengths to avenge me.


We grabbed PoisonIvyClan and launched a surprise attack on TigerClan. I sat on a ledge that overlooked the entire fight. Shatteredstar grabbed her rouge friend, LethalThorn, she went straight for the kits and queens.

I watched as my clan attacked them mercilessly. The battle was over quickly. Afterward the clan hung out there for a bit, tending to wounds. I glance over to the edge and didn't even know what to say.

Scourge, Absentshadow, and Hawkfrost were... I don't even want to know what they were doing over there. I could here them yelling about someone being in the middle.

Shatteredstar sat next to me, "Will you be coming back soon?"

"Yes, sooner than you think." I stood and walked to the shadows. "I'll be back."

Chapter Twenty-Five: Shatteredstar's POV of the TigerClan War

After I received my lives I appointed Littlecloud as our deputy, I knew Bluestar would approve. After taking care of that, my soul objective was to avenge the death of the former leader of my Clan. Bluestar's ghost has been hanging around the camp, alot of us didnt know what to think. Shes here, but shes not. Shce speaks to us, and we can talk back to her. I decided to involve her in our plans. I walked into the middle of the camp clearing and called for her.

"Bluestar?" I whisper-yelled.

"Yes?" I heard her voice.

"Oh good there you are, come on we need to talk."

I took a select few of my best warriors to the Goat Ledge where i had made my den. Rosetalon, Littlecloud, Cinderpelt, and Echowing.

"So when do we get to tear apart every cat in Sacred Grove who's ever called themselves a TigerClan cat?" Cinderpelt sneered.

"It's not that simple, we must have a strategy." I meowed.

"Any ideas?" Littlecloud asked me.

"Of course," I smiled. "It will take a while, but it will weaken them. We need someone on the inside."

"Can I do it!?" Cinderpelt asked immediately.

"You're not quite the right cat for the job my lovely, your personality is too hostile and you look a bit scary to little kittens like TigerClan. I think Rosetalon should do it." I meowed thoughtfully. Perhaps Echowing could join Rosetalon later in the game.

"I can act different!" Cinderpelt protested.

"What do you want me to do?" Rosetalon asked me.

"Join them. Learn their fighting style. After a few moons, you will assassinate as many of them as you can, without being caught. You must dispose of the bodies as well. I'll tell you when its time to start killing, but until then just learn."

"Yes Shatteredstar." She meowed.

"Cinderpelt, you will be in charge of training. I want every moment not spent hunting, eating, sleeping or patroling to be battle practice."

She nodded reluctantly.

"Echowing you can help Cinderpelt until further notice. And Littlecloud, regular duties, only difference for you is more training."

I dismissed them with a wave of my torn tail and watched them as they jumped down the rocky hill into camp and separated to carry out my orders.


Every cat in the Clan was pumped up for the upcoming  battles i had promised them. They had little to no problems with the extra work. Echowing would meet Rosetalon at the Moonpool for updates. A moon and a half of learning went by before i decided it was time to start eliminating. Rosetalon was the perfect cat for the job, the TigerClan cats were her prey and the senior wariors had no idea where their lower ranking friends had gone. I was sitting in my tree on Goat Ledge when Cinderpelt came up to me.

"Shatteredstar, when are we going to attack TigerClan? It's been forever since you started planning!" She whined.

"We can't just charge into their camp in the middle of the day Cinder. The plan isn't complete yet." I told her for what felt like the millionth time.

"What, you don't think we're strong enough? Are you calling your own family weak?"

"Stop being so childish! I want this to be quick and devastating. I want them to have no chance and know it while we're slaughtering them. I want Silverstar to return to their camp only to see her Clan laying in pools of their own blood. I want her to wail and scream at StarClan surrounded by their bodies, drowning in misery. I want her to suffer for our mothers murder." I leaped off my tree and walked right up and glared at my sister, nose to nose letting my fur stand up.

"Then why can't we just kill them now?" She challenged.

"Get off my ledge and go work on the apprentices' battle skills some more." I snarled the command at her. She was clearly furious but trotted down to the clearing.

"Don't get too angry with her, her wishes for revenge are the same as yours." I heard Bluestar's meow. I sighed.

"She's too impatient. She thinks we can just go around killing cats whenever and however." I got back up into my nest.

"Either way, she's a loyal clanmate, and your littermate. You shouldn't fight with eachother so often."

"Yes of course mother, how could i ever have been so childish." I meowed mockingly, still riled up from Cinderpelt.


"Let all cats old enough to fight their own battles gather beneath High Rock for a Clan meeting!" I yowled. My sister Poisonstar stood next to me on High Rock, she had brought her Clan to our camp at dawn to start the preperations. There was a battle to be fought that day. Our deputies sat at the foot of the hill as BloodclawClan and PoisonIvyClan gathered in my clearing. As they settled i could see the excitement in the crowd. Gleaming eyes and restless tails..

"Bloodclaw and PoisonIvy.. I'm sure you know what this meeting is about," I smiled as i scanned the cats below. "Today is the day you've been waiting for. The day I've been keeping from you for moons. On this day, we will get our revenge!" I finished in a snarl.

They practically exploded with energy. They cheered and tackled eachother, jumped and yowled battle cries. Cinderpelt roared and tackle-hugged Littlecloud. Poisonstar lifted her head to speak as the calmed down.

"TigerClan has wronged us!" She growled looking from cat to cat. "Silverstar set this all in motion, she is behind our beloved Bluestar's murder, and now we shall give her a taste of her own foul medicine!"

Poisonstar and i leaped off High Rock into the crowd as they cheered once again. With our deputies taking up the rear we lead our Clans east across Bloodclaw territory, south into the twoleg settlement of Merry Vale, setting course for TigerClan's territory in the hills of the Southern Wilds. We got to the twoleg farm at sunhigh, and crept to the back stopping at a gate between two mountains.

"According to Rosetalon their camp is just over this gate in a small clearing between the mountains." I meowed to everyone. "Rosetalon will be fighting with TigerClan in case something goes wrong and we still need a spy after this is over, so try not to hurt her too bad, but make it look real. Let's go." I lead them over the gate and up into the hills so we could inspect the clearing before diving in. It was definatly their camp. I had my clan and PoisonIvy line up in rows so we wouldn't all leap down at the same time, and to add to the effect of terror on TigerClan. I lifted my tail and we started shooting down row by row. Immediately there were cries of surprise, fury and fear. We outnumbered them greatly.

"Finally! Haha!" Cinderpelt yelled as she tackled a TigerClan tom and started tearing at his flesh with tooth and claw.

I spotted some of the senior TigerClan warriors and chose a she-cat.

"What's going on?! You monsters!" She screamed and we locked into battle with eachother. I dug my claws into her shoulders as i pinned her to the grassy ground and went for her throat with my teeth. She battered at my stomach with her hind paws but i was too strong and filled with emotion for her to push me off. I sunk my teeth into her neck and bit down as hard as i could as she was tearing at me in every place she could get.

"Get- off-!" She yowled. I whipped my head and tore her throat open, then freed her from my jaws. I stepped back and watched for a moment as she gasped for air, then stabbed a deathberry juice soaked claw into her belly and looked up to see how the others were doing. There wasn't many TigerClan cats to begin with, but there was noticably less then. LethalThorn, Poisonstar and Echowing were fighting the Queens, and i noticed Littlecloud nipping at Rosetalon. Silverstar was no where to be seen. Darktail, TigerClan deputy, and some other TigerClan cats had gathered and started fleeing to the gate. Some PoisonIvy cats bolted after them. Eventully there was too few TigerClan cats left for everyone to keep fighting so the clearing became mostly calm besides the nursery and the west-most side of the camp. Bluestar's ghost was sitting on a log on the eastern side of the camp so i went and joined her.

"Will you be comming back soon?" I asked without looking at her as i sat down. Then i looked over to my right to a disturbing but amusing sight. My uncle Scourge, my ex-mate HawkFrost, and Autumnwhisker's mate Absentshadow were doing.. things. All you need to know is they were arguing about who gets to be in the middle.. I quickly turned my head to Bluestar.

"Yes, sooner than you think." She stood up and dissapeared into the shade of the mountains around us.

"Well," I scoffed under my breath, "I know you're dead but you don't have to suddenly be all mysterious and secretive." I looked around the clearing. The battle was successful for the most part. TigerClan bodies and blood covered the ground all across the clearing. Allthough some of them escaped, but we can come back another day. PoisonIvyClan and my Clan were settling down tending to wounds and boasting to eachother of our victory. They were pleased with themselves, and happy to have finally gotten revenge for my mother and the former leader of BloodclawClan, Bluestar.

Chapter Twenty-Six

I opened my eyes to familiar surroundings. I could hear the roar of the waterfall. I'm at stepping stones, I thought to myself as I walked to the river and gazed at my reflection.

I turned around so I could look at my self from all angles. I was a slat color, with a black, jagged, stripe down my back, black paws (that went half way up to my shoulders), and black tail tip. I stared at my face. The tuft of fur on my head was all black and covered one eye. My eyes were still a orange-amber color, with black stripes under my eyes. Turning around once more I saw that I still had my twisted leg.

I stood and turned towards camp. My name is now Crookedleg. And I'm back once again.

I stepped into camp and gazed at my clanmates. Some turned when they heard someone enter, they had a look of confusion on their face. Some of them did not seem to recognize me.

I made my way to Shatteredstar and Littlecloud, who were deep in conversation.

"Miss me?" I meowed. They turned and their eyes widen.

"You're back!" Littlecloud mewed as she tackled me.

"What's your name this time?" Shatteredstar asked with a smile.

"Crookedleg," I responded.

She glanced at my leg, "Fitting."

I smirked.

"Brindlepelt, Frostfeather, Scourge, and Firethorn. Patrol the Twoleg border," Littlecloud meowed, setting up patrols.

I noted again that whenever I'm out on patrol I'm asked to lead them. I sighed and bounded out of camp to catch up with Brindlepelt. "Mind if I join you?"

"Oh.. No not at all," she stepped back to let me lead, but I shook my head and gestured for her to lead. I took up the rear.

I could tell she was uncomfortable with leading while I was there. My clanmates need to get used to the fact that all I am is a warrior now. We returned loaded with prey. I grabbed a mouse and sat off away from everyone else. It's taking me some getting used to as well, but it doesn't help that I'm getting such odd stares. It's different from before, before I went straight to leadership. And now? I'm only a warrior. It was strange to me, I was not used to it at all.

I took a bite out of my mouse. I flicked my ear, hearing my name. I looked up and realized I wasn't meant to hear it, I acted like I didn't, but kept listening. Firethorn and Frostfeather had their heads close together, occasionally shooting a glance my way.

"It's so weird.." Frostfeather was saying. "I mean I'm glad our grandma is back and everything, but why didn't she get made deputy or something?"

Firethorn nodded, "I don't get it either."

I could feel the anger bubbling up in my chest and I stood up and shot a glare at the two young warriors. She fluffed up their fur in fear, realizing I heard them. "You listen hear and you listen well. Your aunt, Littlecloud, is an amazing deputy and you are lucky to have her. I don't want to ever hear you talk with that much disrespect ever again!"

They nodded their heads, "Yes Crookedleg!" And they ran off.

I could feel the eyes of my clanmates burning into me. I grabbed my mouse and headed out of camp. They don't know how to treat me anymore, and I don't know how I should act. I settled down by Great Oak and finished eating. One thing is for sure, I will make sure Shatteredstar is respected. I'm a warrior now and that's how it's going to stay.

"Why are you eating all alone out here? You should be happy to be back," Shatteredstar sat next to me.

I sat up, "They treat me so weirdly, like they aren't sure how to act around me now. I couldn't handling staying there, feeling their stares."

She nodded, seeming to understand. We sat in silence for while until she spoke again, "They'll get use to it. Just takes time."

I huffed, "I suppose." Another pause. "Thank you by the way."

"For what?" She asked.

"For avenging me, you did well."

She smiled and gazed toward the sky, "It was my pleasure."

Chapter Twenty-Seven

"Shatteredstar! MeadowClan is attacking!" Frostfeather rushed into camp, yowling as loud as she could.

Shatteredstar rushed from her den, "Lets go, lead is there."

Frostfeather led us to the thunderpath border, when we got there we saw a few of our clan mates fighting with MeadowClan cats. Firethorn was grappling with a tabby tom, Echowing battered at a white cat's belly, and Skyblossom (a newly made warrior) was raking her claws across a yellow she cat's face.

I launched into battle, tackling a small black and white she cat. I slammed my paw to the side of her face and drove her into the ground. She shrieked as I dug my claws into her eyes, with my free paw I raked my claws down her stomach. I grabbed her by the scruff and threw her toward the thunderpath, she scrabbled to her paws and ran back to MeadowClan territory. I looked around to see the clan chasing away the last of the cats.

"Kittypets.." I mumbled and followed Littlecloud back to camp.

"Crookedleg! Crookedleg!" I opened my eyes to see Shatteredstar staring down at me, "SkyfallClan."

I was on my paws in a second, "What's happening?" We were racing towards stepping stones.

"Some Skyfall cats just came and attacked, I don't think Sorrelstar knows they are here. But Littlecloud is leading a patrol to fight them off, she sent Cinderpelt to find me, so I came and woke you up." Shatteredstar caught me up to speed, running with us was Firethorn, Cinderpelt, Embergaze and Skysoul.

I heard yowling as we approached Stepping Stones, cats were fighting. I could make out Frostfeather, Dapplenose, Hollystem, and Echowing. I searched around for Littlecloud, she was the one that lead this patrol. As everyone else joined the fight I spotted her brown shape at the edge of the clearing, she layed there unmoving. I raced to her side, "Littlecloud?"

"Crookedleg why didn't you join the fight?" Shatteredstar came up behind me, "Oh no... Littlecloud..."

I saw her chest move a little, "She's still alive! We need to get her to Fawnleaf." Shatteredstar helped get Littlecloud onto my back, then with her help we ran back to camp. "Fawnleaf! Help!" We carried Littlecloud into the MedDen where Fawnleaf came out of her herb storage. She widened her eyes at the sight then switched back to her calm self.

"Lay her down here, then leave," she gestured to the big moss nest. We did what she said and left, knowing we couldn't help.

I paced and paced outside her den, please I can't loose another daughter. I sat outside the med den and watched my clanmates. Appleclaw seemed to be telling something upsetting to Cinderpelt, I didn't see Scourge anywhere, so I don't know what that is about. Shatteredstar was setting out more patrols, while Autumnwhisker just walked into camp with a big plump rabbit in her jaws.

"Crookedleg." I turned to see Fawnleaf standing at the entrance.

I jumped to my paws, "Is she-"

Fawnleaf raised a law to cut me off, "She's going to be fine, she's awake and wants to talk to you."

I nodded and walked past her, once inside I made my way to Littlecloud. She layed where I left her, but she seemed more alive now and her head was resting on her paws, "Hey." She mewed to me, her voice sounding raspy.

I sat next to her, "Hi." She smelled strongly of marigold. "You wanted to speak to me?"

"Yea.. I'll repeat this all to Shatteredstar. Fawnleaf says I'll be stuck in here for awhile and..." She hesitated.


"I'm not sure I'll be up for this responsibility again.."

"What do you mean? You are stepping down as deputy?" I was a bit shocked to hear this from her.

She nodded slowly, "I just don't think I'm ready yet."

"I understand," I then left her to rest.

"Crookedleg," Shatteredstar just came out of the MedDen after I told her she should talk to her sister, Littlecloud.

"Did you talk to her?"

She nodded once, "She stepped down and we decided who should be the new deputy."

"Who?" I asked, there were a lot of potential choices in the clan. Instead of answering, Shatteredstar jumped onto Highrock.

"Let all cats old enough to fight their own battles, join me beneath the Highrock for a clan meeting."

I sat down and stared up at her, I was joined at once by my clan mates. "Littlecloud has decided to step down as deputy, and after discussing with her, I have decided who will take her place." Shatteredstar let that sink in as her gaze swept around the cats gathered below. Her gaze locked on me, "Crookedleg." I widened my eyes a little, then stood up. "Will you accept the role as deputy of BloodClawClan?"

I nodded, "Yes."

"Crookedleg will be out new deputy!" She announced, and the clan cheered.

My eyes lit up, I'm used to having responsibilities, I kinda missed them. My clanmates came and congratulated me, then went back to their duties. Deputy huh? I can get used to this.

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Brindlepelt's POV

We cheered as my grandma, Crookedleg, was made deputy by my aunt Shatteredstar. I was so happy she was back, but Littlecloud was still injured, one less warrior to help in battles. I bounced over to my sisters, Skysoul, Stormynight, and Stormhaven and talked them into swimming in the river. I dove in, instantly freezing myself down to the bone, my brown fur was stuck to my skin and slicked back, but it was worth it because I had a craving for fish. "C'mon Stormhaven!" I meowed out to her, who was only paw deep in moss, ears back, looking absolutely disgusted. "Umm, no thank you." She mewed and bounded out of the water onto the log on the shore. "Well okay, more fish for us," Skysoul meowed, smirking. I chuckled and dove under, sending a fresh freeze down my spine. I opened my eyes under water and saw 3 small trout. I extended my claws and swiped at one, barely snagging its tail, I rushed it into my mouth bit down and swam up. I gasped and for air and bit down harder at the chilly breeze over the water. I swam quickly to shore and ran out of the water shaking my pelt violently and licking excess water drops off my pelt. "You dung!" my younger sister, Stormynight, called out from in the water. "Get back in here and help us, you got first pick!" "Oh hush," I meowed and trotted back to camp, sitting next to the warrior den and bit into my fish. "Brindlepelt, Stormhaven, Frostfeather, Cinderpelt, Appleclaw, and Scourge, go run a border patrol!" Shatteredstar yowled from her den on the ledge. "Okay children come," Cinderpelt meowed and ran off towards the Cliffs. I followed the Clan, taking up the rear. As soon as we got to MeadowClan border we could see and hear the kittypets who call themselves MeadowClan. We sped up and launched into attack. Yowls and cries of pain sounded off immediately, making it difficult to hear Cinderpelt yowl,

"Frostfeather!, go get the rest of the Clan to help!" She turned away from the black tom she was wrestling and bolted towards camp. I turned my head and saw a young white she-cat jumping at me, claws extended towards my muzzle. I ducked and twisted, raking my back claws down her stomach. She yowled and backed off a little bit but swung a claw out, catching my ear all the way down into my eye. I cried out and launched onto her, I bit down on her cheek, yanking my head backwards, ripping a hole. I dug my claws into her eyes and nose and raked my back right claw into her stomach worsening the already opened wounds. I knew she was done so I left her. I went after another cat but MeadowClan retreated, tails tucked and hair raised towards their camp. I cried out in pain, the adrenaline wearing off, I could feel the pain of my wound fresh and violent. Cinderpelt and Stormhaven turned away from the few dead cats on the ground and noticed my wound. Appleclaw, my mother, had a large gash down her back. "Alrighty, well I guess the rest of the Clan isn't coming then, lets get back to camp to get your wounds attended to." Cinderpelt said and walked quickly back to camp.

"Oh my... What are we gonna do with you three?" Fawnleaf chucked as she moved briskly around the medicine den. "Okay, for your eye, Brindlepelt," she put cobwebs over my forehead. "Your ear it torn to hell and if I put anything directly on your eye you won't be able to see out of it." "Okay thank you, Fawnleaf." I ducked my head and walked out over to the rocks above the warrior den to sunbathe. "Mind if I join?" I heard a males voice but couldn't place it immediately. I opened my eyes and saw Bucktail, a dark brown tom-cat with brown eyes. "Sure, knock yourself out." I meowed, closing my eyes and flicking my tail against the rocks. Huh... When's the last time I've talked to him?, when I sparred him when we were apprentices and he let me win?, I thought. Whatever okay he's just sitting there. "So how have you been? I heard you killed some little MeadowClan apprentice but I can see you got pretty banged up." I sighed and fluffed up to let more sunlight touch my skin. "Well, Bucktail, if you must know, I'm doing quite well. Yes I killed an apprentice during the fight and clearly I got pretty banged up, so I am a little tired, that's why I'm up hear, to sleep, so please don't keep prodding me with questions. Ill talk to you at sunrise, okay?" He smiled but didn't say anything else. Just stood up and came and sat next to me, licking my forehead until I fell asleep. "Wakey wakey, Brindlepelt." who the hell, ohh it's Bucktail. "I'm up, I'm up." I stood up and stretched, only to flop over again and stretch my back. He stepped over and licked my shoulder and wrapped his tail around my neck. I batted it off, what was he doing?, and why wasn't I getting mad?

"Where did you sleep, Bucktail? Or do I even wanna know?" I flicked my tail and bounced down off the rocks onto the grass below.

"I slept next to you." He said winking and sitting next to me. Okay then... "Good morning everyone." Crookedleg meowed as she walked past.

"Good morning, Crookedleg," Bucktail and I said in unison. Skysoul, Goldenclaw, Skyblossom, Stormynight, and Appleclaw all ran over to be me and shooed Bucktail off. I watched his hurt look as they did and felt sorry.

They all blurted half a million questions at once.

"Shush it! One at a time or crying out loud!" I meowed loudly and they stopped but still fidgeted as they sat. Skysoul looked as though she was about to die if she didn't speak.

"Go ahead, Skysoul."

She sucked in a gasp of air and I sighed, oh brother.

"What were you doing with Bucktail? Were you sleeping with him? Am I going to be an aunt? I wanna be an aunt so so bad."

"Um I don't really know he's just kinda attached to me, and yes he slept next to me, nothing else I think, no you are no going to be an aunt and I'm sorry to hear that," I meowed as calmly as possible.

As bad as it sounds, when Crookedleg called for a border patrol I leaped for the opportunity, anything to get away from this conversation. "Firethorn, Skysoul, Brindlepelt, Bucktail, Goldenclaw, and Skyblossom, lets go! Skysoul leads," Crookedleg yowled.

"Yes, Crookedleg," Skysoul meowed, turning and running towards the Cliffs.

I ran in the back, and so did Bucktail, glancing at me every so often when I coughed, I was exhausted still. He matched my gait and pace and wrapped his tail around my hips, encouraging me to keep going. We passed MeadowClan border and saw no cats and smelled no fresh scent of them. Weird... We continued all the way around the territory. By the time we got to camp I was sure I was going to die and my wounded eye felt heavy and wet, I couldn't see out of it as well as usual. I decided to go back to Fawnleaf, I waved off Bucktail to let him go eat or drink or something.

"Hey Fawnleaf, got a moment?" the small she-cat stopped rummaging around and looked at me, frowning.

"Oh your eye is all bloody." She grabbed some moist moss and wiped my eye off, I winced in pain. She dismissed me quickly and I went back on my spot on top of the warrior den. Bucktail joined me a few minutes later, tail high, with a fat vole in his mouth.

"Hungry?" he meowed and set down in front of me. My stomach grumbled, I guess I was hungry.

I bit into the vole and chewed slowly, surveying camp from our little vantage point. He took a bite and did the same, I finished chewing and swallowed. It was so good, and I could feel the energy coming back to me. We finished and lied next to each other in silence, I fluffed my fur up and felt the sun hit my skin, Bucktail licked my back until I fell asleep.

I woke up feeling refreshed and happy. Bucktail was still asleep, payback. I pushed my front paws on his ribcage and bounced around him laughing. He lifted his head up slowly and looked at me, smiling. I sat down next to him, flicked my tail, and licked his face until he was on his feet.

"Frostfeather, Firethorn, Echowing, Goldenclaw, Stormynight, border patrol!" Shatteredstar yowled. They left camp towards the Cliffs. I sighed with relief, I didn't have to go.

"Bucktail, wanna go hunting?" I smiled and leaned against him purring. I didn't give him a chance to answer, I jumped off the rocks and ran towards the north part of the territory.

I stopped about 3 minutes later after I set off, and lied down looking into the river, seeing my reflection. The dark, piney green eyes, the brown long fur with the darker brown bubbles along my body. My wounds were scabbing and scarring, my ear was permanently torn. Bucktail came and rubbed against me purring and panting.

We came back to camp, he had a young rabbit and I had a sparrow. My sisters and mother starred at us and we trotted into camp, jumping across and over each other as we went to drop off our prey in the fresh kill pile. We automatically went to the top of the warrior den farther back than usual as night fell.

I woke up, curled up, Bucktail curled around me. I licked his face to get up. He woke up and we jumped down from the rocks.

"Border patrol! Brindlepelt, Crookedleg, Appleclaw, Mintpelt, Bucktail, Stormhaven, and Goldenclaw." Shatteredstar yowled over the Clan's early morning work.

We took off, I felt better today and I was in the middle of the group running alongside Bucktail, we got to MeadowClan border and there were 13 cats waiting for us. We all stopped short, Crookedleg sent Goldenclaw back to camp to get more warriors.

My fur bristled, my tail was lashing, my ears were pinned back, and my claws were extended, plucking at the ground. I was not in the mood for any kittypets. 

Goldenclaw got back with 14 other warriors, we now greatly outnumbered the trespassing Clan. Crookedleg charged forward, us all flying behind her. I rammed into a calico cat, she had nasty looking scars on her face and shoulders and she looked old, she's lived long enough I thought. I rammed into her, knocking her over, taking advantage of the larger opponent on the ground, I ripped into her stomach with my front claws for only a few seconds. She bit hard into my leg and I yowled, whipping around using the momentum to slash a claw into her face. I bit down into her throat and yanked my head backwards. She cries out but didn't move, she didn't continue breathing for much longer.

I looked over my shoulder to see Bucktail fighting two small she-cats. I rammed at one, a tan short haired one, she was really pretty. I immediately starting tearing at her muzzle and eyes with my claws, latching my claws in her skin and digging. I stopped and looked at her, all I saw was blood streaming out, her chest was no longer moving. Bucktail had finished off his opponent. There was one MeadowClan cat left alive, a grey tom, he took off towards his territory.

I surveyed our Clan, no horrid injuries and no deaths. All of us had a scratch or two but that's all. We headed back to camp.

We got back to camp and all took turns in the med den to see Fawnleaf, but I wanted to see her about something else.

I was last in line, Bucktail sitting next to me, tail wrapped around me. I told him that my stomach was cramping all morning so I wanted to see our medicine cat.

At last, it was our turn, me and Bucktail walked in the den with our tails twinned.

"Whatcha need you two? Your little scratches ain't nothin' to worry about." Fawnleaf mewed.

"Actually her stomach has been hurting all morning and we need you to check it out." Bucktail meowed in his usual calm, collected voice.

Fawnleaf looked us and smiled, "I bet I already know what it is." She walked up to me and pressed her paws to my stomach anyways. She stopped and sat down, smiling. "The rumors are right I'm assuming you two are mates. And you are expecting kits."

"Woah!" Bucktail said, a broad smile growing on his face.

I smiled, he was so happy and so was I, my first litter of kits!

Because I was expecting, I was told by Fawnleaf I couldn't leave camp for warrior duties. Bucktail was right by my side the entire time.

About 4 weeks later, my stomach hurt really bad, I almost couldn't move, all I could do was crawl onto Bucktail's back so he could take me to the medicine cat den.

5 hours later, there was 3 tiny squirmy kits tucked in my fur. I licked them clean and Bucktail was allowed in to see them where we decided on names. Pinkkit, a tiny fluffy white she-cat with a pink nose and golden eyes. Nightkit, a grey she-cat with black spots along her back, a black nose and dark brown eyes, like Bucktail's. Finally, Bearkit, a large brown tom-kit, like Bucktail, with dark piney green eyes, like me.

They were all tucked in my fur mewing every once in a while. Bucktail curled up around me. The kits fed every few hours and I didn't move anywhere for an entire day. I then decided we needed to move to the nursery.

I carried Pinkkit and Nightkit by their scruffs and Bucktail carried Bearkit by his scruff to the nursery closest to the med den.

As we walked to the den everyone in the Clan had to get a glance at them, especially my sisters and mother. They were beaming and proud. They knew I was expecting but now that the kits were here they couldn't help themselves.

Bucktail had to go back to his warrior duties but now his first priority was the kits and me. As the kits got older they go more and more bolder and exploratory, the girls were troublesome and Bearkit was layed back and relaxed like Bucktail was but was always up for an adventure of any kind.

I needed to stretch and they were hyper, I took them out into camp and Nightkit and Pinkkit went after Skysoul, they repeatedly attacked her and wouldn't leave her alone.

"Knock it off you two," Skysoul said, ears pinned back and tail lashing.

"Why?" Pinkkit squeaked.

"Because she said so." Bearkit mewed.

"No one asked you, Bearkit," Pinkkit mewed.

"Oh hush and listen," I meowed at the three of them. "Leave your aunt Skysoul alone. That's final. No if ands or buts."

"Awwww..." Pinkkit and Nightkit squeaked in unison. Bearkit seemed quite content to stay out of the trouble and went and lied on top of Bucktail and the two of them slept together.

"Ouch! Mommy! Aunt Skysoul kicked us! Kick her butt!" Pinkkit squealed.

I sighed, "You two deserved it, you two wouldn't listen, I'm not gonna kick her butt."

They were not content with my answer and went over to Cinderpelt and Scourge and started complaining. I took them both by the scruff and walked strolled back to the nursery, with them both squirming and squealing.

"But mom, Bearkit isn't getting in trouble! Why are we being punished?" Pinkkit mewed.

"Because unlike you two, Bearkit knows how to stay out of trouble." I meowed, I was getting very irritated.

"Listen to your mother for crying out loud, Pinkkit and Nightkit," Skysoul walked in the den with Bucktail and Bearkit.

"Thank you, Skysoul," I meowed and nudged her. I sat down in between my sister and my mate, Bearkit was playing with Bucktail's fur standing on his hind legs to reach.

"Listen you two..." my voice was cut off short by a frantic yowl for help coming from Skyblossom.

"MeadowClan is attacking at the borders, there's too many of them!" she yowled her eyes frantic.

Every warrior and apprentice in camp stopped what they were doing and rushed towards the MeadowClan border. Skysoul, Bucktail, and I included.

"Brindlepelt, Bucktail, be careful!" Nightkit mewed as loud as she could.

We reached the MeadowClan border. Skyblossom was right. There was about 25 MeadowClan cats. But when she came back for reinforcements, we now out numbered them 2 to 1.

I went after a grey and brown tom, lunging at him, claws extended. He didn't see me coming and I attacked his face with my front claws. He yowled and scratched at my wounds. I cried out in pain and stepped backwards off of him. He jumped on me and pushed me down. He went after my neck but I twisted under him and stood up. The tom went after me again, I jumped on his back and raked his back with my front claws. I jumped off and slashed a claw at his throat and he dropped.

"Brindlepelt!!" Bucktail yowled, his voice pained.

I searched frantically for his voice and my heart stopped when I saw him, he was standing over two tiny bodies, one little bloodstained white one with a tiny pink nose, and one little grey one with black spots on her back she had a giant gash in her stomach.

I ran over to them frantically, my heart racing a mile a minute, tears already streaming my face.

"What were they doing here?!" I cried out, though I knew no one could answer me. Bucktail was sobbing over them silently. I wobbily moved closer to them and lied under Bucktail, crying silently.

I looked over my shoulder to see that about a dozen of our cats surrounded us, making sure we didn't get attacked.

"Who did it?" I asked Bucktail weakly.

"That one," he pointed to a large body a redish brown of a tom, bleeding heavily out of multiple gashes, everywhere from his face to his hindquarters.

"I'm assuming you did that?" I sniffled but felt satisfied that the one who killed my brood was dead.

He nodded and looked towards the battle, there were several MeadowClan bodies on the ground. But my kits were the only deathes taken on our Clan.

Bucktail picked up Pinkkit's body and I picked up Nightkit's. We headed back to camp, spirits low. We reached camp and the cats in camp faces' dropped as they saw me and Bucktail carrying our kits.

Crookedleg matched our pace and ordered the Clan to return to their duties so we could mourn in peace.

"I'm sorry about your kits, you two, I have no idea how they got to us. Following us must have been quite a challenge for their little legs," she looked at us. "I'll talk to Shatteredstar to have a nice little ceremony for them. Meanwhile you both need to see Fawnleaf." with that my great grandmother left.

We went to Fawnleaf and set our kits down gently. They would be buried in front of the nursery.

"Brindlepelt, Bucktail?, I heard what happened, I'm so sorry for your loss," I turned to see Littlecloud sitting, her injuries healed.

"Littlecloud you're doing so much better," I said, I was happy my aunt was back, she'd be back to her warrior duties after several weeks of being confined to camp.

"Fawnleaf?" I looked for my busy aunt in the large den. She appeared behind us, her tiny form noticeably sad.

"That eye again, good lord, and Bucktail you have a nice sized gash on your shoulder, ill get those fixed up nice and well." she walked past us and brushed her tail along my back.

I leaned into Bucktail and buried my face in his fur. Then a sudden thought came to me, what about Bearkit? Does he know what happened??

"Fawnleaf, I'm going to go get Bearkit, ill come back in a second," I turned around and bounded towards the nursery.

When I got there, Bearkit was curled up asleep, Cottonkit, Tawnykit, Tealkit, and Mosskit were watching over him, worried, they clearly knew what had happened to his sisters. I decided not to wake him, I picked him up by his scruff and walked towards the medicine den. The other kits moved out of the way and looked down sadly. Cottonkit was whimpering, her tiny little white body shaking, Nightkit was her best friend.

I walked back into the med den as Bearkit was just waking up. I set him down under Bucktail. Moments later he walked out from under Bucktail.

"What's going on?" he asked not fully awake, surveying the den, his eyes rested on his sisters, lying on the ground, bloodstained.

"Your sisters followed us into a giant fight at the MeadowClan border, and got killed in the fight," I choked up, "your dad killed the one who killed them.

Bucktail wrapped his tail around Bearkit and pulled him in between us. Bearkit cried as Fawnleaf fixed us up.

"Your all set," Fawnleaf mewed quietly.

"All cats old enough to catch their own prey, and Bearkit, gather under High Rock," Shatteredstar's meow sounded through camp.

We all headed to High Rock, whispers filling the air.

"Alright, quit the chit-chat, we're gathered here today because at today's MeadowClan fight, Brindlepelt and Bucktail lost two of their kits, Nightkit and Pinkkit, they will be buried near the nursery." Shatteredstar meowed calmly as she jumped down and walked over towards the medicine den, Crookedleg at her heals. They reached the den and picked the kits up, signaling for the Clan to follow. We followed to a spot under the tree next to where the nurseries are and Crookedleg and Shatteredstar started digging, they dug a hole about a tail length deep and each set the kit they were holding in it. They covered the hole and Shatteredstar dismissed the Clan. But Skysoul, Stormynight, Stormhaven Appleclaw, Goldenclaw, Bearkit and Bucktail remained. Bucktail leaned against me and Bearkit sat in front of me.

"I'm sorry, Brin," Stormynight mewed.

"It's okay, I guess," I meowed quietly.

They each took turns licking the three of our foreheads and left.

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Brindlepelt's POV

"Bearpaw, Cottonpaw, Tealpaw, Tawnypaw, Mosspaw!" The Clan chanted, my chest swelled with pride as my son, Bearpaw, stepped up to Goldenclaw, his new mentor. Bucktail sat beside my and licked my cheek, he was as happy as I was. But my heart still mourned, our two daughters were killed two moons ago before they were able to become apprentices.

"Dismissed," Shatteredstar meowed. The new mentors and their apprentices left camp to run a border patrol. Bucktail came and wrapped his tail around my stomach, we recently found a spot in the tree above the nurseries, way way way high up. We went up to our spot, it was like a big porch, and lied down together. We watched over camp and the border patrol made it back. I licked Bucktail behind his ear and he purred. We stood up and went to go say congratulations to Bearpaw. He was hanging out with the other apprentices, sitting especially close to Cottonpaw. "Hey Bearpaw," Bucktail meowed, smiling. "Hey Bear," I meowed to him as well. "Hey Brindlepelt, hey Bucktail," he meowed, his tail flicking happily and purring. "Congratulations, you're all going to be good warriors one day," I purred. My stomach hurt again, it was the same pain I had last time I went to Fawnleaf and found out I was pregnant. "Bucktail, c'mon don't worry about them, just let them have fun," I purred and wrapped my tail around his leg, walking towards the tree. He followed until we got up there. "I think we're expecting kits again," I meowed at him. "Really?" his face lit up, I knew he was happy, and that made me even happier.

"Mhm, we have to check with Fawn first but yea," I meowed, smiling. "Wanna go check?" "Of course!" Bucktail meowed. He jumped up to his feet and wrapped his tail around me as we started walking towards the medicine cat den. We reached the den, "Fawnleaf?" I meowed, I couldn't find her, but I could smell her. "Yep?" Fawnleaf meowed from behind us, I turned and she had a mouthful of herbs. "Oh there you are," Bucktail chuckled. "Yea, I was running out of herbs, had to run get some more," she dropped them off and walked towards us, "So, what's up?" "Well, we think I may be expecting again, and we decided to come to you to find," I meowed. "Okay," she smiled and pressed her paws to my stomach. "Yep, I feel them, congratulations," she took her paws away from my stomach and stepped back, returning to putting herbs away an taking care of injured warriors. "Come on, Brin," Bucktail said, I could hear his smile. "I'm coming," I chuckled and followed him to our tree den. We stopped at the fresh kill pile before we go up there. We lied next to each other and ate. Afterwards we slept, it was getting dark anyways. We woke up the next morning and climbed down to camp. We got something to eat from the fresh kill pile. I sat down in front of the warrior den full of moving bodies getting up for the day. I bit into my sparrow and watched as Tawnypaw and Tealpaw changed out the moss in the senior warrior den and turned and saw Bearpaw and Cottonpaw clean out the nurseries. "Goldenclaw, all warrior apprentices, Bucktail, Skysoul, Stormynight, and Brindlepelt, border patrol," Shatteredstar yowled. We all got up from where we were and headed towards the Cliffs, me and Bucktail running in the middle. I looked back, where Bearpaw and Cottonpaw were running along side each other, I knew he's done this before but my mind kept drifting to what had happened to his sisters. I shook my head and kept running, we got to the MeadowClan border and, as usual, trespassers. We sent Tawnypaw, the smallest of the group, back to camp to get more warriors. We jumped into action, all of choosing an opponent. I jumped on a black she-cat with brown ears, I pushed her to the ground and slashed at her eyes with my front claws, she quickly jumped away and ran back towards her Clan's camp. Tawnypaw arrived back to the fight with help, I surveyed them and stopped when I saw Fawnleaf lunging at a sandy colored tom twice her size and only seconds later, his body was on the ground with his throat ripped out. I smiled and looked for my next opponent. I chose a little redish brown tom, probably still an apprentice, I attacked him and quickly had him on the ground. I was scratching at his face and about to deliver a death blow but paused thinking. No doubt this young tom had a family and if he died he'd be mourned and missed and I know from experience how painful loosing kits and family members is, but then I thought about how much he looked like the one who killed my kits, and any thought of letting him go left as quickly as it came, and I ripped his throat out and killed him. I left his body without a second look. When I went to look for another opponent, there was no more cats to fight. Fawnleaf went straight to field work and helped our injured. Goldenclaw helped, she was our warrior and medicine cat when Fawn was sick or not able to do her work. I walked over to Bearpaw who was sitting with Bucktail. "You, sir, are a good fighter, already too, me and your mother are very proud of you," Bucktail meowed as Goldenclaw put cobwebs on Bearpaw's chest. "Already got a cut? Boy, what are we gonna do with you?" I meowed cheerfully. Cottonpaw came and sat next to him. "Hey Cottonpaw, how you been doing?" Bucktail meowed, the four of us knew very well that her and Nightkit had been very close and took her death just about as hard as we did. She shows it in her fighting too, she's bigger than most of the other female apprentices, about my size, the same size as Bearpaw, and she's fierce. "I've been doing good, Woodtuft says I'm going to be a great warrior, I think he's just saying that because he's my mentor though," she laughed. Woodtuft was a grumpy old brown tom with a white underbelly, but had a big soft spot for Cottonpaw, even when she was a kit. Often letting her play with his tail, but he didn't like anyone else. "You will be, Cottonpaw, I promise," I chuckled. "Anyone see Bone?" Littlecloud meowed, "I can't find him but I know he came with us, oh wait I see him," she turned around and bounced to the large black tom. Mintpelt and Crookedleg walked passed us, Crookedleg's face was lit up while talking to him and Mintpelt's was too, his lightning bolt looking marking moving as he laughed and tried to imitate her.

The Clan was in high spirits as we walked back to camp, all of us smiling and laughing, talking and telling jokes. When we got back to camp, Shatteredstar, Echowing, and Cinderpelt returned with mouthes bulging with birds and rodents. They dropped them in the fresh kill pile and Shatteredstar trotted to High Rock with Crookedleg at her heels. "Because everyone is in such high spirits today, the senior warriors, Crookedleg, and I have decided to have a feast!" the clan cheered, "While you were gone Echowing, Cinderpelt, me and the warriors who stayed here all went hunting and fishing. As you can see, the fresh kill pile is bulging! Lets get eatin'!" Shatteredstar yowled and grinned. We all took turns picking out what we wanted out of the pile and sat together in a giant circle in the middle of camp and ate, chatting and laughter filling camp. The kits came out of the nurseries with their mothers, Fawnleaf came out of the medicine cat den, even the elders came out and joined in on the feast. Cinderpelt, my grandmother, and Scourge, my grandfather, chatted as the strolled back to the kill pile for seconds. Crookedleg was leaning on Mintpelt, talking to Shatteredstar and Absentshadow. Littlecloud and Bone were talking and Littlecloud fluffed her tail up and rocked side to side, we were all so happy. Skysoul and Whitecloud walked up to us and sat next in front of me and Bucktail. Skysoul's dark red body was fluffed up with excitement. "Guess what?" Skysoul squealed and smiled. "What?" I said playfully and nuzzled up to Bucktail. "Me and Whitecloud are expecting kits!" she meowed, so happy I could feel it radiating off of her. "Really?! Oh that's great! Did you tell Tawnypaw yet?" I meowed. Tawnypaw was their daughter. "No but I'm going to," she chuckled. Bucktail and Whitecloud started talking about hunting so me and Skysoul continued talking. "Guess what?" I meowed, hiding my excitement as best as I could. "What?" she raised an eyebrow but smiled. "I'm expecting too!" I laughed, I was so happy, we'd have our kits around the same time. "Yay! We can be queens together!" she laughed. "Ready to go tell Appleclaw and your other sisters?" Whitecloud said, his face beaming. "Yep, bye sis!" Skysoul meowed as they turned around and walked towards where my mom and sisters were sitting. Greystorm, one of Shatteredstar's kits, was talking to her, trying to convince her to make her a senior warrior. Frostfeather at her side. Bearpaw was sitting with the other apprentices, laughing and telling each other about the days experiences and bragging at how well the fought. "So, wanna go visit with Crookedleg, Swiftfeather, Shatteredstar, Blackfeather and all them?" Bucktail asked me. "Umm.. Sure," I smiled at him and stood on my hind legs to reach his forehead better to lick it. We walked up to them and Cinderpelt pounced on me. "She's mines, Bucktail, sorry," she laughed and jumped off. I sat down and she crawled under me and lied down. Bucktail sat down next to me and twinned my tail with his. "So anyways, back to my joke," Mintpelt smiled and looked at the circle of people around him.

"Why didn't the fishbone swim across the rapids?" No one answered so he finished, "He didn't have the guts to do it, get it?" We all laughed and Crookedleg playfully batted at his ear. "Your such a goof, Mintpelt," she laughed.

All the sudden, Cinderpelt climbed on top of High Rock. 

"Brindlepelt is pregnant!" she yowled and jumped down, casually walking back to us. We were all laughing, including me, it was just so random. "Are you really?" Crookedleg asked.

"Yes," I laughed. "Gosh people stop having babies, making me old. Lets see here, I had Cinderpelt, she had Appleclaw, Appleclaw had you, you had Bearpaw, I'm so old." Crookedleg laughed and faked a cough. Frostfeather walked passed us and shouldered me as she did. I flipped around and she smirked. "What was that for?" I asked, somewhat confused, I never talked to her much, she seemed like a little brat so I avoided her. "Nothing," she spat and padded off. I turned back around to face the rest of the group.

"Welcome to the lovely world of Frostfeather hating you," Crookedleg meowed. "What the hell did I do?" I asked, confused. "Three things I know of, your expecting kits, she desperately wants kits. You have a mate," she looked at Bucktail, "and she's just mean." "Yuh don't say," Bucktail meowed. "Next time she does that can I attack her?" I asked. "Sure, why not?" Shatteredstar meowed, "Just kidding, don't, she's not a good fighter and if you did the problem would just get worse." "Dammit," I meowed, disappointed. She'd only done it once but I knew that was the start of a long ongoing hatred. "Hush child," Shatteredstar meowed. I laughed but I still really wanted to kick Frost's tail.

"Okay, well, we it's just about noon, nap time." She turned around and went up to her den on the cliff. "I want a nap," Bucktail commented, raising his paw. "You and me both," I meowed and nuzzled him. I was tired so I turned and walked to the warrior den in the little corner where I used to sleep as a new warrior. Bucktail followed and curled up around me. "Shocked you didn't go up to the tree," he meowed while he yawned. "Too much work," I mewed and waved my paw. "Mmk," he licked my forehead and I drifted asleep.

"Redpaw, Leafpaw, Lilypaw!" The Clan chanted the names of the newest apprentices. Redpaw was assigned to Bucktail, Leafpaw was assigned to Stormynight, and Lilypaw was assigned to Swiftfeather. I was heavy with pregnancy, lying down was awkward and uncomfortable because of my bulging stomach. I was grouchy from lack of sleep because of it. Bucktail was busy with Redpaw, but he made sure that I was the one who got the first of their kills everyday. After what seemed like eternity, I was sent to Fawnleaf who made me go to the nursery this time because I wasn't a first time mother. Bucktail raced into camp, a still squirming pigeon in his mouth. "Redpaw, kill the bird and take a break for the day," he yowled and continued running into camp. He reached the nursery and looked at me, smiling and panting.

"I get to name the little brown tabby girl, you name the tan one girl, and Bearpaw names the solid brown one female," Bucktail meowed, eyes glistening with pride and smiling ear to ear.

"Okay, the little tabby girl is named Brokenkit, you know cuz her whiskers are bent and broken looking." "Alright, the little tan on is Doekit, she's the color of a little doe," I meowed. "Okay, my turn?" Bearpaw meowed, "The solid brown one is Juniperkit." "Brokenkit, Doekit, and Juniperkit?" Fawnleaf asked. "Yep," I answered. I admired my kits, Brokenkit was dark brown with black and red tabby stripes, black paws, tail tip, and ears. Doekit was a wet tan sand color with a white underbelly. And finally Juniperkit, she was completely solid brown, the same color as Bearpaw and Bucktail. When Bearpaw was born he had a tiny little white patch of fur on his chin that he still has.

I continues licking my new kits long after they were clean, I was determined to keep all three of them safe.

I was so excited only a week until Bearpaw and the other older apprentices became warriors. But meanwhile, I have my hands full with my newest additions to the family. I was just dozing off using Bucktail's back as a pillow when Skysoul yowled. She walked into the den with us with Whitecloud walking with her. She lied down awkwardly but managed. "Was wondering when you were gonna show up!" I called to my sister.

"Well hear I am," she meowed and winced in pain moments later.

After what seemed like an hour, Skysoul's yowling stopped and a smile grew on all of our faces. There was just on little red she-kit. Skysoul quickly licked her clean and tucked her in her fur. Skysoul, Whitecloud, and Tawnypaw argued the name of her. "Foxkit, Troutkit, Riverkit, Rabbitkit, Flowerkit?" Whitecloud suggested. Skysoul's face said she already decided. "Let's name my little look-alike Foxkit," she meowed, content, leaving no room for argument. "Alright, Foxkit it is," Whitecloud meowed and licked Skysoul's muzzle.

Brokenkit was the biggest of my litter, by about 3 ounces. She looked like she was born to kill someone. Whitecloud and Skysoul teased me and Bucktail all the time. She didn't even have her eyes open yet and she was already pushing her sisters around. "Brindlepelt, Bucktail, hungry?" Cottonpaw entered the den, tail high. She was carrying a nice sized rabbit in her mouth, her muzzle was red against her white fur. "Yes please," I meowed, it had been all day since I'd eaten. "Okay," she set the rabbit down in front of us. "Thank you, Cottonpaw," we said in unison. "You bun," Skysoul meowed, staring at our food as we ate. "Don't worry," Cottonpaw giggled, "Tealpaw is on her way with food for you two," she looked at Skysoul and Whitecloud. As if on cue, Tealpaw walked inside the den, carrying two small water voles. "Weeee food!" Skysoul meowed laughing." I was getting hungry there." "I wasn't gonna forget about you, Ivymask had me work on my technique after I killed those two for y'all," Tealpaw meowed. Ivymask was Tealpaw's mentor. "All cats old enough to catch their own prey gather under High Rock for warrior ceremonies!" Shatteredstar yowled. "Bearpaw!" I exclaimed, "Bucktail we need to go watch Bearpaw," I looked at my mate. "Who's gonna watch the kits?" I meowed, suddenly sad. "I'll watch them, Brindlepelt and Skysoul, go watch them become warriors," Whitecloud meowed. "Thank you, Whitecloud," I meowed as he tucked Foxkit, Juniperkit, Brokenkit and Doekit in his fur and lied down. Me, Skysoul and Bucktail ran and sat under High Rock. "Tawnypaw, step forward," Shatteredstar meowed as Tawnypaw stepped forward, smiling.

"From now on, you will be known as Tawnyfeather!" The Clan chanted her name, soon Shatteredstar shushed them to go on with the next one. "Tealpaw, step forward please, from now on, you will be known as Tealstream!"

We chanted her name, and the small new warrior beamed with happiness.

"Bearpaw, step forward please," Shatteredstar meowed, smiling, "From now on you will be known as Bearfur!" Bucktail and I yowled and cheered with pride as our son was given his name. We chanted extra loud for him. "Cottonpaw, come forward, please, from now on you will be known as Cottontail!" Shatteredstar exclaimed and we chanted her name. "And last but not least Mosspaw, step forward, your new name is Mossfoot!" Shatteredstar meowed loudly. We chanted her name and the ceremony was dismissed. "Bearfur, that's a cute name," I meowed and walked with Bucktail to where my son was siting. "Hey there, Bearfur," Bucktail meowed and smiled at him. "Hey, Bucktail," he smiled back. We talked for a while, he was so excited, then the howls and yowls started. "What the hell is going on??" I yowled at Crookedleg, too confused at the chaos. "I don't know," she turned towards the clan, Shatteredstar was no where to be seen so she took charge, "everyone! Get to the dens!"

Chapter Thirty

The howling stopped as soon as it began. Shatteredstar appeared at the entrance, "Shattteredstar! Where were you?" I bounded over to her.

She stopped and waiting for me to come, "I saw some cats and went to see who they were. I know I should of called for help, but they are gone now."

I sighed and shook my head, "You had us worried." She grinned and nudged me. "So who were the cats?"

She glared out into the territory, "Some random PineClan cats, I don't know."

"Hmm," I called the clan and said everything was fine. They came out and continued with their day while me and Shatteredstar talked.


"Has anyone seen Cherrypaw?" I looked up as Cinderpelt called out.

"She's missing? Come to think of it I haven't seen her all morning." I stood and her and I asked around, no one has seen her.

"We should send out a search party," Shatteredstar meowed. I nodded in agreement, she couldn't have gone far right?

Shateredstar was going to lead the patrol, Bearfur, Cinderpelt, Bone, Brindlepelt, and I are going with her. We searched the whole territory and finally caught scent of her, "It goes out of the territory.." Shatteredstar said them beckoned with her tail for us to follow. We walked around MeadowClan territory and kept following Cherrypaw's scent. Where is she going?

It was well past sun high, her trail led into Snowhill. I fluffed up my fur against the cold, it always snows here, why would any cat want to live here? We went inside. As far as I know this is wolf territory, they might not bother us if we tell them we are searching for a lost apprentice.

We went deeper into Snowhill and finally found her, "Cherrypaw!" Shatteredstar called angrily. The apprentice froze and looked at us, she rushed over and opened her mouth to speak, but Shatteredstar held up a paw to silence her. "We will speak later, right now let's just got home."

"Leaving so soon?" We turned and saw a patrol of cats. A tall white she-cat at the lead. "You are trespassing on PineClan territory. I am Proudstar, their leader."

"PineClan?" I meowed.

Shatteredstar snorted, "We came to get a list apprentice, so if you kittypets don't mind we will he on our way." She turned to walk away. PineClan let out a lot of growls and insults as we left, but didn't chase after us. "Mousebrains," Shatteredstar muttered as we went home.


Cherrypaw was punished and talked to. Right now she was cleaning out the elder's den. I sat beneath Highrock and set out patrols, I stayed in camp and fished at the river lake next to us.

Suddenly, I heard distinct yowls, they were getting closer. I sprang to my paws, abandoning my freshly caught fish and ran to the camp entrance just in time for the enemy to rush in. A black tom slammed into me, knocking me away. I landed with a thud and he pounced onto me. I heard more yowls as the strangers attacked my clan, I heard Shatteredstar yelling something, but I couldn't make it out. Out clanmates that were out on patrol came back and jumped I to battle.

I kicked my good hind leg into the black toms belly, shoving up with my shoulder I got him off. The minute he was off I lunged and snapped my jaws around his wind pipe. I could taste his blood flooding into my mouth, I bit down harder until he stopped struggling, then I dropped his limp body and moved on to the next cat.

I found Goldenclaw fighting off two cats, a ginger tom and a brown she cat. I rammed into the she cat's side, sending her sprawling. I sprang onto her, slamming my paw down on her jaw. She clawed at my belly, I ignored the pain and sank my teeth into her scruff. I lifted her and slammed her into the nearby boulder. I did this over and over again until she fell limp. I dropped her body and looked around for my next victim. But the strangers were fleeing.

I walked over to Shatteredstar, my paws and mouth covered in blood, "Do you know who they were?"

She nodded, "PineClan. I saw Proudstar among them. They must have been pissed about Cherrypaw." She shook her head and chuckled softly, "Bunch of mousebrains, they really thought they could beat us."

I laughed with her, "Let's go make sure none of our clanmates are hurt and dump these PineClan bodies somewhere."

She dipped her head in agreement and we went to work.


I stood in Highrock, ears pricked, I was getting worried. We heard howling again and Shatteredstar went to investigate, the clan went about their normal day, but I couldn't stop being restless, awaiting Shatteredstar's return. It was almost sun high by now, I'm going to see if any of the warriors have seen her while they were out. I poked my head into the warriors den, "Has anyone seen Shatteredstar?" I meowed loudly, calling their attention. Cats look around, muttering, then looked back at me and I could tell no one knew where she was.

Something is wrong, she wouldn't leave camp alone, and she would have ran back here the minute something went wrong. "Let's go out and look for Shatteredstar, all warriors go out and look in pairs." They nodded and left, I decide to grab Fawnleaf and take her with me.

We searched and searched, no trace, but the territory reeked of dog. "Where could she be?" Fawnleaf mewed softly. I was just as worried as her.

"We'll find her, don't-" I cut off.

"What is it?"

I started tasting the air, I sprang forward with no warning and ran towards the twoleg bridge, "I caught her scent!" I called back as Fawnleaf gathered herself and chased after me.

"You smell her too Crookedleg?" I looked across the river and saw Littlecloud and Brindlepelt running in the same direction as us. I nodded to them and continued on our way. As we got closer to the twoleg bridge, the air smelled with the tang of blood. Please don't let it be coming from Shatteredstar.

We reached the bridge a second after Littlecloud. I froze and stared in horror. Shatteredstar layed in the middle of the bridge, a bloody and mangled mess. Her chest was moving slowly, she was still alive, but there was no telling for how much longer and how many lives she lost.

"Shatteredstar!" I rushed to her and sat next to her head, burying my nose into her shoulder. She opened her eyes and looked at me, she tried to speak, but only blood came out. "Shatteredstar.. Who did this to you?" I asked in horror as Fawnleaf tried tending to her wounds, but there was no stopping the bleeding in time.

Again, she tried to answer, but couldn't. She looked me in the eyes once more then shut them, her head rolled to the ground and her chest stopped moving. I waited for her to open them again, but she didn't, she lost her last life. I buried my nuzzle into her cheek, holding back a wail. Why would someone do this?

I heard Littlecloud sniffling, "We.. We should take her back to camp.."

I nodded, the four of is lifted the spotted, gray, she cat, and carried her back to camp.


We laid her in the clearing, her siblings and daughters crouched around her with me. The rest of the clan stayed a respectful distance. The other warriors returned soon after we got here, Brindlepelt told them where we found her. I stared at her face, after we cleaned her up, you could almost believe she was only sleeping. Frostfeather was burrowed into her mother's belly fur, she was silent, grieving her death.

I touched her shoulder and dipped my head, it was time to bury her. We picked up her body and climbed up the goat hill. Once there we went to the twisted tree that Shatteredstar slept in. No other cat will use this as a den, this will forever be her resting place. We already dug the hole, we gently set her body in it and stood in silence.

After a long time we left, Brindlepelt and Goldenclaw stayed behind to bury her.

I dreaded having to go the Moonpool, because then I would have to accept that she was gone. I sat in the clearing when Fawnleaf approached me, "It's time to go Crookedleg." That would be the last time someone called me that. I looked up to see my grief reflected in her eyes. I nodded, I know I have to go to the Moonpool, I just didn't want to. But possibly Shatteredstar would talk to me while I was there, tell me who did this to her.

I got to my paws and followed Fawnleaf out of camp. I will find out who did this to my daughter.

Part 4: Crookedstar's Struggle - Chapter Thirty-One=

I just received my lives and now I was face to face with Shatteredstar in the DarkForest. "We don't have much time so I'll be quick about this." She meowed.

"Who killed you and why?"

"A wolf from Blackpaw, Moon."

"Moon did this? Why?"

She shook her head, "She said she didn't like that we hurt PineClan."


She shrugged and started fading away, "It's time for you to go. See you again." Then I was opening my eyes.

I stood and went over to where Fawnleaf waited, "Let's go."

"Crookedleg... Er.. Crookedstar, you're back," Echowing greeted Fawnleaf and I. I nodded to her and jumped onto Highrock.

"Let all cats old enough to fight their own battles, join here beneath the Highrock for a clan meeting." Once everyone gathered I spotted the cat I was looking for and continued, "On my way home I decided who will be our new deputy."

Cats murmured and looked around, trying to guess who. I watched them all then raised my voice to be heard throughout the camp, "Autumnwhisker!" She looked up, then stood and walked to Highrock. "Will you accept the role of deputy?"

"Yes, I will." She held her head up high and proud as the clan cheered.

"And one more thing," the clan quieted down and looked at me intently. "I know who killed Shatteredstar."

"How are you feeling?" I turned to see Mintpelt.

"Fine I suppose, the clan is just so restless." He came and sat next to me.

"Well a lot just happened, they are angry and want revenge. What do you except?" He nudged his shoulder to mine, "Just relax a little, the clan will calm down."

I nodded, not wanting to speak what I was thinking. I wish I could give them the revenge they want, but I can't, I have to think rationally about it. I scraped my claws against the rock and leaned against Mintpelt, "You won't believe how frustrating this is."

"What's frustrating?"

"Not be able to attack who I want. I got so used to it before."

He chuckled, "Maybe it's a good thing."

"How so?"

"Now you won't get into so many fights," he teased.

"Yea right, we all know I still will. I don't play nice with others," I laughed along with him, letting go of my worries for a moment.

I could hear my clanmates grumbling below me as they shared an afternoon meal. After overhearing some of them I didn't feel like joining them. It was always the same, all I've heard since becoming leader. "Shatteredstar would have killed that pack" "Shatteredstar avenged Bluestar, so what is Crookedstar waiting for", I snorted bitterly. They don't understand my motives, I sighed, I shouldn't be too hurt by their feelings. Once they get past their anger and grief, they will then understand why I am not rushing into battle.

I looked down to them, we have fewer numbers. Clanmates have just been going missing or leaving all together, I shook my head, and they wonder why I won't lead them into battle. I sighed, I'm not gonna sit here any longer. I stood and jumped from Highrock, ignoring my clanmates curious gazes, I left camp.

I made my way to the PrismClan border by Stepping Stones, I was just coming here for some fresh air, but it's a good thing I came here when I did. A couple of PrismClan cats were on our side of the border, carrying prey, our prey.

"Just what I needed to let out my frustration," I gave them a wicked grin at their fearful looks. They dropped the prey and tried to run to the border. "Oh no you don't!" I lunged and sank my teeth into one cat's tail and my claws in the other's haunches.

I yanked them backward and tossed them away from the bored. Smiling I brought down a paw on the cat closest to me's head, she yelped in pain and her friends tackled me from the side. I rolled with it and kicked her away. I pounced onto the small cat, lifting up a paw I let out my claws and smiled at her scared expression. These cats are pathetic, I raked my claws down her stomach, blood pooled out.

I heard a shriek and the other cat punched onto my back, I winced in pain as she bite hard onto the back of my neck. I bucked her off of me, she handed on her paws, she's pretty strong, but not strong enough. I lunged and rammed my shoulder into her's, she fell over. "Don't cross my borders," I snapped my jaws around her throat, crushing the windpipe and feeling her blood rush into my mouth.

I spit her blood out and snorted, I grabbed both their bodies and dragged it onto the PrismClan border. I dropped them, now they better get the message to stop crossing over. I picked up the prey they dropped and walked back to camp.

Chapter Thirty-Two

Frostfeather and Brindlepelt's were fighting again. I don't know why, they just start arguing about nothing. This time though it was getting ugly, claws out and everything. I stomped over to the fighting she-cats and grabbed Frostfeather by the scruff, Fawnleaf did the same to Brindlepelt. I yanked Frostfeather backwards and tossed her to the ground, after they were both away from each other I turned on them, "How about instead of wasting your energy with your petty fights, you go out and do something useful!"

Brindlepelt licked her chest fur in embarrassment, while Frostfeather bared her teeth, but they did what I said. I looked at the rest of the clanmates that were gathered around, "Well? Get a move on! Show's over."

As they dispersed and went on with their day, I stood there and shook my head, what am I going to do with these guys? I gazed around the clearing, it felt a bit emptier. Appleclaw and Scourge decided to leave the clan and pursue new lives, I didn't pry for their reasoning to leave, I just tried to understand and respect their decision. Cinderpelt decided to leave too and follow Scourge wherever he ended up, that hurt more than the others leaving, she was my daughter and she was abandoning her family. I tried not to be mad at her, but we need her here, we need all the warriors we can get.

The day started out as a normal day. Åutumnwhisker, Snowpaw, Dapplenose, and I went on a border patrol. I took up the rear and Autumnwhisker took the lead. Everything was well, until Autumnwhisker stopped suddenly. I ran into Dapplenose, I looked up to where Autumnwhisker was staring, so many Blackpaw wolves, they were lined around the thunderpath.

Our old clanmate, Moon, came down and approached Autumnwhisker. Following right behind her was the pack's alpha, Alex, they call him Blackpaw. I stared them down then spoke to the clanmates behind me, "Dapplenose, find our allies. Snowpaw, go to camp and send clanmates here." I heard them run off, doing what they were told.

"What do you want with us?" I growled to whoever was in charge. There were so many of them.. Hurry up Dapplenose... My gaze swept around and landed on a family black tom. Scourge, so he joined this pack, I didn't know he would be joining a pack, so that meant Cinderpelt is around as well. They wouldn't attack their old family, would they? I turned my attention to Moon and the alpha again. They completely ignored me and went to Autumnwhisker, they said something to her then led her away to Stepping Stones.

I couldn't hear everything they were saying, but it sounded like he was telling her to apologize to Moon. Why should she do that? Moon is the one causing all this, she should apologize. I looked back in the direction of camp, Dapplenose... Snowpaw... Hurry up.

Autumnwhisker and Moon kept arguing, I wasn't sure exactly what they were saying still. Finally the forest erupted in yowls. Cats poured in, I recognized Firestar of LightingClan, I even think PrismClan came. There were so many clans that came, they weren't all our allies. Then my clan showed up after them, the clan cats that came launched into battle.

Fighting happened all around me, I went to rush to Autumnwhisker's aid when a huge paw slammed down on my shoulder. One of the wolves was pinning me down, I couldn't move. All I could do was watch in horror of what was happening. I finally understood what was happening. They want to humiliate and kill Autumnwhisker, but why?

She bared her teeth in defiance. I couldn't help my daughter as the white wolf lunged and bit into Autumnwhisker's throat. I yowled and she fell to the ground. The black wolf said something, but I didn't listen, I just kept struggling against the wolves that held me, finally breaking free, I rushed to Autumnwhisker's side.

I pressed my nose into her cheek, "No... You can't die.. Why-why did this have to happen?" Grief swelled in my chest, I can't loose her. I thought I felt a presence by me, but before I could figure out what someone tore me away from my daughter's side and pinned me down. I couldn't do anything, but watch this pack attack us. They are trying to slaughter us over such a petty reason.

Then out of nowhere Shatteredstar appeared with Autumnwhisker, Alex and Moon approached her from the fighting cats. Moon said something to her, then Shatteredstar fluffed up her fur spat something back at her. I strained my ears to hear what they were saying.

"We only want you to apologize. Once you do, we will leave your territory," Alex said coldly.

Autumnwhisker looked around at the fighting, so did I. I wanted to cry out to them as I saw my clanmates fighting for their lives. I looked back to Autumnwhisker, her ears were flattened against her head, she looked like she was holding back tears, "Fine! We're sorry for pressuring you, and making you so upset! We're sorry for abandoning you, and pushing you away! We're sorry for! Now get out of here!" She screamed at the wolves in front of her.

"Finally.." Moon replied.

Shatteredstar couldn't remain silent anymore, tears ran down her cheeks as she shrieked at Moon, "Is that all you have to say?!"

"Fine... I'm sorry," Moon blinked then looked at Alex. Alex called to his pack and they stopped fighting.

"This battle is over!" He declared. "No one won and no one lost. You can all go home." He then gathered his pack and left. I watched them leave, hatred burning through me.

I then looked at the clans that came to our aid, "Thank you, for helping us. There is not much else you can do here." Their leaders nodded and led their clans away. Firestar paused next to me, touched her tail to my shoulder, then continued on her way.

"Crookedstar," I looked over to see Snowpaw. The small white cat didn't seem to injured, "Blackpaw isn't entirely gone, they're hanging out right outside the border in MeadowClan's old territory. Should we tell them to leave?"

I thought for a moment, "Just watch them from inside our border until they're gone for good." She nodded then limped away, I made a note to send her to Fawnleaf once she's back. Speaking of her she ran over to us with a few cats, carrying herbs.

"Who will take my place as deputy?" Autumnwhisker asked me.

I stared at her and thought of something, didn't know if it would work, but I was going to try. "There will be no change in deputy. Go back to the Dark Forest so I can give you one of my lives," I ordered.

"What? No, is that even possible? I'm not taking one of your lives woman, you're more important to the clan than I am."

"You dare argue with your mother, Autty?" Shatteredstar teased her.

I stared at them both and tried to remain calm. "Go on," I made it clear that my decision was final. Then Autumnwhisker and Shatteredstar left for the Dark Forest.

I almost shrieked in outrage when I saw the pack at the gathering. I have a feeling I'm going to be seeing them for a long time. As I made my way to the Great Rock, I caught Scourge's eyes. He looked apologetic, and that he wanted to say something to me. But he stayed where he was, Cinderpelt didn't even give me a second glance, I wanted to go over there and claw her ears off for it. She leaves us, joins THAT pack, and then doesn't even feel sorry for it or at least look at me. She just kept talking to Scourge, who wasn't listening and looked like he wanted her to leave.

I hopped onto Great Rock, the black wolf was sitting next to Ravenstar, right where I usually sit. I glared at him when I walked by, Ravenstar opened her mouth to greet me, but I kept walking, too pissed to be near that guy. I found Firestar and sat next to her instead.

The anger just kept rising as the wolf spoke. He talked about his fact, he sounded so smug, making it seem justified that he did that to us. I resisted the urge to tell him off, not yet Crookedstar, I kept telling myself. I didn't say much in my speech, and I didn't mention the fight. Ravenstar tried asking me what happened when the gathering was over, but I made it clear that I didn't want to talk about it.

I led my clan from the gathering, if I had to stay there any longer I would loose it. I asked Autumnwhisker why she submitted to them when we got home. We sat in my den and she stayed silent for a moment. Finally she spoke, "Because I care more about this clan than my pride. If they wanted to humiliate me.. I would let them, just to keep the rest of the clan safe."

I stared at her, she really was strong, to let go of her pride for her clan. I dipped my head to her, I don't know if I could let go of my pride like that.

Chapter Thirty-Three: Autumnwhisker's POV of the Blackpaw Invasion

I trotted down into the camp clearing from the warrior's ledge to see my daughter Frostfeather and my niece Brindlepelt arguing again, with some Clanmates watching looking annoyed. Crookedstar seemed the most irritated at the two, considering she came up and grabbed Frostfeather  by the scruff, while Fawnleaf grabbed Brindlepelt, breaking them up. What a fiesty little she-cat i've made... Heh.

Later in the day I lead a boarder patrol consisting of Crookedstar, Dapplenose, and Snowpaw. I took them along the perimiter of our territory starting at the old MeadowClan boarder on the east side heading north towards the PrismClan boarder. We were silent. That day was the day of the Last Gathering... The end of our homeland. I don't know what the others were thinking but i was completely zoned out while we were running through the grassy forest. I had always said BloodclawClan would have this territory forever, but now that was impossible. Once we got to the area near the waterfall I started taking notice of my surroundings again since we were within eyesight of the PrismClan boarder.

I looked up from the ground to see what looked like at least a third of Blackpaw Werewolf Pack. My stomach jolted with fury and fear. There was Alex, or as he calls himself, Blackpaw, and my uncle Scourge... along with another ex clanmate of mine, Moon. Moon used to be my adopted daughter, she was a useful warrior to the Clan, and went by the name Moonpelt while living with us. She left after Shatteredstar had scolded her repeatedly for her fighting style. Shatteredstar wanted the Clan to fight in a way that no one else could critisize so the Clan could be more respectable, but Moon seemed to honestly find it hard to tone it down. I heard murmuring behind me and more than one set of paws fleeing. I suspected Crookedstar sent Dapplenose and Snowpaw to get backup in case the wolves were here for something other than friendship. Moon walked up to me with Alex behind her and the rest of the wolves standing in a line on the thunderpath that marks the boarder between PrismClan and our territories.

"We need to talk." Moon looked at me seemingly emotionless. Alex standing behind her, obviously trying to maintain a kingly disposition. It had been a while since she had that fight with Shatteredstar. I didn't know what she could've wanted but i decided to risk trusting her. She lead me down the slope out of eyesight of their line of wolves, and Crookedstar. Alex was walking behind me.

"Alex.. must you follow us? This seems personal." I glared back at him over my shoulder.

"That's exactly why I'm here." He said looking around at the tree tops. I twitched my whiskers.. It irritates me how he talks down to me, or any cat.

We got to the thunderpath that connected to the bridge at the base of the waterfall and Moon pinned me to the stones by the throat. I heard Crookedstar's yowl and wolves' threats.

"You're going to pay for what you did to me Autumn!" Moon snarled in my face. I curled my lip and spat at her.

"I trusted you not to do this." I kept calm, and didn't fight back. I realized Alex followed us to serve as a witness to my defeat.

"You emotionally tortured me! You're stupid if you think you could get away with that."

"Apologize to Moon, Autumnwhisker." Alex commanded me.

"Shut up you savage mutant twoleg! You don't know anything about what happened!" I growled at Alex and started battering at Moons belly with my hind paws.

"Apologize to her."

"Shatteredstar only wanted you to at least give people a chance! She wanted BloodclawClan to be respectable, and fight respectable, like the Elder Clan it is! This is the stupidest most childish reason for a war I've ever been caught up in! Its not MY fault Moon has the emotional captivity of a two moon old kit!" I unshealthed my claws and stabbed them into the sides of her neck. She clamped harder on my throat and whipped her head, tearing my flesh and exposing it to the stinging air.


I opened my eyes to a black sky. Heavy air, swampy muddy ground, and dead trees... What could only be the Place of No Stars. The Dark Forest. Shatteredstar shot through the bushes and ran up to me with rage in her eyes.

"You lazy piece of twoleg scrap! Our family is getting slaughtered and you're just sitting here observing dead flora? Get over here!" She tugged on my ear and ran back into the trees. I chased after her. The ghosts of Bubblestar, Swiftstar, and Bluestar were standing next to some trees with nothing but complete darkness behind them.

"This is where you go back and fourth. Go." Bubblestar was scowling as she bluntly gave us the information. Shatteredstar and hopped over the bushes between the trees into the darkness. We entered the living world right where i was murdered.

No one could see us, but in the few minutes that passed the area surrounding my body flooded with cats. Crookedstar was laying at my body pressing her nose to my cheek and sobbing lightly to herself. Both Dapplenose and Snowpaw returned with reinforcements. Yowls from allies exploded in my ears. I turned to see a mob of entirely unexpected size charging towards the wolves. Bloodclaw, Lightning, Prism and many more Clans I didn't even know very well. Blood showered the grass and stones. Death in every direction. Yowls, howls, screeches.. I saw Echowing and Shadowfur taking on Moon. Crookedstar and my body became surrounded by wolves and they pinned her down throughout the whole battle. I looked towards the river to see StarClan cats on the rocks.

"Stop this! Stop it right now! We don't need to fight! Why can't we all just be friends?!" The StarClan she-cats screamed and pleaded into the mass. They obviously didn't know why this all started..

Evidently Shatteredstar and I became visible. Moon and Alex came up to us through the fighting.

"Hello... Shatter." Moon glared at Shatteredstar.

"Don't you hello Shatter me you murderous little brat! We could've solved something as stupid as this without this much bloodshed! You're killing my family and over what, huh?! Because a little kitty like me hurt your big strong wolfy feelings? They were your family once too!" Shatteredstar stalked up to Moon with her fur fluffed up and her torn tail swinging from side to side.

"We only want you to apologize. Once you do we will leave your territory." Alex said coldy.

I looked around to see my Clanmates fighting desperately for their lives. Being stubborn and keeping my honor and self respect wasn't worth the death of my whole family no matter how strong the feelings of rage were swirling in my stomach. I know I'm not the one in the wrong here, but I'm also not the one with the most gun power. I had sunk to desperation. My eyes swelled with tears. All I had to do was tell them what they wanted to hear. I let myself explode.

"Fine! We're sorry! We're sorry for preasuring you, and making you so upset! We're sorry for abandoning you, and pushing you away! We're sorry! Now get out of here!" I screamed at Moon giving up on trying to hold back the tears or fury. Shatteredstar remained silent.

"Finally..." Moon glared at me. The feelings of rage in my belly felt like they were stretching me I was so infuriated at her ungreatful, snobby reaction to an apology that she literally killed for.

"Is that all you have to say?!" Shatteredstar screamed sobbing. Moon paused and her facial expression softened.

"Fine.. I'm sorry." Moon blinked and looked to Alex. Alex called to his pack and they stopped fighting, then lifted his voice.

"This battle is over!" He declared. "No one won and no one lost. You can all go home." He lead his pack east out of our territory and into MeadowClan's old land. Shatteredstar and I walked over to Crookedstar, Firestar of LightningClan touched her tail to Crookedstar's shoulder before leading her Clan off our land. The rest of our allies left.

"Crookedstar," Snowpaw came up to us, slightly wounded, "Blackpaw isn't entirely gone, they're hanging out right outside the boarder in MeadowClan's old territory. Should we tell them to leave?"

"Just watch them from inside our boarder until they're gone for good." Crookedstar told her, and she limped off to carry out her orders. I noticed Fawnleaf and a few others running over to us from the camp carrying herbs.

"Who will take my place as deputy?" I asked Crooked.

"There will be no change in deputy. Go back to the Dark Forest so i can give you one of my lives." She ordered me.

"What? No, is that even possible? I'm not taking one of your lives woman, you're more important to the Clan than I am."

"You dare argue with your mother, Autty?" Shatteredstar teased me.

"Go on." Crookedstar left no room for argument, and Shatteredstar lead me back to the Dark Forest.