Hello! This is the weekly contests. Now, I don't want to get to there are SOME rules..Just to be on the safe side.


  1. With any picture, it should be appropiate.
  2. Don't claim any land if there is any contest with grabbing a land for your contest entry.
  3. No cursing..(You already know.)
  4. Be supportive..
  5. Don't get angry if you lose..

Alright! Our first weekly contest! For more information, it will be BELOW. c:

Contest 2! Week of 11/1/13

This weeks contest is to describe something about your warrior cat rp player. Yes, I mean your one on FR.

Here are some hints to a good one:

  • Add a music video describing your charater..
  • Add a picture of what your cat looks like
  • Make their personality
  • What tiger ride do you use on FR? How about a picture?
  • What are you going after?
  • What clan are you in?
  • Family members?
  • Favorite prey?
  • What hobbies do you do?

Example for this weeks Contest..

Timberkit/paw/moon (awesome person) (Bad example..)

OneRepublic - Counting Stars

OneRepublic - Counting Stars


I have a pink lava tiger ride.

I'm sweet, nice, caring, not worth to fight, never gets in trouble, loyal..

I'm going after my dreams.

My family members? They left me because they hate me.

My favorite prey is mice.

I love to climb..climb climb!

Etc..(More about this!)

Ok, ok, OK! I know you want to ask questions. Let me see...if I can answer some for you.

Can I make a contest for next/this week?

Only if I enjoy it! :P You may message below or to me what you think the next contest should be about.

O: So..whatever contest has a claim your land on that has (DON'T CLAIM) I can claim??

Uhh. Are you brain dead? NO. It's just an example.

Are you making anyone a helper. know. To help you when your not on..or can't do the contest for this week?

Well. It all depends. I might hire someone, but it'd be someone I wish would actually do it. If I do, I will comment in the comments below!

Okay. So, if you have any other questions you want to ask. Just ask below!

Should I add helpers?

The poll was created at 01:29 on October 24, 2013, and so far 4 people voted.
If I should have helpers, how many do you think?

The poll was created at 01:29 on October 24, 2013, and so far 4 people voted.

Who won?

So here, you'll be able to see which cat won for this week! Bubblestar won!

But I want to know who won on the other weeks!

Then here, you'll seek cats that have won one week, two weeks, three weeks, a month ago! This is like, the history section of which cat has won! There will always be a list, that shall keep going until this wiki or page stops. :P (Hope neither one of them stops..)

Bubblestar (10/21/13)