DarkForest Clan is what I believe in... They are hostile, evil, vile rogue or cats that don't believe in that weak Starclan. However, in my opinion some cats in DarkForest clan had very good reasons for fighting or killing. For example Scourge was treated badly when he was a kit by is family and Tigerpaw almost killed him which is against the code. So when Scourge grew up he killed Tigerstar and tried the same with that kittypet Firestar.... If you ask me DarkForest Clan will always rule higher up then any other clan. ~ Legend MoonStar

Scourge - Angel of Darkness-0

Scourge - Angel of Darkness-0

Cats that believe in DarkForest Clan

Legend MoonStar

StarCast Eclipse 50% believe in Darkforest....

Dark Shadow

Darkforest clan cats
Darkclan banner

New members: Leopardkit who was taking in by Legend MoonStar

Darkforest vs. star clan