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Hey, Ravenstar here, former leader of DarkmoonClan. This is the page you want to go to in order to learn all about us. 

Click here to see our Wiki - 

DarkmoonClan is a Clan that died along with FreeRealms but is now in the process of being rebuilt by Echostar.


Leader: Shattered Spirit (Echostar)

Deputy: Robinfeather

Medicine cat(s): Corrupt Energy (Corruptedstone), Golden Fur (Goldenfur), Shadowheart123 (Shadowheart), Moonsparkle1 (Moonsparkle), NightLife (Nightmercy). We do accept more than one medicine cat or med apprentice at one time, so that there is a medicine cat online at all times.

Med Apprentice(s): Daisy Charmpillar (Diamondpaw), Vanishpaw (WaterMoon TidalWave) 

Warriors: Swift Eyes (Swifteyes), Megan Goldheart (Goldheart), Falcon Star(Falconclaw), Catherine Shadowblade/Toxic Marybeth (Autumnflower), Epic Zoe (Iceclaw), Sarah Jane (Bloodyscar), Drake BlackHeart (Blackheart), WaterMoon TidalWave (Wavetail), ToxicForever (Toxicivy)

Apprentices: Misty Flamingvale (Shadowpaw)

Kits: Andra Maleerocke (Rosekit), punkermaykayla(Flamekit), skipper hero (Tealkit), Elaineisawesom Elaineisawesom (Cherrykit), hope love (Pinkkit),  Chaney Ann (Snowkit), Lucy Starhouse (Glitterkit), queen jenna (Stormkit), hope love (Pinkkit), Rainz (Lizardkit), Tirstan (phantom kit), Samii (SparkleKit), Chase Starnight (SnowKit),


(I'm adding these people in so I know who is what when I adjust ranks. If you don't tell me what rank you are then you will be put as recruit, which is a kit) Unfortunately there are too many warriors, apprentices, kits, queens and elders for me to name here, but we appreciate every single one of our members since you are all friends and family. Feel free to add yourself in if you are in the Clan.


This link will take you to a page on the DarkmoonClan wiki, which covers the entire history of the Clan -

Basic DarkmoonClan Rules

1) Officers can't promote anyone to officer or remove anyone from the Clan

2) We only chase other Clan cats out of our territory

3) We don't attack other Clans unless they are trespassing on our territory or we are helping another Clan in battle



Our territory is just west of Stillwater Crossing. It goes from the very north point; the trail heading into Briarwood, to
 the very south; the rock wall at the south end of the lake. Our territory goes in a crescent shape between those two points on the right side of the lake. Our camp is far up in the top of the hills near a bridge that hand between two cliffs. Gatherings are held in our camp every Sunday, so we never chase anyone out on that weekday. Also, we only chase out Clan cats since they are the only ones bound by code. 

Because of the joining of RavenClan with DarkmoonClan and the events going on in Seaside, we will be having a vote once the gloam event is over on whether we should keep DarkmoonClan's territory or RavenClan's territory. 


Once that is decided we may move to Seaside depending on the popular vote. We currently share with nobody, but we will if anyone needs territory.

Allies and Enemies

Allies: Dawn Hunters, BlackPaw Werewolf Pack, BloodclawClan, DarkashClan, DarkblazeClan, DarkEmberClan, MeadowClan, ShadowClan, SkyClan, FalconClan, PoisonivyClan, LightningClan, GrassClan, PrismClan, SkyfallClan, SunClan, DuskmoonClan, DarkhollowClan, BlacksunClan, DarklightClan, LightClan, NightCoreClan

Enemies: PineClan(fake one), EquinoxClan

Considered Dead

This section is a list of people DarkmoonClan considers dead because they either died in battle against us or we saw them be killed by another Clan or Wolf Pack

Pink Dreams

Electric Moon

Wind Runner

Melanie Vipermittens

bidget hope

Banned/Exiled Cats


I am looking for any leaders in the Bounty Hunters so that we can help them find a way to achieve relative peace among Sacred Grove without battling, as they have done thus far. Once I speak with them I hope that I can get more Clans to work together to achieve peace among Clans, Packs, etc. If anyone knows the name of anyone I can talk to in the Bounty Hunters, please let me know. - Ravenstar

8/13/13 - Today Roseda Star (Sun Clan) told DarklightClan that our territory was empty and that they could move here, but we corrected the mistake by telling them otherwise. Afterwards, her mate and kits (in BlackClawClan) attacked our camp, telling us to leave his family alone and that we asked for war when all we did was correct the mistake made by Roseda. They battled us and in the process, blinded one of our warriors. This attack was uncalled for. No BlackClawClan cats will be welcome in our territory any more because of what they have done today.

8/15/13 - The Hunters came to attack today but when they saw our numbers (We AT LEAST tripled them in size) they asked if we wanted any Clans dead. I said no and called for the packs (since they also fight Hunters) and some of our cats called their friends who brought their Clans. There was no combat, only arguing, and the Hunters left to talk with Alishea from Nightfall Pack. It is likely that they made an alliance. Also, ranks were adjusted today

11/22/13 - Yesterday we reached full capacity! This is the first time we had so many people in some time now. We owe much thanks to ShatteredSpirit and Fluffy for making it possible, since I can't be on as much as I used to. Because we are full, I have every active member as officer and all inactive people as member so they can be kicked if anyone wants to join. After our numbers become more stable and don't move around so much(meaning we stay near 100 consistently, never being lower than 97 or 96 members for awhile), I will adjust ranks to normal. All members need to tell me their rank and Clan name or add it here themselves so I can adjust their rank properly when the time comes.

12/1/13 - Fluffy and I were gladly to help, though I left some friends I am still happy where I am. I've had a few arguements with some people in BlackPaw Werewolf Pack ( Shall not be mentioned ) But they are long forgotten until they are brung back up. I've own my thanks to you RavenStar for quite sometime; this was my chance to pay you back and i have and i will continue. The hope will remain as it shall stay forever as long as I can help it Darkmoon Clan will remain strong, Just keep the hope, courage, and hard work and it will be fulfilled. ~ShatteredSpirit  

1/7/2014- Well, a couple days ago a clan (i forgot teh name sorry Raven) was on our territory, i was patrolling and saw some of the cats enter a girl Flora asked me, "what are you doing on our territory?" i said "this is DarkMoon clan's territory so please leave". She didn't leave so i asked her again, one of her warriors attacked me so i had to fight back! I told my clan mates that their was a clan on our territory putting up a fight. I remember i raised my paw and clawed her nose while she tackled me on my back. When my clan mates arrived i was surprised that they would actually listen to me :/ My clan mom attacked Flora and one of the other warriors told them to leave or we would go on their territory. They finally left and i was excited to see them leave. ~ToxicPaw (ToxicForever)

1/16/2015 - Echostar has told me that reconstruction of DarkmoonClan is going well, and that we have a great new deputy named Robinfeather. I've also heard that the code I founded about sharing territories is not being upheld as it should. I understand that some Clans and Packs have complained about lack of room on the map, and that there are some parts of the map that are unused. If room is really an issue, then these empty areas need to be utilized and the code-sharing code be upheld. - Ravenstar