A New Dawn!

A New Dawn!

Dawn Clan is mysterious and peaceful. We are a loyal, noble and strong clan. Dawn Clan may be knew but that doesn't stop us from growing fast and keeping us to who we want to be; the clan with the load of history, that you can look back on, and one of the most greatest clans yet. we are very and strong loyal. Welcome to our camp c:


Our territory is located south of the Lakeshore Warpstone and Stillwater Crossing Warpstone. Our side of the river is
Land 4

DarkAsh Clan & Dawn Clan Territory

under the big lake, and we mark borders with Darkmoon Clan (other side of the lake towards the bottom), Wolf Territory (The small space at the bottom of the river) and Meadow Clan (other side of big lake area). We currently share with DarkAsh Clan c:

Allegiances {NOT EVERYONE} 

Leader: Hollystar (Hollystar)

Brown she cat with darker brown stripes, many shades of brown on tail, white paws & a white pelt.

Deputy: Whiteshadow (WhiteShadow)

White she cat with faint black gray stripes and icy blue yes.

Medicine Cat(s): None

Akumu Bear left, and Mato is unknown.

Head Warriors: Blackclaw and Gypsyheart

Blackclaw (Redd Rockerzz): Black she cat who misses the tip of her right ear, and has scars here and there on her pelt.

Gypsyheart (Perfect Iris): White she-cat with icy blue eyes and a warm heart.

Former Leaders/Deputies & Meds

Former Leaders: --

Former Deputies:

Frenchtoast (Left because his mate was formerly deputy)

Cinderpelt (got exiled, see exiled leaders)

ScourgeStar (Exiled from deleting me, as well as many other cats from the clan)

Former Medicine Cats:

Timeleaf (We were using Power Players)

Mudclaw (Left because got mad she couldn't be the ONLY medicine cat)

Dawnsplash (I think she took a break from Free Realms)

Rainsprite (Never really gets on FR anymore)

Tigerpelt (Became a loner He Told Us He Said You Guys Used POWER PLAYERS and he dont like tht)

Silverfur (Is now a leader)

Cinderpelt (Does Not Like You Guys!!!!!)

Allies & Enemies c:


  • WhiteThunder Clan
  • DarkSunlight Clan
  • Cinderfall Clan
  • FrozenIce Clan
  • DarkBlaze Clan
  • DarkAsh Clan
  • Shadow Clan
  • Moonfall Clan
  • Poison Oak Clan
  • Blood Clan
  • Skyfall Clan
  • LethalThorn
  • GoldAsh Clan
  • Order of the hunt
  • ThunderRiver Clan
  • Maple Clan
  • River Clan
  • BloodClaw Clan
  • Lilac Clan


  • BloodyMoon Clan
  • Meadow Clan
  • Union Army
  • Alyx1 Vance
  • Exiled Cats {EG: Jada Silverdawn, ScourgeStar, Epic Zoe, Epic45 Emo ect}
  • BloodyMoon Foxes
  • Forest Clan