Eclipse Clan flag

Eclipse Clan

A Long Lasting History

Even though now, Eclipse is not as big as NightFire had once seen as it was, this clan was once strong, brave, many warriors, much courage inside some of them. But since they have passed the war with DarkMoon, many cats have left over time but never came back, some say this clan is dead, but no, we are still here but just wandering I guess, since NightFire returned to this clan few cats have been added.

Eclipse Clan flag 2

Eclipse Clan flag


Aye, EclipseClan was a very powerful clan indeed. Before Sunset, they were lead by Foxstar. He was a very kind and wise leader. Born in ShadowLightClan, his mother and father were unknown. He was apprentice to me, Bloodstar. (Bloodtail at the time) He was one of the most respected cats in the realms, and personally one of my best friends. May you hunt with StarClan forever, Foxstar.