Welcome to FeatherClan! We are a small Clan in a large territory. Our camp is a sort of circular ravine, with cliff-like sides and a dusty floor. The entrance is through a bramble thicket, with a little path going down to the camp. The Highstone is a huge boulder where the leader calls Clan meetings. The leader's den is under this. Then, the medicine den, to the right of the leader's den, is a large, spreading bush with a little stream that trickles down the side of the hollow, through the medicine den, through the camp, and underground. Then, there is the warriors den. It is a cave to the right of the medicine den. To the right of the warriors den is the apprentices den. It is a small bush. To the right of this is the elder's den(another bush, this one looking much like the medicine den), and to the right of that, the nursery, which is a cave surrounded by bushes.
Here are the allegiances for FeatherClan:

Leader: Brindlestar- Brownish-ginger she-cat with a white chest and amber eyes.

Deputy: Clearwater- Siamese she-cat.

Medicine cat: Crystalmoon- White she-cat with black spots and green eyes.


Yellowtail- Ginger and white she-cat with yellow eyes.
Whiteclaw- White tom with green eyes.
Leafheart- Balinese she-cat.


Glimmerpaw- Gray tabby she-cat with white underparts and amber eyes.
Stormpaw- Dark gray tom with a bob tail and amber eyes.


Nightfang- Black she-cat with white underparts and green eyes.


Snowpelt- White she-cat with blue eyes.


Violetkit- Birman-American Shorthair mix with blue eyes.