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Snowhill (coming soon)

The desolate and icy lands of snowhill have engulfed the once bustling city lying in its lowlands. The mountians still stand as a reminder of what used to be. 

Northern Wilds (coming soon!) 

Although the land contains no snow, harsh winter gusts from the north have inhibited the growth of any further plant life in this region, preserving it completeley. 

Merryvale (coming soon!)

This mysterious, beautiful landscape once housed the fairy population, the only trace left of the race is the everlasting rainbow that shoots up into the sky. This land is up for grabs. 

Greenwood Forest (coming soon!)

Just south of merryvale, Greenwood forest remains pure in its nature, containing delicate and tranquil forests. (Claimed by DarkBlaze Clan and Forest Clan) 

Seaside (coming soon!) 

The tranquil cliffs and beaches of seaside stand untouched, their human buildings and outcroppings swept away by high tide, leaving a large, claimable, rugged landscape full of rocks, seawater ponds, and underwater caverns. 

Shrouded Glade (coming soon!) 

The popular Druid Acadamey was no match for the powers of nature and time, but the cascading walls of the structure still stand, built over by layers of ivy and trees. 

Wugachug and Western Wilds (coming soon!)

The western riverline overflowed long after the end of freerealms, changing the landscape darastically.