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Free Realms — our anchor, the place we could feel safe, the place we called home. Until March 31st, 2014—the sunset. The closing of Free Realms. Believe it or not, but that day changed everything. Thousands of people across the world who had played this game were destroyed, devastated, in tears because the one thing they had dedicated a part of their life to shut down.

We don't know if Free Realms will ever come back. There have been failed attempts, attempts possibly still being done, rumours of it returning, statements that it will not—honestly, we can't tell the future.

I'm not some computer whiz. I do not know how the hell to create an amazing, successful MMO that is a replica of Free Realms. I don't. So what's the next best thing?

Free Realms was widely used for its social impact. Probably one of the biggest effects of the game being shut down was the loss of communication & friendships between many of the players. Who knows where some are now? Some people decided to move onto different online games, some did not; but the truth is that not everyone was together anymore!

So that's why I've decided; we have to do something. We have to create some sort of connection to what we've lost. So like I've done many times before, I've decided to start a proboards board.

I'm Derpy Bubblestar. You may know me from Free Realms, or you may not. I'm one of the founders of Free Realms Warrior Cats Wiki. I've created many proboards boards before, some unsuccessful. But hey, FRWC Wikia was the most successful Warrior Cats of Free Realms sites out there, and that was a success.

The site is still in the making. I'll post the link when it's mostly done. Until then, you can do some things to help.

I'll make a seperate post for that. In a nutshell, just tell anyone and everyone who played Free Realms about the FREE REALMS THROWBACK PROJECT. Link them to this post, or our Instagram @freerealmsthrowback so we can actually make this happen. Because if no one joins the site, nothing will happen.

Thank you.

~Derpy Bubblestar


So basically that's what's happening here. I'm currently in the process of making the forum. If anyone here would like to help, please post on my message wall & I'll PM you and we'll see what we can do.