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Is It My Fault?

You there! Yes...*laugh* (._.) you. I know you're reading this, so listen up. These books are fake. The following clans in these series are real. Their from Free Realms.

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((The five clans are; WhitethunderClan, MeadowClan, DawnClan and DarkblazeClan and HawkmoonClan!))

Main Cat!

So the main cat here is Mystickit/paw/moon Her life is a messed up horror practically. Its so bad, she does something in one of the books you're gonna read! She is really swift, sleek and steady. She gets frantic and shaken easily. No cat should have to face what she faces in her long history of a life of an elder.

Is It My Fault? Chapter 1

"Hey! Wait up!" A female kit, a larger version of a full grown mouse screeched. She had a full tortoishell pelt. Her eyes were grey, and she was very lonely. "When you finally start to grow, we'll talk about it." Her older brother laughed. His pelt was full white with black two front paws and a grey left back paw in the back. His ear tips were black and his eyes were ice blue. Her older sister was laughing along with her brother. Her sister had a black pelt with grey patches and white paws. Her eyes were dark blue. "Mystickit, your to small to even see during hide a seek. It'll be no fun!" Her sister hissed. "Yeah, and during tail tag, you'll be to slow!" Her brother grumbled. Mystickit began to whimper. "Jetkit and Silverkit." She jumped as her mother was right over her. Her mothers name was Dappledmoon, only because her pelt was mixed with grey, black and white. Her eyes also gave away her name. They were light blue with a hint of dark blue on the bottom. "Yes mother?" They both rolled their eyes. "Play with Mystickit, now." She growled baring her teeth. "But mom, she is-"

"She is what?" Her mother cut off Jetkit, her brother. "Nevermind." He sighed. When Dappledmoon trotted off, he narrowed his eyes. He walked over to Mystickit and picked her up by the scruff and carried her across the camp. Silverkit followed, quietly but smirked when they arrived at the foot of the apprentices den. "Mystickit." She was set down and looked up to Jetkit as he spoke. "Just..stay here." He growled and looked to Silverkit, nodding. When they had pushed large leaves away, it uncovered a dead badger. She knew they couldn't of killed it. When they threw it into the apprentices den, Mystickit peeked in she saw it had landed on top of Birdpaw. A male apprentice which was about to turn into a warrior in a moon. His pelt was pitch black and it was hard to tell if anything was even there. When the badger landed on him, his head was straight up and his green eyes opened quickly. She backed away as he yowled. "This is disgusting!" He hissed and threw the badger off of him. She was looking around franticly for Silverkit or Jetkit. Where were they? Mystickit questioned herself. She saw Jetkits ear tips stick out of a bush and was then burried as he ducked down deeper. When she turned back to the apprentices den entrance, she was going to pad forward to peek in again, but something stopped her. She looked up to see she ran straight into Birdpaw. "You had thrown the badger in the den, didn't you!" He growled straightening himself. Mystickit shook her head. "N-no! It was Jetkit and Silverkit!" She sqeeked. "Yeah, right. Like they'd do anything to apprentices. They know better more than you. Your brain is probably the size of a moth. Get out of here!" He shoved her to the ground and padded back into the den to drag the badger out. Mystickit began to whine as she hurried away back to the nursery. She turned to look at her siblings but they giggled and looked to her, than giggled more. Her life was a disaster. Is it my fault?

Chapter 2

Mystickit opened her grey eyes, blinking them to adjust them to the daylight that gleamed around the nursery. Letting out a loud yawn, she rose to her paws and left the warmth from her mothers and sister and brothers fur. It was getting quite chilly. Even though its supposed to be, because leaf bare is near Mystickit couldn't seem to get why there had to be seasons. What she really wanted to know from it was why does there have to be a very harsh season? She padded to the entrance of the den and pushed back the wonderings. Her eyes gleamed as she saw birds fly by from tree to tree. "Wasting your time of watching nature than playing?" She shrieked as she noticed it was Brownstar. She dipped her head. "Well, there is no point in playing with anyone. No one likes me anyway." Mystickit mewed as her eyes started to water. She looked back to the trees as her tail twitched. "You know," Brownstar started. "You don't need siblings or friends to play with you. You need to use your imagination at some point in life." He smiled and sat down, his very dark brown coat was almost blending in with mud. His four white paws made his pelt seem a little bit lighter, but it hardly made a difference. His green eyes brightened like he was going to tell stories like an elder but you could tell he kept it hardly inside. "Brownstar." Called Cinderclaw. Her pelt made it very easy to see her. Full white besides her face. It had black markings. Same with her tail. Her forest rivery blue eyes reflected down to Mystickit. When Brownstar spoke, she twitched and flicked her ear. "What is it Cinderclaw?" He asked his deputy. She came closer to whisper, but she could still make out what she said. "Hawkmoon Clan has been causing so much trouble on our border. Loudstar had asked to take some prey for leaf bare. But, I told them to flea. They did but they gave a fight to one apprentice." She whispered worriedly. Brownstar spoke out without whispering. "Hawkmoon Clan, attacking Meadow Clan? Nonsense. I bet their to weak to do so." He hissed. Cinderclaw shook her head. She then spoke clearly but a hint of sadness and anger mixed with her tone. "They killed Bearpaw." She looked down. Mystickit couldn't help but look at Cinderclaw and say something. "You let Bearpaw die!" She hissed and leaped to her paws, carefully taking one step at a time towards the deputy. "You let them kill him! Where is your protective claw marks hm? Why didn't you rescue him!" She pushed to far for an answer and Cinderclaw snapped back. "Because they pounced at him when we turned to leave! They had clawed him harshly and when we found him, he was dead!" She yelled and turned around and stomped off. Brownstar looked to Mystickit with narrowed eyes. She huffed out. "At least I ask and push forward than wait for something to happen." She growled baring her sharp pointed teeth. "You know..You are so small, but yet so intellegent. But at times, you could say the most stupidest things ever." He padded off. "Wait," Jetkit was totally shocked and you could see and feel that he was feeling guilty. She nodded sadly and Jetkit pounced off. Silverkit padded out of the den, and narrowed her eyes seeing Jetkit run off. She raced after him, leaving Mystickit to herself. She cried. But..why Bearpaw? He was so..great. And strong, bold..Why did he have to die?

Chapter 3

Three moons have passed, and now Mystickit, Silverkit and Jetkit were becoming apprentices. It was ashame they had such boring kit lives. Mystickit was the size of her brother and sister now, but a bit littler. "Cats of Meadow Clan! All cats old enough to catch their own prey, join here, beneath the high rock for a clan meeting!" Brownstar yowled. Cats filled beneath the high rock and Mystickit and her two siblings padded as close as possible. "We all know we need more apprentices in the empty apprentices den. Sense Bearpaw passed..we had no apprentices. And were craving for more. So today, we will be making three more apprentices!" Brownstar yowled. "Mystickit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Mysticpaw. Your mentor will be Cinderclaw. I hope Cinderclaw will pass down all she 'knows to you." Brownstar spoke. "Silverkit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Silverpaw. Your mentor will be . I hope Blueshard will pass down all she knows on to you." He meowed. Blueshard was a female new warrior. She was made warrior right before Bearpaw had died. Her pelt was silver, and her eyes were river blue. Soft, and roughed waved. "Jetkit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Jetpaw. Your mentor will be Blazevole. I hope Blazevole will pass down all heknows on to you." Blazevole was a male oldish warrior. His pelt was firey orange and his eyes were completely beautiful green colored. His right back paw was white, and so were the tips of his ears. His tail tip was black and so was his left front paw. He was also a black tabby. "Clan dismissed!" Brownstar called out and hopped off the high rock. Mysticpaw smiled and padded over to Cinderclaw. It turns out, she actually though Mysticpaw was very pushy and would be a very big help one day. She even asked Brownstar if she could train me. Now, here she is. A good mentor for me. "We will go training tomorrow." Cinderclaw meowed and padded off. Jetpaw and Silverpaw pounced to their sister. "Hey Smallpaw." That was her nickname now. When they were kits, before they had been made apprenticed they called her Smallkit. It seemed as if once she had grown taller, they had liked her more.

The next two days passed, Mysticpaw had been asked to join the dawn patrol and she did. Cinderclaw, her mentor and deputy, was leading it. Lambpelt, a male white pelted cat with blue eyes bolted to her mentors side. "So, Cinderclaw. Are you doing anything this evening?" He asked. Mysticpaw cut in between them both. "Yes she is!" She hissed. "She is going to train me." Lambpelt frowned and made a snapping mouth to her. She didnt make a move. She didnt even flinch. "Nice try scaring me cricket brain!" She grunted and hurried to Cinderclaws side again. "That was quite a move, Mysticpaw." Her mentor smiled to her. "Why thank you." She purred. A second later, she stopped and put her tail up to signal everyone to be quiet. They all followed her quietly and quickly. They reached bushes and hid in them. She flicked her ear to hear cats talking softly. "On my count, were going to slowly move until we reach the entrance of their camp. When we do, we wait for a cat to come out and we will capture them. We will bound into their camp, and order for more land or we kill the cat, got it now forgetful brain!" Mysticpaw turned her head confused. Who is that? The males pelt was grey with four black paws and tail tip. Around his right eye was a black patch. The left tip of his ear was white and the left was black. His eyes were light blue. She was so attached to the cats features and his looks, she almost didn't catch Cinderclaw's orders. "Retreat to camp and warn Brownstar!" She hissed so quietly, not even she could hardly hear her. They slowly and very quietly trailed back to camp. Once they reached their destination, Cinderclaw went straight to Brownstar. A second later, he bolted out of the leaders den, his deputy following. "Meadow Clan! Were being attacked! Get ready!" He yowled. Cats began to move everywhere back and forth. Mysticpaw remembered everything Cinderclaw had shown her last night. She started tom get tingley. When their large group left the entrance, Mysticpaw catched a twig snap. Sense she was close to Brownstar, she poked his side. When he looked at her, she turned her head the direction she heard the noise from. He dipped his head and they didnt move at all. They all could possibly feel what she was feeling. Mysticpaw felt as if she were being watched. "Attack!" The cats voice was familier. When he popped out of the bush, she knew it had to of been Loudstar. He had looked straight at Mysticpaw and stopped, shocked. She looked around everywhere, but noticed he was looking straight at her. Why is he looking

Chapter 4

Brownstar had let out a loud yowl, startling Mysticpaw. Jetpaw and Silverpaw clung to her sisters side. Why did they come when their mentors didn't teach them battling moves yesterday? She put it to the back of her head. "Meadow Clan, attack!" He screeched. Cats were now mixed in with the Hawkmoon Clan's troops. Her siblings still was attached to her. "Just go back to camp to watch the elders!" She meowed, turning back to the battle. She leaped at a large warrior, twice the size as she was. She had a batful play time, but after that he still stood not even flinching. She looked up to his face and narrowed her eyes. Mysticpaw unsheathed her claws as long as they would come out and sliced his ear, clawing straight down all the way to his chin. It had raked over his eye and he was sent whimpering. Smirking, Mysticpaw launched at another cat who was pinning Brownstar. Knocking the female cat over, she hissed in her face. She flinched, but dug her claws into Mysticpaw's neck. She could feel her breathing lower, but she leaped off her and before she could get up, Mysticpaw slashed her a scar on her stomach. It was quite long and deep. She took off running in the direction of where the medicine cat was. She stood straight up as she felt weight on her back that pushed her to the ground. She looked back to see Loudstar. He pushed her head to the ground with his large paw, his claws just lightly hurting her. He bent down to whisper in her ear. "It's lovely to see my beloved child finally." He smiled with narrowed eyes. He let her up. "Lets see what you can do." He growled and launched himself at me, slashing my chest close to my neck. She leaped at him and clawed his face, raking over his right eye. He yowled and looked down, blood dripping to the ground and mixed with dirt. He looked right back up, his left eye open and narrowed. "Well played." He hissed and slid underneath her, clawing her stomach harshly. She let out a loud hiss and when he was still on the ground, she pinned him down biting his neck and didn't let go until he kicked her off into a bush. She could feel herself weaken. "Stupid kit. Get out here!" He growled padding up to the bush. "Your the stupid kit!" She yowled leaping from the bush, stabbing a thorn into his neck and stabbed some more on the side of his neck and in the front. "Never throw your enemy into a thorn bush. And never get to close to one." She smirked but was pushed out of the way and rolled on the ground. She saw cat right next to her. The cat was so tall, she knew it had to be a male. The tom cat had his pelt..hiding beneath the blood that stained everywhere. He smiled looking down to her. She gasped and flinched as he stuck his paw up, his claws comming out. They were quite sharp. The claws slashed her from the tip of the ears all the way down to her tail start. She whimpered and soon, everything went black.

Chapter 5

Mysticpaw woke up, yawning. She tried stretching. But couldn't. Starting to flip out she yowled for help. She smelt the sweet scent of herbs and relaxed a bit. But paniced again. Am I in Hawkmoon Clans camp?! She was confused. "It's OK, Mysticpaw. It's just me, Roseflower." She purred. "Your paralized from the fight." She meowed. Her pelt was large, but had a short tail. Her pelt was grey, like Loudstar's. She had three black paws two front black ones and one right back paw. Her pelt mixture was spotted loose. And she had black tips on her ears. Her eyes brough out her spirit and her name. They were purple, just like a purple rose. Mysticpaw felt frozen and stiff. "Wh-when will I-I be able t-to move?" She stuttered. "Tomorrow morning. Probably when you awake." Roseflower replied. "You killed Loudstar. His ninth life at least." She purred, amused. "I what!" She screamed. "You didn't kill him kill him. You just, you know toke one of his lives." She tried explaining. "So you're saying...I took one of his lives as in..killing him once and now he has eight more lives left?" She asked. Roseflower nodded. "Exactly like that." She purred. Mysticpaw shook her head and closed her eyes, drifting into sleep and the consuming darkness that crept on her slowly.

Waking up with a startling mewl, Mysticpaw rose to her paws. "Yes! I can-" She stopped herself, noticing Roseflower was still asleep. Flicking her long, bushy tail she hurried out of the den. When she did so, she stretched and looked to the warriors den and Cinderclaw came yawning and pushing out. She ran over to her mentor like a fleaing rabbit and smiled. "Hey, Cinderclaw!" She purred out a call. Cinderclaw let out a huff. And some of it sounded like a hiss. When she turned to stare at Mysticpaw, she went clueless like she hardly reconized her. Gasping in horror, she saw Cinderclaw was missing her left eye. "Who did this to you! I want to know! I will beat their butts off!" She yowled. "Mysticpaw.." She started. "Who I say! Who!" She growled. "Mysticpaw the cat who did this is dead!" She hissed lowly. Mysticpaw went silent. " killed a cat?" She went into a tight minded frozen spot. "No." She shook her head. "Lambpelt did." She looked at her paws. "He broke the code..just to save me. But..he wasn't defending himself." Cinderclaw whined. "A few were killed Mysticpaw. You know..everyone was mad at you sense you took one of Loudstar's lives." She began. "They killed know. After he had helped me." She sighed. "They killed Blueshard for trying to attack the deputy." She began to feel unsteady. "Silverpaw's mentor.." She whispered. "Silverpaw!" She yowled and turned around, starting to run but fell. Her leg went stiff. What is the matter with it?! Mysticpaw thought to herself. She looked at her leg angrily. When she saw the large scratch on her leg, she whined as blood began to slide down. "Roseflower!" She yowled in a harsh, scared and terrified whine.

Chapter 6 (Short Chapter.)

"It's fine Mysticpaw. You just probably tore it while running. Don't worry, I woke up when you left the den." Roseflower meowed. Mysticpaw fell silent. She had rested for the rest of that day and yawned when she woke up the next morning. Surprised, she rose to her paws and took everything slow that day.

"Cinderclaw..I don't want to attack you!" Mysticpaw hissed.

"Well, you need to if you want to learn some more battle training moves." Cinderclaw meowed.

Mysticpaw growled. "Fine." She flattened her ears.Pouncing, she slashed with sheathed claws lightly on her muzzle. "Unexpected..good." Cinderclaw meowed. her mentor launched herself at Mysticpaw as she pinned her apprentice to the ground, nipping her ear and hurrying off swiping her chest as if she were to slice it open, but didn't. When she got up, she noticed Cinderclaw was already ready for attacking again. Clueless of what to do next, Mysticpaw paw leaped into the air spinning wildly but able to control herself. Spinning above her, she distracted her mentor and hither tail with her paws as if she were to claw her tail in half. Yipping, Cinderclaw turned around, not in a battling position anymore. "Well done. Looks to me as if your almost a warrior!" She meowed. Mysticpaw knew she had finished all the stuff she needed to learn. It was just Cinderclaw that went over everything. All she had to do next was the big hunting test. Relaxed, Mysticpaw and Cinderclaw headed back to camp. "Hey Silverpaw!" She smiled happy to see her sister at camp. Silverpaw ignored her and padded away. Feeling left out, she sighed and walked into the apprentices den, driving Jetpaw out. Whimpering, she laid down in her moss bed and fell asleep.

Chapter 7

Mysticpaw woke up yawning. She shrieked as grass filled around her. Soft, swaying and fresh grass. A tiny pond laid on the ground, waves moving slowly.

"Where am I?" She gasped looking into the clear crystal water.

"You're kidding." A toms voice called out behind her, a little distance as she turned to face the tom. His pelt was dark grey, with three black paws and a black tail tip. His muzzle was white, and a black patch around his right eye. His one green eye stared at Mysticpaw. While his other eye, which was calm ocean blue stared into her soul.

"You do not fear me, do you?" He asked tilting his head a little bit, but not far so he could still see her with both different colored eyes.

"Of course not!" Mysticpaw stood taller and kept her tail raised high in the air, her paws outstretched.

"Hmm. So you're the visitor Stingclaw has been telling me..Mysticpaw, right?" He asked like he already knew her. She nodded her head carefully.

"Now, tell me who you are. And what is this place?!" She had slammed her left paw to the ground as she lift it a moment before.

"Well, I am Darkberry." He meowed. "And you, tiny cat, are in StarClan." Darkberry smiled.

"What?! I died? No, no, no!"

"No, Mysticpaw. You're not dead."

"Then Darkberry, tell me why I am here!" Darkberry looked serious all of a sudden. He narrowed his eyes and whispered something Mysticpaw couldn't really hear, but she knew what he was saying. "Danger strikes at worse times. Something hateful..a murder. Slowly your clan vanishes. And only one...saves another." The StarClan tom than vanished. She looked around, and not even a clue was left for Mysticpaw to trace him. "Darkberry? Where'd you go?!" She yowled, let out a whimper. She heard another faint whisper in her ear. "You do not fear me, do you?" And it was gone..

Chapter 8

Moons past. Mysticpaw and her siblings have now grown to be warriors. Nothing from the prophecy came. Not anything bad happened..yet. Mysticmoon trailed down the border, sniffing the air. Of course her alone had been assigned to the kittypets and loner border sides. They thought shes so weak, that she even overheard warriors saying she couldn't take on two kittypets. Growling, she unsheathed her claws and clawed deep into bark on the tree. The bark fell and landed on herbs. Rolling her eyes, she shoved the large piece of bark from the plant with her paw and went back to her lonely patrol. Hearing the bush shake to her left, she turned to the bush and the unexpected came. A large orange pelted coated tom with black markings on his pelt like circles around his stomach sides and four black paws which right when she looked up, she made out his white muzzle and was then pinned by the tom hard to the ground. She looked to his ears which were clawed up. His eyes were blue and you could make out his muscles. He had this weird white kittypet collar with teeth and dog claws in them. What kind of cat is this? Panic surged through Mysticmoon as she discovered the worse things out of the prophecy. She franticly kicked the heavy weighted tom off of her and got to her paws, hissing and fluffing up her fur at the tom. He stood calmly, narrowing his eyes. Running at Mysticmoon in full speed, she yowled and tumbled upwards into a tree, glaring down at the cat who certainly wants to kill her. Leaping off the tree, she bounced off, she landed straight on the tom and slashed his muzzle closely to his eyes. She then put her claws on his neck and bared her white fangs. "You crossed our border, and so I have all rights to attack and kill you." She flattened her ears acting brave. "Like you would." The tom spitted at her and crawled from beneath her. Shock pulsed through her as she was thrown into the air. But the odd part was, he threw her softly..but high. Moving freely in the air, she watched the tom scat off into the loner parts, and she also noticed the cats short tail, but he was long furred. Is that even possible?. Shame and sadness was running through her. Probably as slow as a snail going across a twolegs path. He'll be back..and I know it.

Chapter 9 

Mysticmoon ended up doing the same border. The loners and kittypets side. Just because I'm small doesn't mean I should do the kittypets side. She sneered to herself. Implanting her claws into the mossy grounds. Her ears flickered as she scented that cat fro yesterday. "Came back for round two?" She asked, turning around meeting his cold glare. His blue narrowed eyes gave her the chills, but she stood tall and pictured Darkberry beside her whispering, You do not fear me, do you? Shaking her head, she kept her unsheathed claws out and bared her fangs. "No." The tom grumbled, rising from his pose of hunching shoulders. "I came to make friends with you. Sense it'd be the only way to not be chased from my home." He gave the curious eyes, still keeping his gaze on her. "Well?" 

"How do I know this isn't a plan you're trying to make. Who are you, and why are you wanting to be allies with our clan?" She pressed the questions out quickly. He smiled deeply enjoying the conversation they were having. "Me? I am Assassin. Quite the popular cat indeed. Not by likes, but by hates." He dipped his head. "Where do you live?" Mysticmoon asked. "May I show you?" He asked walking towards the bush he had always popped out from. She kept her ground, looking as if it were a trick. He flattened his ears. "I promise it's not anything. Like I'd kill a cat like you." He mumbled hardly for her to hear the last sentence. He mumbled something else beneath his breath, but she did not hear a peep. She followed the loner down a mossy path, full of nature. Nothing yet..What is he planning? She kept moving forward, looking side to side. Right, to left. Flicking her tail she looked to Assassin. "So..Assassin. Have you ever been in a clan? Are you in a rogue group? You a loner..or a.." She went silent a bit and quietly said, "Kittypet?" She softened the word knowing that wouldn't be an answer from him. He sighed leaning his head down. "Yes, I have been in a clan.." He went quiet and looked around. Flicking his tiny tail for her to come closer, she did. "I am from DawnClan. You know, the clan with the most speed, the most hunting skills. To me, that was a life that'd never get messed up." He smiled then frowned again. "But..sadly it got ruined. My mate had died by rogues. And my kits..they were tooken away from me. Slaughtered right before my eyes when I joined the rogue group. After that, I had earned my collar. This small tom, all black coated with one white paw and a purple collar, I think, with all kinds of claws and teeth punched into his collar. He gave me a white one, and I had to earn these claws and teeth." Assassin showed Mysticmoon his white collar, full of teeth and large claws. "I was a killer. I took my revenge on MeadowClan, Whitethunder Clan, and DarkBlazeClan. HawkmoonClan had my crush in that I never harmed them. I killed MeadowClans kits, elders, warriors. My favorite was taking it out on that stupid deputy. She lost her eye and was clawed horribly in the battle. I believe it was Loudstar who forced me to join that battle." Cinderclaw! Mysticmoon eyes widened. "So what clan are you from?" Assassin asked. Mysticmoon took a deep breath in and huffed out. "Mea-MeadowClan." Her eyes began to water with worry. "Oh.." He looked to his paws. "I thought you were from HawkmoonClan or something." He said shuffling his paws. The walk was now silent until they reached Assassin's little den. "Well, heres my home. Nice huh?" His "little"  den turned out to be a large one. It was well clawed into. Moss was everywhere. On the walls, the roof, and the floor. "Wow." She purred. She turned to the side, seeing a small creek that flowed from his den and running beneath it like a mini waterfall, and kept going until it was stopped by a large log. "It's quite pretty." She meowed. "Oh, and thats not all!" He ran out of the den, Mysticmoon right behind him. "It's full of prey! Lots and many of rabbits. Some birds..lots of squirrels..and mice that scurry from the tree roots." Sounds quite normal and peaceful to me. She smiled. "Well, I better be off back to my clan. Sorry Assassin, but hey I will meet you where I bumped into you the first time I saw you?" She began to pad off. "Sure!" He yowled behind her.

Mysticmoon had collected two rabbits and headed to camp. She purred once she setted down her fresh kill. "Hey Mysticmoon." She turned around, and saw no one. "Go to sleep." The voice whispered. It sounded like she heard it before, but wasn't sure. Tired as she always was, she yawned and headed to the warriors den. Wrapping and curling up in her moss bed, she fell asleep calmly. She woke up in soft grass, a full meadow of flowers and mountains in the background. "Why hello there sleepy head." The voice popped in front of her, and then a figure. "Darkberry!" She smiled. He started to frown. Oh no..he isn't talking about the prophecy again, is he? Mysticmoon wondered. "Mysticmoon, I'm serious. I couldn't reach you sooner because..darkness has came. And you were surrounded by it. I'm worried for you." And he was talking about the prophecy. "Darkberry, I am fine. No worries. The only cats I have been with is Assassin, Brownstar, Cinderclaw-" 

"Wait, repeat that."

"The only cats I have been with is Assassin-"

"There! Thats the cat Stingclaw had said! He is the one who had killed many..many..and many..Kits to the rank to elder.." He shivered. "He killed Loudstar once, and has killed a few StarClan cats as well. He is known to be a 'show off' to the Dark Forest cats, which are mad already. You must keep away from him. All he will do is use you for an advantage. Mysticmoon, listen to me! You can't leave! Mysticmoon!" And then, darkness clouded her dreams. 

Chapter 10

Mysticmoon got to her paws, padding out from the warriors den. Looking back at her siblings, Jetfur and Silverpetal, she frowned knowing they hate her. Shrugging, she left the warriors den and felt the cold drift through her fur. Leaf Bare..She shook her head. Its been three full moons sense she hasn't seen Assassin. I wonder how he's doing. Mysticmoon thought. Sense it was only dawn, not many were awake. The patrols wern't out yet, so she forced herself up and to the loner borders. When she got there, she smelt the air. "Assassin?!" She called out. "Are you out here?" There was a shift in the bush he'd always come out from. She padded closer to the bush. "Assassin?" She whispered. A rabbit leaped from the bush, running into her. She quickly bit its neck before it ran away and she snapped its neck swiftly. Setting the rabbit down, she burried a hold and placed it into it. She built up courage and ran towards Assassin's den.

Soon reaching his den, she looked around. "Assassin?" She called out. He appeared from his den, unsheathing his claws and narrowing his eyes. His gaze looked threatening. She wasn't sure if she should come out from the bush she was in while calling out his name. "Who's there?" He shouted, as if he were demanding an answer. She rose to her paws and padded out of the bush.

"Who are you?"


"I never heard you before, but you look like I've seen you." He meowed. "Come in, come in." He suited up and bundled into the den. Mysticmoon followed after him. Settling down where he told her to sit, she looked around the empty den then to him. "So, you don't remember me?" She asked. Assassin shook his head. "I didn't get to see you that night..I told you to meet where I bumped into you? You know, where we faught?"

"Oh you!" He smiled glad to see her. She nodded her head. "I had a know? I was going to take a nap, but it turned out into a deep sleep. And then my leader wouldn't let me leave my camp." She frowned looking to the ground. "It's fine." He kept his smile, swaying his tail calmly.

Dusk came, and Mysticmoon couldn't head back to her camp. It was already raining hard. "Mind if I stay for the night?" She asked. "Sure." Assassin meowed gladly. That night, she slept bundled up side by side to him. She couldn't but purr and shift more closer to him. She finally closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Chapter 11

Mysticmoon yawned, stretching as she wokened up from her long sleep. "Goodmorning, Mysticmoon." Assassin smiled across his den. She dipped her head in greetings. He was chowing on a large fat rabbit. "Wanna share?" He caught her eyes staring at the small prey. "Sure." She smiled and padded over quickly and bent down and took a good clump of a bite. "Wonderful!" She purred. He purred loudly and began to eat. Soon, Mysticmoon couldn't take another bite. "Nice catch." She told Assassin. "Thanks." He flung his little tail in the air, you could tell if it were long, it'd be straight up. Herself sitting, she looked face to face with Assassin. His eyes consumed her soul. Dark blue, and light blue creeping into the dark blue. "So..Who is your family?" She asked softly and quietly. "Well. I didn't really get to know my mother. Shocking, I know. It started when I opened my first eye. I saw her orange black tabby pelt with a long furry tail. She had two white front paws." He began. "My father was black and had orange markings. His eyes were deadly amber. He was greedy for power, and always wanted revenge on the littlest things. I mean, like a kitten stole my moss ball. And he left a scar on the kits eye. His right eye, I should say. He isn't blind, but it surely scarred him for his life." He meowed. "My mom was related to Brownstar. Brownstar is her father. My father told me that my mother told him that Brownstar had gotten rid of her. He had setted her on ice in the gorge in the middle. He kinda tossed her. And he stomped on the ice as hard as he could, and the ice split just between her. It cracked and dirfted apart, and she fell under. She was saved by a Darkblaze Clan cat." At the end, Assassin sat taller like his mother was a legend because of falling through ice and survived. "My mother had a troubled life. As what my father told me." He looked to his paws. "Oh." Mysticmoon sighed. A bonding feeling felt as if she were broken inside. "Want to go hunting?" He asked. She nodded her head. He led the way out.

Mysticmoon arrived to camp with two fish and one rabbit she caught down by Assassin's river. She made sure to soak her pelt in water and hurry back to camp. When she set her kill in the pile, Brownstar came hurrying out of his den with Cinderclaw right behind him. "Where have you been?!" Brownstar grumbled. Mysticmoon looked to her paws and rolled her eyes. "Out." She replied. Brownstar narrowed his eyes like he wanted a more specific answer. "Look, I found this kittypet and I chased him out from our borders, and accidently ran out of the border markings and got lost. It rained, so i figured I'd take shelter. At least I did my job and hunted and protected our border." She could Brownstar couldn't argue with that, because he had his jaws parted like he was going to say something to her, but he shut his mouth. As she turned away and padded towards the warriors den, he finally said something that shocked her. "You're not allowed to leave camp alone anymore." He hissed. "Now thats not fair!" She growled facing to turn to her leaders hard glare. "It certainly is." He smiled. "You know better to not question your leader, don't you?" The smile vanished. "Yes." She growled turning back to the warriors den. She passed her brother and sister, Silverpetal and Jetfur. They crouched beside each other eating a small mouse. They both giggled as she passed by them and she could hear Silverpetal whisper to Jetfur, "Thats not fair!" They laughed. Mysticmoon padded intot he warriors den and laid down in her nest. She curled up, and closed her eyes letting her dreams take over.

Chapter 12

Mysticmoon carried on her normal patrols and hunting patrols. She was never to patrol the rogue side anymore. The nights got colder and leaf bare was already there. It started snowing on the dusk patrol. It got harder, and harder to find prey these cold leaf bare days. She shook her head and picked up her mouse she had just caught. She headed back to where the hunting patrol needed to meet together once they got at least one prey. She noticed she was the last one to arrive. "It's ashame how pitful this leaf bare is." A senior warrior, Beewing, had wheezed out. Cinderclaw was next to speak. "Yes, it is." She hung her head as she picked up a scrawny small bird. Mysticmoon looked to her sister, Silverpetal. She looked so weak and hungry, you could see her rib bones. Noticing now, she could see her sister was shaking. Don't blame her..Mysticmoon thought to herself. The patrol headed back to camp with Cinderclaw in the lead. When they got into camp, Mysticmoon could see Roseflower forcing herself quickly to Brownstar's den with a bunch of herbs. "Hurry!" There was a yowling cry echoing out of her leaders den. Hurrying to drop her mouse in the pile, she hurried to Brownstar's den and saw he lying on the ground weakly. He let out a few little breaths and finally stopped. Like he givin' up. Roseflower did everything she could to heal him, but couldn't. "He's losing a life." She mewed and finally gave in. "How many lives does he have left now?" Silverpetal asked. "One last life.." Roseflower meowed sadly and bowed her head. Mysticmoon and the others gasped. Brownstar only has one life left? What will the clan do without him? What if the other clans think its time to attack us once he's gone? She snapped out of her thoughts and padded off as Brownstar woke up. Worriedness clouded her thoughts still as she headed into the warriors den. Lying down in her nest, she flicking her tail as she gazed around the empty, warmed den. She looked to the entrance of the den, and saw Roseflower head to the medicine cats den with Silverpetal right behind. Thank goodness she's going to see Roseflower. She nodded her head in agreement to herself. Knowing she wouldn't be able to sleep, Mysticmoon headed out of the den and scavaged around to camp. Padding into the nursery, she saw Falconkit and Berrykit pop out from their mothers fluffy tail, Dawnfur. "Hi Mysticmoon!" They yipped and charged towards her. "Hello!" She purred. Dawnfur opened her eyes with worry. "Sorry for invading..I didn't know you all were sleeping." She meowed softly. "It's okay. I guess the young ones wern't all that sleepy." She yawned. "Who wants to see the elders?" Mysticmoon smiled. "Me!" Falconkit yowled first. "No you don't. You said they got fleas. I want to see the elders the most." Berrykit meowed. She nudged Falconkit's side to be right in front of Mysticmoon. "I can take both of you!" She smiled and padded slowly out of the den to the elders den. She looked back to see Falconkit and Berrykit standing right at the entrance, gazing at the snow with big eyes. "It's just snow!" She seen she startled them and Falconkit pushed Berrykit accidently into the snow. "It's cold!" She stood on her tiny paws and ran to Mysticmoon. She picked her up and set her on her shoulders. "Come on Falconkit." She meowed. He ran out to her and hopped on Mysticmoons back, keeping a good grip. "Now, you both behave to all the elders, hear me?" She asked. They both replied with a, "yes" and hopped off her back leaping into the elders den. She padded in behind them, giving greeting nods to each of the elders. "Hello there young ones!" Thirdleg let out a welcoming greeting. The short elder had only three legs, she lost one when Mysticmoon was just a kit. She still remembered how she lost the leg. A badger had got her leg. It was a bad battle. Although Thirdleg had fought it off, she still got hurt. Before she got three legs only, she was called Jaymoon. Only because she was like a jay in the trees hunting only jay birds. She was as high as the moon when she was hunting for the birds. And again, she only hunted at night when the birds were nesting.

That night, Mysticmoon thought about a jay bird charging at her with full speed. It's beak parted and it looked like it was larger than her body itself. Squeaking like a kit, she backed away and fell down a cliff. "Help!" She yowled and kept tumbling down. She reached the bottom of the cliff and slid a bit, falling into deep water. Her paws didn't move as she sank deeper, and deeper. Losing her breath, she screamed as a dark figure was swimming to her.

Chapter 13

"Mysticmoon, you are ready to take on an apprentice. You had received excellent training from Cinderclaw, and you have shown yourself to be swift and strong. You will be the mentor of Berrypaw, and I expect you to pass on all you know to her." Brownstar anounced. Mysticmoon dipped her head as Berrypaw padded up to her. She bent down and touched noses with her apprentice. "I'll try my best." She meowed. "I know you will. We'll make a good team." Mysticmoon meowed softly to her.

Falconkit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Falconpaw. Your mentor will be myself. I decided I'll take on another apprentice." Brownstar glanced down to Falconpaw. "Meeting is over." He hopped off the highrock and touched noses with his apprentice. Mysticmoon turned and looked at Berrypaw. "I'll show you the territory later. Before dusk, okay?" Her apprentice nodded her head. "Good." Mysticmoon meowed. "We'll go hunting tomorrow..and...battle train." She could see Berrypaw's face. Excited, hyper, energetic. "Thank you!" Berrypaw yowled happpily. Mysticmoon dipped her head. "But, I'm also sorry to say that were going to have to be doing some boring things to." She told her apprentice. "Okay." Berrypaw replied.

The next day, Mysticmoon got up early. She appeared at the entrance of the warriors den and padded out, into the sunny daylight. It was dawn, and light was bouncing everywhere through the camp. Reaching the apprentices den with a yawn, she poked her head inside to see Berrypaw sleeping peacefully. "Berrypaw.." She whispered. Her apprentice shot straight up and charge for the entrance. Stepping a pawstep back, she let the apprentice run out freely. "Eat, and we'll be going." She meowed. "Okay!" Berrypaw smiled and rushed to the freshkill pile. Lifting Mysticmoon's own paws, she headed over to the pile herself and grabbed a rabbit, settling down under a tree and eating it with pride for her apprentice. She shot her ears up as she heard a wailing from the warriors den. "Silverpetal!" Mysticmoons face stopped smiling. He fur grew cold. Like she turned to ice. It was Jetfur yowling. "Jetfur!" She raced to the warriors den shocked he was crying for their sister. "Wha- What happened?!" Mysitcmoon demanded for an answer as she prodded Silverpetals side. "I don't know!" He screeched. "What in the name of-" Roseflower came in. But stopped herself as she saw Silverpetal. "Oh dear.." Mysticmoon pushed her sister over, and saw no blood. "She died of weakness. She probably wasn't eating..Or keeping herself up." Roseflower announced. "No!" Mysticmoon yowled at the top of her lungs.

Chapter 14 The Ending.

Mysticmoon gasped as she woke up. A dream. She rolled her eyes. Of course..She rose to her paws padding out of the warriors den yawning. The sun brightly put in the sky. Padding into the apprentices den, she fetched Berrypaw and they grabbed a meal and headed out. "Excited?" She asked Berrypaw. Her apprentice nodded her head. "And nervous.." She added silently. "Well, you'll be a great hunter. I know you will." She meowed. "Yeah..sure. Thats what your supposed to say." Berrypaw rolled her eyes. Mysticmoon narrowed her eyes. "Whered you get those fleas from, eh?" Mysticmoon questioned. "If you're not wanting me to be nice to you, I'll always be the cruel mentor. Want me to be that?" Berrypaw quickly shook her head. "No.." She answered. "Good. Because even if you said yes, I wouldn't of." She smiled. "Stop." Mysticmoon halted, flicking her tail for Berrypaw to stop. Knowing her apprentice did, she sniffed the air. A nasty smelly smell rang through her nose. "Mysticmoon..." Berrypaw said oddly. Looking back at her apprentice, she padded to her side to see what she was looking at. A tail, hanging out of a bush. With a bloody back paw. Galncing to Berrypaw she looked around to see if anyone was there. Sense all the blood was on the paw and tail, she couldn't guess who did this. "Go get a patrol. Go directly to Brownstar first." She ordered. Berrypaw ran as fast as she could to go get help. "Good to see you again, Mysticmoon." A familiar voice echoed the forest. "Who's there?" She growled angrily. "Really? You'd rather wait for a patrol to come to see the dead cat is? Really, just lift it up!" The voice shouted at her. Whincing, she did so with her paw. Gasping in horror, the bush collapsed leaving the body into complete sight. Crying, she crawled backwards and let out yowls. "How could you! Come out and face me for yourself you coward!" Mysticmoon cried out but hunched over. A tail went on her shoulder and she flipped out attacking Jetfur who finally cared enough to try and cheer her up. Widening her eyes, she left tears flying. Memories of good times and harsh times passed through her head. One, by one it passed. Running faster, she stopped right before the border screeching to StarClan. Why! Why does it have to be 'Brownstar...