What clans i was in when free realms wasn't deleted

  1. BloodClawClan
  2. Poison Oak Clan
  3. Darkmoon Clan
  4. NightFall Clan
  5. Skyfall Clan
  6. Poison ivy Clan
  7. Dark Ash Clan
  8. Lilac Clan(in now)

Who am i?

I am Queen Jenna. also known as StormClaw.

warrior name: Stormclaw/ Real Name: Queen Jenna/ Gender: she cat/ current clan: LilacClan /rank:warrior/ color: red and gold with red and gold wings/ eyes: blue/hazel

Reasons why i made LilacClan (again):

I wanted to make my clan again. i made my rules. So please don't say i "stole" them. i just might of thought of the same rule. so please dont hate me for it.

About Me(outside of warrior cats but still gameplay):

Name: Jenna SpiritDreamer

Age: 18(level 59 out of 100)

personality: kind, caring, loving, protective, short tempered if you mess with my love ones.

Looks: Red Hair, brown eyes,tan-ish skin, pink lips.

Favorite job/magic school: adventurer and ice magic school

Cat Names: LilacStar, Stormclaw

Clans i have on wizard101: LilacClan, Guardian Angelz Clan, Beasts Clan, Dark Knights Clan