Ok so I have been thinking a lot. I know I love FeralRealms kinda and Last Moon but have we really just giving up? and forgottan about our real home!? I thought bringing ppl to Last Moon and FeralRealms would help but it really doesn't its not the same! Many of you already just lost hope that it might come back! But what if it really does come back? I for one am not loosing hope that it might come back! Freerealms is my home and always will be, I am not just going to let SOE take that away from me! I had so many people on there that I cared about and now lost... Now I feel trapped in Last Moon and FeralRealms which is all just fake and not really the same thing! I will do my best to get back Freerealms even if it takes a long time! I will still play Last Moon and Feralrealms but not for a while. Comment on what you think say if this is a dumb ass stupid opinion or something like that but I don't care! I am not giving up! ~ Legend MoonStar