Hey guys! I'm making cats c:, or making a warrior cat for you :D. I use a cat maker, but it's complex, and I actually like to make these things for people so that's why I wanna make it for people instead xD. How did I make this, I used a cat maker, that's NOT mine, so chill o_o... I own nothing here o.o


Cat Name:

Fur Length:

Tail Length:

Color of Pelt:

Undercoat Color:

Overcoat Color:

Paw Color:

Patches or Spots?:

Lynx Points?:

Tail Markings:

Eye Color:

Facial Markings?:




I know it's long but xD, it has to be o.o

Fur Length: Long or Short (if it's short it has a short tail)

Tail Length: Long or short

Color of Pelt: Bronze-beige, yellow, orange, dark orange, brown, beige, light beige, white, gray or black {ALSO: For all this stuff you can choose your shade, dark brown, light brown whatever}

Undercoat & Overcoat Color: Black, white, yellow, brown or gray

Paw Color: {NOTE: Each paw can be a different shade, they can be the same or different, whatever you want c:} Brown, white, yellow, black or grray

Patches/Spots: {NOTE: Can be a few, medium, lots or none or whatever chu want} White, brown, gray, black & yellow

Tabby: Spotted large, spotted medium, classic swirls, thick-messy stripes large or small

Lynx Points: (Tail, face, paws &/or ears, it has a variety of colors in each selection) Brown, beige, yellow, red-brown, white/gray, orange, orange-red, green

Tail Markings: {Tip, middle or base) Orange, dark orange, yellow, black, brown, gray, beige or white

Eye Color: {It can be different eye colors for left & right eye, or just the same) Green, blue, red, white, black, purple, orange or yellow

Facial Markings: Nuzzle, ears, chin, nose, forehead, eye dots

Scars: {You decide on how many and what they are, and where, also what they look like}

Other: Whatever you want.

Examples down here: