Where It All Began...

     Long ago, in the forest of Free Realms.... a small team was born. Two Element Cats, a half-breed and a Wolf became an unbreakable family. Lion, Storm, Bloody and Midnight. They were a true family. But somehow fate has brought them to take sides- good or evil. But one half-breed will not stand to let that happen... 

Their Side Of The Team

Midnight- "I was an outcast, a loner. I had a rough start at life. thrown out of my own home by two-legs, watching my parents die right in front of me, being heart-broken just when I discovered true love. I came to Moon Fall to seek friends. Then I met Lionstar. He became my best friend. Then Bloody came along, I can't remember exactly when. But I remember it was around the time Falcon Clan came to be. I trusted both of them. Hoping to achieve a family out of this. Taking sides was not what I expected, I honestly say that I started the whole thing... somehow."

Lionstar- I have Tigerstars blood in me thts all i can say for now and bloody same to u too

Bloody- "i was born as a pup my mom was unknown my dad was tigerstar he left and never returned i had two owners one i killed for abusing the other pups and my second one was a soldier he was awesome treated me to be rough tough but nice to the ppl i love then came tht day tht day where he died.....i watched his funeral and the military kicked me out i walked killing,loving,becoming mental.... I swear when im in danger he tells me don't give up or tells me a strategy i learned from him...and then tigerstar ghost showed i developed and evil side then i met midnight and haden at first i hated midnight .....that all i remember..... this fight i dont want i truely dont but if he touches either of them.....i will drag him down to the dark forest with me in eternal battle while i lift midnight pelt  to star clan...."

Their Personalities

Midnight (The Half-breed)

Fur Color: Dark Red

Eye Color: Light Blue

Features: White paws and belly with black-ringed tail and battle scar down left hind leg...

Age (Free Realms Cat Age): 60 Moons (I'm an old badger, don't judge)

Mate: Lion-heart (deceased)

Kits: Rose, Sand, Snow, Rock, and Dim

Lion Star (The Element Tom-cat)

Fur Color: Blazing Golden Orange

Eye Color: Dark Green

Features: to lazy to type

Age: idk



Bloody Claw (The Wolf and the spirit of rebellion on the path of loki god of mischief)

Fur Color: Red

Eye Color: red

Features: Blind in both eyes (but chu are still amazing)

Age:-shrugs- (really?)

Mate: Storm


Quotes From Us

"Love is stronger than anything else in the world... and I believe it." ~Midnight