Okay, so I had read Erin Nightshade's story, and was inspired to write a fake story about my history. Like, it's about me, Timbermoon, but a fake side. It goes into a series. I know some cats are intrested in reading I wanna make my own.

The trailer: I got a video! Thank you Twilightclaw who created this! :)



Story 1

Warning Message

This is book number 1! The first book to read throughout what I've wrote/typed. Hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1

"I'll tell you a story of my own alright. But..Can I trust were safe here?"


"Okay, but also promise me-..A dead silent minute sprang through." Said their mother. She'd told this story for awhile, but none of her siblings, or her have said anything for her to stop. Not because they didn't want to get in trouble. It was because they loved this legend story. Her mother finished the story and then, there was a mature coming from the entrance of the nursery. "Hide." Their mother had whispered. They'd plan for this day. Where they would have to hide somewhere, live on their own. It was bad to be a rogue. Only because we were wanted all dead. Every single rogue, including the elders and kits. It wasn't fair. But they hid. She'd never understand why her mum wouldn't hide with them, but they didn't seem to panic, or freak out. Already in their spots, and me of course being able to see the whole entire den from my hiding spot, I got to see the male cat who led a patrol with two she-cats and another male. "Timber.." Her brother whispered. Their mother yowled when she heard her kit speak. The leading male had narrowed his eyes and unsheathed his sharp thorned claws. What is he going to do? Timber asked herself. But of course, it was to obvious to know. Yet, worried like now because she didn't know what she'd do without her mum, she pounced out of her hiding spot without thinking and then, I could feel blood spill. Was it mine? My mothers? My thoughts, were wrong. I fell back onto the earth's ground, wide eyed with blood all over me. Looking at my claws and paws, I could see blood dripping. She looked up to see the male tip over, with blood scattering. Timber had took the hit, and so did her moher. caused that much to hurt the tom. She smelt his pelt, and put her paw on his throat. She knew, he was dead.

  Again, I got inspired to write some books of my own by Erin Nightshade! Be sure to read her stories too!