Greetings Cats from all clans and also Wolves from all packs. Remember me? Probably not *purrs in laughter* It is I Firestar. Deputy of LightningClan. I would like to share some news. You might be thinking. What news? Well A few months ago i went around the internet. I found something that is a lot like Free Realms. Some of you may have heard of it (Or not) But it is called Lucent Heart. It was from japan and it came to America. The avatars look like Free Realms and it also has some rides. I am currently trying to down load it but from what i se from other players and people this COULD be the next generation of fr. I tell you its quite interesting. Take my word for it. It is indeed a blast. LightningClan will infact be there and i know we have been unknown for it feels like 20 years but it will indeed improve. In other words Our clan will be trying to get more cats in the clan. I hope You enjoy this game its very awesome. *dips head* take my word for it clans i won't let anyone down. May StarClan and StarPack/ or Moonpack Light all of your paths.

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