Hey everyone, I bet your all wondering what's happening? Well since it's almost been a few years and not most clans and packs are alive anymore ( Sob ), I decided to get rid of a few unused/old pages. I won't delete anything that's really important for example: The old Territory map. The reasons why I am doing this is because we all have to start over and a new. We still can keep the old memories of our beloved home/family though. I admit, I miss FreeRealms alot too. But we still need to stay together best we can and get through these new changes together. If your mad about a certain page being deleted you can always try to restore it back to new.

I know I am not admin, but we don't know where BubbleStar or Steromix are. If they come back they can always try and fix things up too. But for now, my goals are to try and make sure everyone is ok. If your having issues with anything and I mean anything you can always contact me on my message wall or my Skype: moonpawone. Please still respect a lot of the rules on this wikia. Thank you. ~Moonpelt