Feel free to add new territory maps from any type of game you, your group, clan, pack, extra are on here. ~Moonpelt

Tera territories claimed by clans/groups/packs

( Ok so I kind of updated this map best I can, the green spots means there is open land around. Lots of green means it's all wild and unclaimed. There is a lot of green in every land but I can't make it all green, so you all will just have to try your best and find and claim. I lied lol...did this super fast. ~Moonpelt )

Territory 2.1-0

Purple = Sunset Clan Territory

Blue = Shadow Rogues

Green = Unclaimed

Red  = Gathering Area

Pink: Moonpool/Gifted caverns

~Gathering Area~

TERA ScreenShot 20160402 184807

The Great Gathering Temple, is found in Shadow Rogues' territory. This great temple is scared ground. Every Sunday night, as tradition from FreeRealms. The clans, packs and other creature like groups will gather here. No fights shall be fought around here nor during gathering time.

How it was found. "I didn't understand, of how I missed seeing this place. It was in our land this whole time, right under my paws." ~Moonpelt. Moonpelt and Grace both found this place, when exploring and doing their boarder check.


TERA ScreenShot 20160625 085304

The Moonpool is gifted by many special creatures not just cats. It is said to be the last untouched, burned to the ground green area in that place.

Beware! It is in a 59-60 place, if you whiling to make the risk. Find the secret openings. There are some plants that try to kill the beautiful place.