NightFury Clan

We are one with our inner self and no one can take that away from us. We are powerful and strike quickly in the night. One born from Darkness and the other born in Light together they combined and make a new. With magic nothing can stop us... For we are different in this world you and I but together as one we make Warrior Cats of Nightfury Clan!

The story of Darkclaw's Exile

In the past few days of me been exiled from the clans and previous Whirlwind clan have been hard. I don't want to cause anymore damage or trouble for them. So I left and me and my sister Nightclaw created a new clan called Warrior Cats of Nightfury clan. There are still some days however, where I miss my old clans but I am happy now where I am in and I belong here. We found a new home but yet we still go to Feralrealms sometimes. I can tell life will be hard and fun in this clan at the same time. ~ Darkclaw


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Leader: NightStar

Deputy: Darkclaw F

Med: None at the moment

Warriors: Fireoak, Odet, NightFury F, Misty, Hiccup, Nebeljunges, DarkClaw M

Apprentices: Angel

Kits: none


FeralRealms, Ralishul Grove & Odet's new map coming soon (Sharing our new home with Guardians of Freerealms now! No more rules or laws or boundries more fun)

Link has been removed for protection reasons!


Guardians of the Realms, Nightfall Pack, Equinox Clan, Lightning clan, Skyfall clan, Maple clan, FR: Animals of Merry Valley


Blackpaw pack, BloodClaw clan


1. You are allowed to use magic & powers

2. No killing kits

3. No killing unless needed ( Last option )

4. Respect higher ranks in clan & allies

5. Kits can't hunt until 6 moons of age

6. No hurting other clan mates

7. Have fun!

8. No trespassing unless you have permission

9. Protect this clan with your life!

10. Listen To Nightstar o_o (please! For once ppl do it)