Current Cats

Leader: Cherrystar (Cherrypool-Moonstar)

Deputy: Looking

Medicine Cat: Looking for one

Warriors: Looking

Apprentices: Looking

Kits: Looking

Queens: None

Elders: Looking


NightfallClan has been renamed HollyClan

Cherrystar is going to join another Clan

Old FR List: Cats (Most Active)

Leader: Cherrystar (Flora Moonstar)

Deputy: none

Medicine Cat(s): Swiftstrike (Sarah Swiftstrike)

Senior Warrior(s): Dovecloud (Brittany Blazegem) and Rosefur (Brooke Hexdream1)


  • Sageheart (Sage Hope)
  • Everfall (katniss everdeenrox)
  • BloodFlower (Lin Sunnymph)
  • Violetbreeze (Olivia Violetheart1)
  • Skyheart (Angel Skysummit)
  • Moonbreeze (Moon Madi)
  • Thornclaw (ThornPaw)


  • None


  • Rosekit (Tatianna Rose)
  • Lilykit (Katia LilyCrystal)
  • Dustkit (Isabelle Cullen)
  • Sunkit (Golden Sun)


Leader: Leader (Sometimes Deputy)

Officer: Deputy, Trusted Meds, and Senior Warriors.

Member: Warriors

Recruit: Kit



  1. No going on other clan territory
  2. Stay in a warriors or apprentices sight
  3. Dont steal Cherrystar's CatMint
  4. No imaginary things killing you


  1. No going on other clan territory
  2. Feed kits, elders, and queens before yourself
  3. Dont steal Cherrystar's CatMint
  4. Fight for your Clan
  5. Do not have kits
  6. Do not mate
  7. No going out of the Clan Territory without premission


  1. No mating with medicine cats
  2. Just because you are a warrior does not mean you are free to do whatever you want
  3. Take care of kits and elder
  4. Do not ask to be an officer, your time will come
If you do not follow these rules there will be a punishment, Thank You ~Cherrystar

All must follow the Warrior Code


Territory Map 1
Map of FR Warriors 1

Shrouded Glade and down the river from there, share with LightClan and AcornClan


Free Realms is gone :-(


  • TearDrop Clan
  • BloodLust Clan
  • Eleniel Clan
  • Warrior kitts of Star Clan
  • BloodClaw Clan
  • Nightfall Werewolf pack
  • SilverMatrix Clan
  • Equinox Clan
  • Shadow Clan
  • FrozenMoon Clan
  • Sasparilla Clan
  • DarkMoon Clan
  • Animal Warriors of Forest Tribe
  • Tiger Clan
  • LightWave Clan
  • Light Clan
  • DarkSun Clan
  • Falcon Clan
  • Tigerpaw Werewolf Pack
  • BlackMist Clan
  • GreenLeaf Clan
  • WolfCat Clan
  • DarkLight Clan
  • BlueMist Clan
  • Always looking for more


Currently none

Currently in War with.....


Formal Leaders and Deputies

Nightfur (Formal Deputy)- left and became a rouge after 3 months of being deputy

Swiftstrike(Formal Deputy)- decided to take on the life of a medicine cat

Snowpelt(Flormal Deputy)- left and joined BloodclawClan to take a break. Wanted to come back as deputy but Cherrystar told him to be deputy you have to be able to take on responsibilities. Then fully resigned and joined his mate Stormclaw (queen jenna) in BlueMist Clan.

Warrior Ceremony (Speech)

"I, Cherrystar, leader of HollyClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. She/He has trained hard to understand the ways of our noble code, an d I commend her/him to you as a warrior in her/his turn."


"Do you promise to uphold the warrior code and protect and defend your Clan, even if it costs you life?"

"I do."

"Then by the powers of StarClan I give you your warrior name." " ____paw." "From this moment on you will be known as _________. StarClan honors your _____________________, and welcomes you as a full warrior of Nightfall Clan."