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Book Titles of End of the Clans

First Book: Shine

Second book: Skies

Third Book: Dove

Fourth Book: End
Envy on the Coast Mirrors lyrics-0

Envy on the Coast Mirrors lyrics-0

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Fifth Book: Night

Sixth Book: War

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Main cats

  • Dovewing (DarkBlaze Clan)
    Trailer~ End Of The Clans-1

    Trailer~ End Of The Clans-1

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  • Silverstar (TigerClan)
  • Jayfeather (Darkblaze Clan)
  • Jaggedheart (MossClan)
  • Darkblazingstar (Darkblaze Clan)
  • Redstar (WhiteThunder Clan)
  • Halfmoon (DarkBlaze Clan)
  • Dovekit (DarkBlaze Clan)

    End of the Clans

What I took from the Books

1# twoleg traps

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What the Cats look like






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Chapter 1

The sun was almost down, It was Half moon and all the Medicine Cats had to got to the Moon Pool. Dovewing looked into the water and sighed "Dovewing, is every thing ok?" A voice beside her asked. "I am fine" Dovewing replied. Dovewing froze... She heard some thing... sounded like other cats talking but no body was talking they were all waiting for the sun to go down. I must tell Jayfeather Dovewing told her self. "nothing is wrong" She repeated. The sun had gone down and they had started drinking 

some water to share tounges with StarClan. She drank some water and layed down. She was in a dark forest, "Hello?" she yowled. She saw Tigerstar and Darkstripe, "Come out Dovewing we know your there" She padded out the brambles and made it to them. "Hello, Dovewing. we have been waiting" Dovewing staried in horror when Darkstripe said that. "What do you want?!" Dovewing unshealthed her claws and they turned into wind. "We must warn you. Danger is coming." They finshed and dissapers. She ran away through the thick forest. Next she saw Feathertail and Stormfur. "Danger is coming, Follow us" They meowed and started to run through the forest and she went after them. They made it to a open area, no trees but all around the area was trees. There was a puddle in the middle of the lake. She looked into the water and saw her self as a kit. Then she saw Jayfeather as a kit, then Jayfeather disapered and battling cats showed up. Cats fell to the ground, some dead, some badly hurt, Dovewing tried to stop her self from jumping into the puddle and she didnt. What does this 

mean? She thought, then she saw her Clanmates fall to the ground. Jayfeather was there, and DarkBlazingstar, The drove the enemies off but it wasnt over then, 'Before there is peace, Blood will spill blood and the lake will run red. She heard in her mindShe woke up and found her self crouching by the Moonpool, "Dovewing, we thought you were dead" Dovewing heard Willowbreeze's mrrow of laughter. She got up without a word and they started padded toward their territorys, Silversplash first then Goldenfur and so on, TigerClan's Medicine Cat was last because their territory is the farest. She got to the twoleg gate the protected their Camp and she sliped past it making sure no twolegs followed. She saw a cat run in frount of her then into the brambles on her left side. "Hello? Jayfeather? You there?" Dovewing padded toward the brambles till she heard a deep voice behind her, "Get out of our territory!" She spun around to see a dark shadowy cat, she couldnt tell who the cat was it was too dark. "Now!" The cat pined her and bit her neck deeply. "Get off me!" Dovewing hissed in their ear and pushed the cat off. "Dovewing?" She heard the cat mew and walk into the moon light. "I am so sorry!" Jewlheart meowed. "It fine" Dovewing meowed and padded toward her den. The Prophecy spined in her head, Before there is peace, Blood will spill blood and the lake will run red.

Dovewing woke up and is was very cold. She padded out the den and saw Jayfeather coughing whitecough, greencough, and blackcough watch out, here we come, Dovewing sighed. She padded to Jayfeather, "Jayfeather, you need to eat this Tansy and Honey before you get Greencough or even Blackcough" Jayfeather wouldnt eat the herbs. She went to her den to put the herbs back, her fur's ends were frozen, her icy gase was at the ground. She coughed hardly and her nose sniffed of running nose. These times are going to be tuff She told her self. The day was hard and lots of cats were getting sick... Jayfeather needed to be treated or some thing would happen. Dovewing padded out of camp to get more herbs. Her torn ears twiched, She heard a fant meow from not far away, "Ravenstar wants to be a warrior!" she smelled the scent of DarkMoon Clan, She padded were the voice was and saw Echosong. She jumped out of the thorns and yowled her back-up cry. "Get out of my territory!" She hissed to the warrior and deputy. Jayfeather and a patrol came out of the torns, "What- Echosong! Get out we never welcomed you and your warriors here-" her voice was interuped by her coughing. "We will be back Jay" Echosong and her warrior backed up and disapered. Dovewing stared in horror. Is war going to break out in the Clans? who is going to stop these cats? StarClan help us! Dovewing thought and prayed StarClan would help. The patrol started to camp and Jayfeather padded towared Dovewing, "Dovewing, why would our allies start war? did you hear any signs?" Dovewing looked at her and started, "I heard a prophecy" and went on, "Before there is pease, Blood will spill blood and the lake will run red." Jayfeather stared in her eye with horror in her's. Dovewing stoped in her path, "I dont think its our allies who are starting war, I think it is just one cat", and went on, "Maybe its not our allies, maybe its the deputy, maybe its not the leaders fault, maybe its Ravenstars fault for picking the wrong cat to be her deputy?" Dovewing got up and followed the patrol and left Jayfeather to sit there alone. Dovewing went to her den and ate some honey and tansy. It was night fall and all the Clan was asleep. Dovewing went to the lake to get a drink. She looked in the water and the lake turned red from the refekeson of the sun. Dovewing gasped in horror Could it be true? She thought.

Chapter 2

Jayfeather layed down by the Fresh-kill pile and picked a bunny. Dovewing sat by her and started coughing, "Are you ok, Dovewing?" Dovewing looked at her, "I am fine" Dovewing padded out the Camp. Everybodys sick this leaf-bare! Jayfeather told her self, We need to find the other Power Of Three. Jayfeather finshed the fresh-kill and padded out of camp to look where Dovewing had went. She picked up Dovewing's scent trail. Dovewing had went to the lake, she was standing there as if she was waiting for somebody to come. No body did come, she was there alone. She heard a voice behind her, "Jayfeather, you know Dovewing has had a long and hard life" Jayfeather spun around to see Shellheart, "I havent known her for a long time, but I can tell if some body haves been through alot or not." Could Shellheart be the other Power Of Three? No! Jayfeather blinked, "I know I havent been through alot but, I can some how feel her pain." Shellheart rasped her tounge over Jayfeather's ear. "Go, help her, Jayfeather. She needs you." Shellheart watched Jayfeather go to Dovewing. "Are you sure your ok, Dovewing?" Dovewing spun around. "Oh- Jayfeather you scared the fur off of me!" Dovewing gasped. Jayfeather pressed her muzzle against hers. "Its ok," Jayfeather muttered in Dovewing's torn ear, "Its ok." 

It was raining. Darkblazingstar at the head and Jayfeather right beside him. It was Full Moon that mean they had a Gathering. Lakeshine and Shellheart took the rear. Dovewing beside Oakpaw her apprentice. They climbed up the slope to a icy cold, four trees. Darkblazingstar let the cats go. "Stay close to me" Jayfeather heard Dovewing order her apprentice. Jayfeather padded where all the Deputies were. Featherwhisp, Echosong, Crookedleg, where there. "Hello, Echosong" Jayfeather dipped her head. Echosong just snorted with anger. "Hello, Featherwhisp." They both dipped their heads to each other. Crookedleg and Jayfeather just looked at each other then looked away. "The Gathering has begain!" Jayfeather heard Hollystar yowl. "Darkblazingstar, would you like to go first?" Darkblazingstar nodded, "We have a new Medicine Apprentice, Oakpaw!" and went on, "We found DarkMoon Clan in our territory, We have less prey in this Leaf-bare." and went on, "Some of our Warriors are sick, But that doesnt make us any weaker! We found twoleg traps in our territory, Dovewing found them and got her paw stuck in it, she is fine." Darkblazingstar backed up when he finshed. "Prey is scarce," Hollystar begain, "Some of our warriors are also sick." Ravenstar padded up, "We are sorry, Darkblazingstar, that two of our warriors were in your territory," Jayfeather yowled, "They were disrepecting you!" Ravenstar ignored Jayfeather's yowl. "We have some sick warriors, prey is running good." Then Shatteredstar padded up, "Our prey is going good, herbs arent that scarce. We have also found the twoleg traps in our territory, Our river is running fine as it has." The gathering had ended and cats had started sharing tounges with each other. Dovewing sat alone, "Go to her." Jayfeather turned around and saw Lionshadow, a DarkMoon Clan warrior. Jayfeather's eyes widened. How did she know?! Jayfeather gasped. "Go... NOW!" Jayfeather slowly backed up and then turned around and ran away. "Hey, Dovewing." Dovewing looked up from her paws, "Hey," She meowed softy as if she hasnt used it for a time. "Are you sure your ok?" Dovewing sighed She looked up from her paws, "Of corse I am fine" She got up when DarkBlazingstar told them it was time to leave. "Whats it like being Deputy for so long?" Dovewing asked Jayfeather. "Its like you are one step closer from power." Jayfeather's eyes gleamed at Dovewing as they walked to camp. Dovewing looked away, they were almost to camp. They slid past the twoleg gate. Kits were playing in camp. Dovewing purred. "Hey, Dovewing" It was Jewlheart. "Hey, Jewlheart" Dovewing kep going to den. "Jayfeather, whats with her? What did I say?" Jayfeather blinked, "Its nothing, she is just not having a good day today." Jayfeather got up and went to her den. It was moonfall. Everybody was sleeping.

Jayfeather had a dream. "Jayfeather! Jayfeather! Wake up!" Jayfeather looked up, she was in StarClan's hunting grounds. She saw a StarClan cat, Mapleshade. "Lion is the next Power Of Three" Who? what? when? how? Jayfeather blinked her self awake in the dream. "Lionshadow? but she is in DarkMoon Clan!" Mapleshade, the tom, padded to her, "It can happen" he put his muzzle against her's, "For now, take care of Dovewing" Than fadded away. Jayfeather stodd there shocked. 

Chapter 3

Was Lionshadow the other Power Of Three? Or was it just a dream? I have to tell Dovewing about this she is a medicine cat, She will know what to do! Jayfeather thought and padded to Dovewing's den. Maybe I shouldnt disterb her from her sleep Jayfeather backed up to the Fresh-kill pile and layed down and started eating a vole. "Hey, Jayfeather" It was Lakeshine. She layed down next to her. "Oh, Hey, Lakeshine" Lakeshine nibbled on her fish. Jayfeather finshed and got up to go hunt. "If your going hunting we can go together." Jayfeather heard a voice beside her. It was Watersplash. "sure, let me go check up on Dovewing first." Jayfeather padded across the clearing and made it to the thorns that protected Dovewing's den. "Dovewing?" Jayfeather ignored the thorns that were pulling on her fur. She made it to the den. Dovewing was looking through her herbs with Oakpaw. "Tonight we will have to go to the Moonpool, Oakpaw needs his Medicine Cat name." Dovewing wasnt looking at Jayfeather but her tail was pointing at her. "Ok, but its up the Darkblazingstar not me." Dovewings torn ear flicked. "Ok, go get him." Dovewing told Jayfeather. Jayfeather padded out the den to Darkblazingstar's den. "Darkblazingstar?" Jayfeather padded through the ferns and into the hole. "Yes, Jayfeather, how can I help you?" Darkblazingstar was laying in the shadows. "Dovewing and Oakpaw want to go to the Moonpool tonight because Oakpaw needs his Medicine Cat name." Darkblazingstar sighed, "They can go, IF you go with them." Darkblazingstar went on, "You were once a Medicine Cat, that means you need to tell StarClan that you also agree Oakpaw should be a Medicine Cat and your happy about leaving your rank." His nod was a dissale, Jayfeather padded out Darkblazingstar's den and into Dovewing's again. This is going to take forever! Jayfeather thought. "What did he say?" Jayfeather's fur tinged. "He said you could go, if I go with you guys." Dovewing sighed with relieve. "Ok, we go tonight. You should go, Watersplash is waiting for you." Jayfeather and Dovewing meet gazes but looked away. "Ok, Watersplash" Jayfeather called as she padded out the den. Jayfeather, and Watersplash lead a patrol. When they got out of camp Jayfeather tasted the air for a scent of prey, Jayfeather unshealthed her claws and went in the hunting crouch. She stalked forwared. She smelled a vole and some thing else mixed in with the vole. Jayfeather had wasted to much time already so she jumped at it biteing the little vole's neck. Then she felt weight on her back, claws go into her shoulders. "Who is there!" She smelled DarkMoon but couldnt tell who it was. She rolled over on her back smaching the attacker to face them. She got up and faced the attacker. The other cat jumped at her but missed. "Get out of my territory!" Jayfeather clawed their face making them not be able to see. Jayfeather pinned them down and put her claws into their chest and riped it open. The attacker yowled and fled in the trees. Jayfeather limped, coughing back to the patrol. "Jayfeather! What happened?" Watersplash ran up to her. "Darkmoon Clan... Attacked." They all padded towared the camp. "I am going to tell Darkblazingstar first." Jayfeather limped past the croud of cats and to Darkblazingstar again like she did this morning. "I am smell blood. Come in Jayfeather." Jayfeather padded out of the shadows and where her leader could see her. "What happened?" Jayfeather looked at her, one eye closed, one open but blind. "DarkMoon attacked." Darkblazingstar's eyes widened with fear. "Ok, Its time for a Clan meeting." DarkBlazingstar and Jayfeather padded out of the den. DarkBlazingstar jumped on the high rock and called for the meeting, Jayfeather took her place on the high rock also. "DarkMoon Clan has attacked." the leader started, "We shall make more hunting patrols and patrols! Jayfeather was hunting and got attacked by a DarkMoon Clan cat." Dovewing was treating Jayfeathers wounds. "How are her wounds, Dovewing?" Dovewil looked up from treating Jayfeather. "She has a missing eye, buts thats the only wound that I need to really check up on." Jayfeather had cob webs where her missing eye is. Dovewing jumped down to the ground with the other cats. "Dovewing, have you seen any more twoleg traps?" Dovewing nodded. Darkblazingstar jumped off the highrock and started making patrols. "No! Jayfeather your not going any where. Your going to my den." Dovewing went in front of Jayfeather before she could go any more. "Fine" They both padded to her den. "The only time you can leave this den is when we go to the Moonpool." Jayfeather layed down in a nest and sleep. "Wake up Jay!" Jayfeather woke. She scented Dovewing, "its time to go" Jayfeather scented herbs at her paws and she ate them. "good lets go." They padded out of the dark camp. they climbed the mountains. They made it to a pool. Jayfeather sat down so did Oakpaw and Dovewing, "Oakpaw, is it your wish to enter the mysteries of StarClan as a medicine cat?" Oakpaw looked at her, "It is" Dovewing went on, "Then come forward, Warriors of StarClan, I present to you this apprentice. He has chosen the life of a medicine cat. Grant him your wisdom and insight so that he/she may understand your ways and heal his Clan in accordance to your will. I give you the name of, Oakleaf" They both drink from the Moonpool and have dreams. Jayfeather read Dovewing's mind so she could know whats going on, but Dovewing blocked her. They made it back to camp and went to their dens. "Just wait till we attack." Jayfeather heard a voice out side the camp but ignored it.

Chapter 4 (Short Chapter, sorry)

Dovewing woke up and padded out the den trying not to wake any body up. It was raining and every body was asleep. Jayfeather, why dont you let me go? Dovewing thought and padded out of the den, fur wet, She made it to the lake and sat there. She looked up at the sky. Dovewing cried, she remembered her and

Christina Perri - A Thousand Years Official Music Video-0

Christina Perri - A Thousand Years Official Music Video-0

Listen to this and read the 4th chapter

 Blackpelt, her kit Snowkit. Then how he tried to kill her. She closed her eye to try to remember what her mother looked like, all she could see was Jayfeather She feels like a mother to me now. I love you little sister Dovewing smiled. She heard something in the bushs. She ignored it. Father where are you? She looked around and saw a stary cat padd towared her. "Dovewing, Its me" She ran towared the stary cat. "Stormfur! Dad" He put his muzzle on her head. She cried happly. "I missed you so much, dad." She looked at him. "You have been through alot." He went on, "I wish I could have helped." her eye widened, "So, its time?" Stormfur shok his head, "You have apprentice, a family, and friends. I would never take them away from you." He disapred. "Stay strong" She heard a voice in her head. She sat by the water. "Hello, Dovewing." She spun around and saw two cats, "I am Swifteyes and this is Darkfang." Dovewing unsheathed her claws and they turned to wind. "What do you want?!" Dovewing hissed. "If we are going to fight then lets fight" Swifteyes and Darkfang looked at each other. then looked at Dovewing. "Fine." Dovewing spat back, "I am going to win any way." Darkfang jumped at Dovewing but Dovewing moved out of the way. Dovewing pinned Swifteyes and put her claws in Swifteye's chest and riped it open, "Is all DarkBlaze Clan going to do that?" Darkfang spat. Dovewing bit Swifteye's head with her Saber-tooth-tiger teeth. Dovewing turned around and clawed Darkfang's eyes, She bit his neck then threw him in the lake. Then he swam away. Swifteyes got up then ran away but half away there she fell to the ground. Dovewing poked her in the rips. Swifteyes was dead. Dovewing picked up her body and draged it to camp. It was sunhigh an every body was up. "Dovewing, what is that." Dovewing put the body in the clearing, "Swifteyes attacked me last night, I killed her." DarkBlazingstar came to see, "We must take the body back to them." Jayfeather padded to the body, "Do you think they would want her back?" Darkblazingstar looked at Jayfeather, "We would like to grieve over our dead Clanmates I think they would to." Watersplash and Jewlheart went to give the body back. Dovewing sat down and looked at her paws till she heard the Clan, "Dovewing, Dovewing, Dovewing!" Dovewing looked up and saw her Clanmates. She got up and went to her den. On the way she heard cats whispering about her. When she got to her den she layed down and slept. What to do what to do she sighed.

Chapter 5

Dovewing layed by the fresh-kill pile and nibbled on her mouse, she watched the kits play and remembered she never had a real kit-hood. The sun leaked through the tree branchs, dew on the leaves fell to the ground. Jayfeather walked to her, "Jay I am dying." Jayfeather's eyes widened. "What do you mean 'Dying'" Dovewing looked at the ground and sighed, "I will dye soon, I will be with Twilightclaw and my StarClan family," yet she went on, "You will meet a kit in our territory named Dovekit, she is my reborn, teach her every thing about the Tribe for she is a Power Of Three and she will take my place in the Element Cats and the Power Of Three." Jayfeather brushed her muzzle against Dovewing's as a good bye. "I wish to dye were my memories are." Dovewing got up and padded out of camp I will be with Blackstar, Dovewing thought. padded to the edge of the territory, then into Skyfall Clan's. She traveled on the border, making sure she didnt get caught. She made it to her old territory when she was in the Tribe Of Rushing Water, with her mother Air and her father Stoneteller. She layed down by the lake and cryed. Jayfeather had been following her. She gasped for breath then layed still for a second, "Jay... Goodbye,,, I... will... always... watch... over... you... from... Star... Clan." Jayfeather ran to her, "No! Dovewing dont leave me! I will look for the kit, I promise I will find her." Dovewing's eye closed slowly then she gerked one time then layed there, still. Jayfeather yowled at the sky, "No! Why StarClan, why?!" Jayfeather felt cats around her, then the feeling dissapered. Jayfeather padded back to camp slowly. "Why are you on Skyfall Clan territory?" Jayfeather turned to see a cat watching her. She was on Meadow Clan territory now she was on Skyfall Clan territory. "My sister just dyed over by the lake in MeadowClan territory, I went to go say goodbye before she dyed." Jayfeather heard a snarl, "Wrong! I dont believe you! Get in your territory before I make you!" Jayfeather looked back one more time then ran to her territory. Jayfeather made it to her territory then she heard some thing but ignored it and went back to camp. she padded to DarkBlazingstar's den. "Yes, Jayfeather?"  Jayfeather looked up from her paws, "Dovewing, is dead." Jayfeather could see Darkblazestar's eyes widen. "So Oakleaf is the new Medicine Cat." Jayfeather cryed. Darkblazingstar padded to Jayfeather, "Its ok, she is in a better place, why dont you go take a walk?" Jayfeather nodded and padded out the den. She padded out the camp till Watersplash stoped her, "Where is Dovewing?" Jayfeather looked at her, "She dyed." Watersplash's eyes widened. Jayfeather padded out the camp and heard some thing in the bush. "Hello?" a little head poped out, It was a kit, very light silver with stripes on her. "Hello, I am Dovekit." Jayfeather looked at the kit, "Your meh sisters reborn, Dovekit, I am your sister." Dovekit jumped Jayfeather's head, "kool! Where is your camp? Is it big? Can you be my mother/sister?" Jayfeather purred, "Yes and my camp is big," They padded to the camp, "Dark, we have a new kit!." Darkblazingstar padded out his den and looked at the kit, "What your name?" Dovekit looked up at him, "my name is Dovekit." Darkblazingstar's eyes widened and looked at Jayfeather. "I will take her to a queen." Jayfeather picked up Dovekit from her scruff and started climbing where the queens were. The made it to the den. "Hello, queens, Can one of you take care of this kit?" Jayfeather asked and put down the kit. Jewelheart nodded and Dovekit raced towared her, "my name is Dovekit." the kit looked up at her. "Have some milk my dear." Dovekit nodded and started slucking. Jayfeather looked at Dovekit and shoke her head. I found her Dovewing, just for you Jayfeather padded to her den. The sun had gone down and she layed in her den and slep. 

Jayfeather was asleep. She was in StarClan's hunting grounds. She saw a stary cat a couple of tail ways in front of her. "Dovewing?" the cat looked up, it was Dovewing. "I will always be with you, Jayfeather." her one eye blinked. Her pelt had no scars, she looked as if she was a new warrior. "Dovewing, I miss you." Dovewing padded to Jayfeather and brushed her muzzle against hers. "Goodbye, my sister, I will always watch over you from StarClan to make sure you will live a long happy life." The dream ended. Jayfeather woke from her sleep, and padded to the fresh-kill pile. She almost steped on Dovekit, "Sorry, Dovekit" She moved out of the way. "Its fine." Dovekit jumped onto another kit. Jayfeather layed by the fresh-kill pile and watched the kits play. Shellheart sat by Jayfeather, "You know Dovekit looks like you in a way and kind of like Dovewing." Jayfeather looked at her, "Yea I guess." Jayfeather looked at her vole she had been eating. "Want the rest of my vole?" Jayfeather ask Shellheart and passed it to her. "Thanks" Shellheart purred and started to eat the vole. Jayfeather got up and went to Dovekit. "Want to play?" Dovekit's eyes gleamed when Jayfeather asked that. "Sure, teach me some battle moves!" Dovekit got in a crouch and wiggled around. "ok, put your butt down first." Jayfeather purred. Dovekit got in a crouch, butt down, tail still like a stick. "now jump." Dovekit jumped on top of Jayfeather's head. "Like that?" Dovekit squeaked. Jayfeather purred, "purrfect." Jayfeather put Dovekit down on the ground. That night was the halfmoon and Medicine Cats were going. "Bye, Oakleaf." Oakleaf padded out the camp but looked back to tell Jayfeather some thing, "It will not be the same without Dovewing, I miss her as much as you do." Oakleaf turned back and padded out the camp. Jayfeather padded to the queen den. "Goodnight, Dovekit." Jayfeather whispered to her. Jayfeather padded to her den and slep.

Chaper 6

Halfmoon woke up and padded to the fresh-kill pile. She sat in the shadows and watched Dovekit play. She was only five moons old and.she still had to think about what she want to train to be. Darkblazingstar and Jayfeather were talking and they called over Dovekit. Halfmoon couldnt really hear what they were saying but she only heard, "Dovekit, are you sure you want to be a Medicine Cat?" Dovekit nodded when Darkblazingstar stoped talking. They finshed talking and went back to what they were doing. Dovekit's ear twiched, she heard something. Jayfeather must have heard it also because she stod still. Everybody went quiet. Then a cat jumped out of the brambles and padded to the closest cat, Dovekit. "Hello, kit-warrior." The warrior sneared. "What are you, an apprentice? Almost it good enough for me." the warrior's claws were unshealthed and ready to go. The warrior let out a battle cry and about a whole Clan of cats jumped out of the brambles. The warrior clawed Dovekit and she ran away. Halfmoon got up right away and started to claw an enemy. Halfmoon remembered how Dovewing would fight beside her when Oakleaf didnt need help, Jayfeather and Darkblazingstar was fighting side by side. Cats were falling on the ground, some dead, some badly hurt. A warrior jumped on Halfmoon and bit her neck before she blacked out she was able to hurt the cat. Halfmoon blacked out.

She woke up it was sunhigh, has it been a moon already?! Halfmoon thought. She was in the Medicine den and she looked over her shoulder and saw Dovekit, her side covered with cob webs and her leg covered with cob webs. "Good morning, Halfmoon." Oakleaf welcomed. Halfmoon just looked away. Darkblazingstar had called a Clan meeting, so she got up and went in the clearing. Everything was damaged, cats, dens. Darkblazingstar and Jayfeather was on top of the high rock. Dovekit was limped past Halfmoon. "Oakleaf, are you sure your ready to take an apprentice?" Oakleaf nodded. "Dovekit you shall be known as Dovepaw till you get your Medicine Cat name." Darkblazingstar paused, "We got attacked by DarkMoon Clan. We have to rebuild the camp and rebuild our health. We lost Watersplash in the battle, she was a brave warrior." Dovepaw looked down at the ground. Rosekit looked at Oakleaf like she was wishing something. Does Rosekit want to be a Medicine Cat? Halfmoon thought. Watersplash's body was in the middle of camp. Dovepaw padded to the body when the Clan meeting ended. Dovepaw sat by Waterplash. Jayfeather padded to Dovepaw, she said something Halfmoon couldnt hear. The day was just starting and we already lost a warrior. Lakeshine and Shellheart was also sitting vigl for Watersplash, they were her best friends because they were both apprenticed and got their warrior names at the same time. Halfmoon padded out of camp to hunt. She sliped past the frozen tooleg gate. She padded to the frozen, icy lake. Halfmoon put one paw on the ice then both of her front paws. She climbed on the ice and unshealthed her claw. A vole was on the ice. She crouched down and jumped at the vole biteing its neck and killing it. She heard a crake sound. She fell into the water letting out a yowl. Maybe Dovepaw would hear her or Jayfeather. Help! somebody help! She tried to yowl. She closed her eyes and opened them two mins after. She felt snow! There was a cat standing over her, "Am I in StarClan?" Halfmoon coughed. She heard a giggle, "No, not yet, I saved you." There was a light gray tom with black stripes on him. "My name is Grayheart." Halfmoon blinked, "My name is Halfmoon." Grayheart helped her up. Halfmoon blushed. Jayfeather and Dovepaw padded up to her. "What happened?" Jayfeather asked. "Grayheart saved me." Dovepaw was looking at the frozen lake. "Lets just get back to camp." Dovepaw started to padd to camp. "See you at the gathering." Halfmoon purred to Grayheart and padded away to camp. When they got to camp it was gathering time. Halfmoon padded with the Clan to the gathering place. She saw Grayheart. Halfmoon looked around and padded to Grayheart, "Hey, Grayheart." He was a DarkMoon Clan cat. "Hey, Halfmoon." he purred. she sat next to him. "Halfmoon, i know we dont know each other but I love you, meet me here every night at twilight." Halfmoon's eyes widened when he said that. She slowly nodded and saw his eyes glew with happyness. She looked around fastly to make sure no body else heard. "The Gathering has started!." Hollystar yowled. Darkblazingstar padded up, "We got attacked by DarkMoon Clan, we lost Watersplash. Dovekit is now Dovepaw and she is training to be a Medicine cat. Ravenstar one of your warriors hurt Dovepaw when she was a kit when she guys attacked." Darkblazingstar padded in Ravenstar's face. "That was, Darkfang." Ravenstar backed up. Halfmoon could see Darkfang crouch down in hide. "and we didnt attack" The crowd gasped in horror. "Yes you did!" Jayfeather yowled. "Yea we did Ravenstar." Echosong told her leader. (will finsh this later)