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Alligeances: {main}

Leader: Sorrelstar (Former: Hollystar or Holly Storm)

Deputy: WolfHeart (Derpÿ)

Medicine Cat: LavaHeart (One of our old meds, she doesnt have FH yet), PoisonHeart



We moved to FeralRealms and picked a new territory there.

Lakeshore, the camp near the lake, mountains and portal that leads to Eastern Wilds.


Allies and Enemies

Allies: Eclipse Clan, Dawn Clan, MoonFall Clan, Sky Clan, DarkSkies Clan, Timberclan, BloodclawClan, ShadowClan, and more

Enemies: Posion Ivy, Amber Clan and Meadow Clan

SkyfallClan History

Down below in the Category section ~SorrelStar


Project Freerealms is no more. It was shut down because the creators didn't want to be getting sued by Daybreak for copyright -Sorrel :3

Prey Hunted

  • Mice (that burrow and eat nuts)
  • Voles (land and water)
  • Fish (small fish like sunfish, salmon, and bluegills)
  • Squirrels
  • Small birds (like sparrows, robins, kesterals, and crows)

Prey Not Hunted

  • Frogs/Toads (ewww...)
  • Deer (it's not even possible for a cat to kill one... ._.)
  • Big fish (like catfish)
  • Rabbits
  • Giant birds (like hawks, eagels, and turkey valtures because obviously they'd kill us first)

FH usernames

dapurplecreepah: SorrelStar (Derpÿ made one for her and will use this acc to recruit until the real Sorrel will get FH)

acna2009: WolfHeart (Derpÿ)

shihtzu14: Cheyyliel

Flags, pics, etc

laterrrrrrr ~Derpÿ