This is not Element Cats, these cats are either born with these powers or earn them over time. Every cat who is gifted has wings. They are gifts from Star Clan. Please ask me (Cherrypool-Moonstar) to put you with this gift. Star Clan honors all cats greatly, but these cat were chosen with the responsability. There are only two cats per gift. Thank you ^ ^   


If you have a StarClan Gift and you are an element, you can combine your powers to be even stronger and discover different combined powers. All Star Clan Gifted Cats have wings, if your wings get wet you lose your powers, unless you are Water.


Gift Wiki:

This wiki is for you to see the lastest stuff on StarClan gifted Cats. You can add a page about you and stuff like that. Check it out!

Element Wiki:'


Current: Cherrypool and Vinestar

Powers: You can control plants whenever you want. They listen to you and do what you pleaseCan transform into a nature spirit, a plant, animal, or twoleg  (I know the twoleg part is weird) Can also shape-shift. 

Personality: Generous, kind, sometimes shy, have wings, wear a band made of twigs on head

Bad Things: You can over grow your den at night


Current: Nightfur and Apprentice: Not Taken

Powers: You can talk to animals and get them to do what you want, and shapeshift

Personality: Kind, Shy, and funny, have soft gental wings

Bad: If you are rude, animals will not listen


Current: Stormy Flight (Good) and Apprentice: Not Taken
Levitate by finchwing-d5k312c

This is my character, Stormy Flight :D

Powers: You can create any storm at anytime

Personality: At Random, the two that are chosen are opposites, one usues them for evil, the other for good, have a purple streak on your flank, the good cat has wings that are a white-purple, bad has wings that are black-purple

Bad Things: It is hard to use storms for good

Charm Speak

Current: Stormclaw (Queen Jenna) and Apprentice: not taken (She-cats only)

Powers: You can get whatever you want to do whatever you want, putting them in a trance k
Red cat with wings

StormClaw (lol i love this picture)

ind of

Personality: Kind, understanding, and greedy. Very beautiful, with sparkling wings

Bad Things: Cannot trick leaders 


Current: NightStar and Apprentice: StarLight

make it grow up walls, Snow cat can control snow and frost the area. She can shoot ice spikes at anyone if they go on the wrong side. Her claws can turn to ice. She can turn into a Snow Serpent. She can make Golden Snow fall, it's how she earn her Leaf bare name Golden Flake.

Personality: Shy, kind, but they easily get ticked off, fur is very soft, paw steps are so soft their never heard.

NightStar's fur can change to blue sky and stars of the night, her tail at the end is a snowflake, she has brilliant star wings.

Bad Things: They can over freeze their camp, lose control if someone makes them, anger can over grow inside them and soon they are out of control.

She can change her ways, she is good but unless you want her to turn, it's something different


Crystalheart (Good) and Bubblekit (Evil)

Power: They are like medicine cats, they can talk to Star Clan whenever they like, star Clan uses good as an oracle, evil speaks to dark forest

Personality: Good cat in kind and gentel with soft white wings, Evil cat is cruel and feirce with silvery-black wings, they can use the force, ((from star wars) Cannot use on Leaders or other gifted cats)

(sorry i deleted the picture i was trying to move my picture to charm speak) ~stormclaw(FR name:queen jenna)


Current: Not taken

Apprentice: Not Taken

Power: You control the moon and you can make it different colours. You can also control what others see AND you control the night. When in battle, you can make mirages.

Personality: You appear to be out going and sometimes annoying, but you are honest and true and always show that there can be peace before war. Sometimes you get a spark of energy and want to go bad, but then the good side over powers the evil. You have black feathery wings that shimmer in moonlight. You are sisters with Cometstar [sun]

Bad: You sometimes want to be rebelious and can sometimes be superstitious of others. Also, sometimes you can have bad judgement.


Current: Cometstar Apprentice: AutumnLeave

  • Alike… Yet different...
  • Sun Power!
  • The Warmth.. Of the Sun
  • My pelt is not white xP
  • Unique :P
  • Me :3

Power: You can control the sun and make it different colors. You can also what others see AND control the day. When in battle you can make people's eyes burn. You can also control the day.

Personality: You appear to be out going and sometimes annoying, but you are honest and true and always show that there can be peace over war, Sometimes you get a spark of energy and want to go bad, but then the good side over powers evil. You have a bright pelt that glows, and wings that shine in the sunlight. You light up peoples feelings. Your sister is Storm.  

Bad: You sometimes want to be rebelious and can sometimes be superstitious to other. Also, sometimes have bad judgement.

Forms: Cat


Current: Stoneteller and Apprentice: Not Taken

  • I made this o.o
  • I MADE THIS!!!

Power: You can raise anything/one from the dead. You can make cats feel dark and empty. You can put them in trances that makes them feel sad.

Personality: You can be evil, but sometimes you are good. You have black eyes, with a silver pupil. You have a black skull shaped mark on your pelt. Black wings.

Bad: Well most of the time you are evil

Forms: Wolf, Cat, Vampire.

Black cat magic by sheblackdragon-d5x6peh

Necromancer Cat


Current: Jayflight and Apprentice: Not Taken

Power: You can make the sky change colors, you can also make rainbows! You a
  • .Jayflight :)
  • me ^^
  • .:P
  • flying away into the sunset xD
  • leaping into the midnight sky
  • itz me
  • awesomenessss

dd the stars in the sky in patterns, which lets a warrior from StarClan come in people's dreams. 

Personality: Sweet, kind, creative, and gentle, you have soft pretty wings. 


Current: Lionstar and Apprentice: Not Taken

Powers: Can summon fire out of thin air and control it

Personality: Feirce and Loyal. Can be over protective. Has wings that blaze

Bad: Hard to summon fire in moist air


Current: Swiftstrike and Halfmoon

Powers: Can control water, and can summon out of moist air.

Personality: Rough, kind, gental, random moods, easy to make them mad, they have glossy wings.

Bad: Hard to control water in dry air


Current: Jaggedheart and Apprentice: Not Taken

Powers: You can make cats see other cats' memories. You can make them see a memory from there past. You can give, or take away memories.

Personality: Kind, rough, sweet,and wise,has wings

Bad: You wander off in your mind,or you forget stuff XD


Current: Not Taken and Apprentice: Not Taken

Powers: You can control the flow of Space (Dimensions), you can teleport between places you are familiar with (as in, you can't teleport to places you have never been to, then again, Why would you want to?). You just work together with the Time gifted cat to keep balance in the universe. Make new Galaxies and Solar Systems.

Personality: Unattached from the world, kind, generous, sometimes greedy.

Bad: Your laziness


Current: Not Taken and Apprentice: Not Taken

Powers: You can control colors and make rainbows in the sky. You can color anything you want. You can make people feel happy or hyper.

Personality: Loving, sweet, kind, hyper, and happy. You love to play.

Bad: You can sometimes color things you are not suppose to.


Peace Cat

Current: Goldensun Apprentice:Not Taken

Powers: Can make anyone turn peaceful. Can stop fighting and is good at solving problems.

Personality: Kind, Peaceful, and Loving


Current: Jayfeather and Bubblefur Apprentice: Not Taken

  • Time Gifted Wolf
  • Keep calm and Warp time

Powers: You control the flow of Time. You are able to travel through time at will, you can also take your friends along with you. You can see into the Past and Future and freeze, slow, and stop time at will(But it easily wears you out). You work together with the Space gifted cat to keep balance in the universe.

Personailty: Unattached from the world, carefree, easily bored, quiet, lazy, a daydreamer

Bad: Your laziness