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The Meaning

When one of my teachers took me and two others to go see HTTYD in March 2010, of course I was glad, and yet after I saw this movie,, after I saw a friendship and bond be made, there was a sudden love for this movie, so I saw everything in that HTTYD manner, and on December 3, ok well before, one day I appeared in their world, found a dragon, created a friendship and became friends with Hiccup who is now my closest friend. In July 2013 when looking for something for my story, i came upon the teaser trailer and that excitement came and the love for it came back. The Special Meaning of this is close to my heart, but one day I know I must let go, leaving their world will break my heart and most likely Hiccups as well in the end, but will keep this alive in my heart forever.

Berk Dragon Academy

Head Dragon Rider: Hiccup

Second: Erin Nightshade

Third: Astrid

(more later

Warrior Cats of NightFury Clan

NightFury ClanDragon Academy

Head Dragon Rider/Trainer: Erin Nightshade

Second that will take charge when the leader is not around: Legend MoonStar

Other Riders: Lost the names from FR so please just ask me Erin Nightshade to join our Dragon Academy, i do actullyy have a plan since there is no Dragons on Feral Heart and Free Realms is shutting down, ok alright this will mean making another account on another game! The game will be DreamWorks: School of Dragons! This is where you can pick or choose any dragon except NightFury, why this because Toothless is the only Nightfury there. You will pick a dragon egg first, it could be a Deadly Nadder or possibly another If you get lucky, you can train, feed, and Ride. You can also name your Dragon as well.

The second Dragon Mentor or the one who knows Dragons well is Erin Nightshade, the first is of course Hiccup is the first

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