Hello, it's Erin Nightshade here, I deciedd to make some questions up, just to see how much you know and have noticed throughout my Legend Of Nightshade story, so can you handle these questions? Well let's find out! This is not a poll so give your answers in the comments below please, thanks.

1. What did Legend MoonStar turn into during the last part of the battle with Erin Nightshade, in the first part ever posted here "Into the World of the Clans"?

A. Fairy

B. Dark Spirit

C. Blood Moon

2. What is the Greatest Fear of Erin's that King Darkness Claw will make come true?

A. Killing Hiccup

B. End of the World ..

C. The corruption that was set on Erin so Darkness Claw could control her, and one day fight against Hiccup

3. What does the NightFury necklace that Erin gave Hiccup for Christmas do?

A. Burst into flames randomly

B. Tell Slade and Amon where Erin and the others are

C. Warn Hiccup that Erin is in trouble

4. How does Astrid feel now without Hiccup?

A. Lonely

B. Doesntt Care

C. Even though their not together, she still helps Hiccup

5. What will save Erin that only Hiccup can do, what is the cure?

A. Nothing

B. Darkness

C. Love

6. How strong is Hiccup and Erin's connection?

A. One that cannot be broken

B. Strong

C. Weak

7. Who does Erin care for more?

A. Hiccup

B. Rory

8. Who does Hiccup love more?

A. Erin

B. Astrid

9. Who is NightCrystal?

A. Another dragon wandering Berk

B. A dragon from Valka's Dragon Nest

C. Erin's second dragon

10. Who is Valka and what happened to her?

A. She is just another normal Viking woman

B. She lives with another tribe

C. She is Hiccup's mother and was abducted by dragons 20 years ago and has been living with the dragons and learning their ways while rescuing many also

11. What happened to Erin's Mother?

A. Nothing and she still lives

B. She was injured after the explosion after Hiccup went into the Dark Place and passed

C. Fire burned her through

More will come soon