Ik Ik this is so old but no one really knew why I went BloodMoon. Welp here ya go. o.o

Long ago, before Legend MoonStar was even a clan cat, a huntress named Aurora Ponysummit was around.

She used to hunt clan cats and other creatures for her greedy gold.

But her friend Solarsky taught her that wasn't the way, she taught her the life of the clan cats.

Aurora then knew what she was doing was wrong and started over in her new life as a clan cat. Thous naming herself Legend MoonStar.

Hoping that no one else would find out about her huntress pass.

After turning into a clan cat, she vowed that no other hunters would cross these paths and would keep them far away from her new family.

But a group of humans found out about this past secret and ended up warning ever clan about it.

The clans had forbidden and banished Legend MoonStar.

Feeling hate, sadness, rejection and much more, Legend MoonStar allowed darkness to consume her.


And destroying as many creatures as she could.