Recently someone has been spreading rumors saying that one Pack/Clan will attack another Pack/Clan. One was "DarkmoonClan is teaming up with BlackPaw Pack to take down SkyfallClan, BloodclawClan and PoisonoakClan". None of these rumors were true, so the Clans involved decided to track down the source. Shatteredheart (Bloodclaw leader) knew that Christopher knew the source but wouldn't tell because his daughter would be killed. I told him that I would gather allies to protect her in exchange for the name of the rumor-starter (If his daughter agreed). A day later he told me that it was Legend MoonStar. Legend has caused enough trouble in the Clans. If the wars she first started weren't enough to get her exiled from all Clans I don't know what will. Now she's trying to take down older Clans, make allies go to war, and she is an undercover Hunter (She even said so herself). She should be banned from all Clans in order to keep her from causing even more trouble in the Clan community.