Okay guys, I understand that the big territory map is out of date. It would be super helpful if all of the Clans here posted their own current territories so that way I can start from scratch and put everyone's borders in the right place. You can post your border by zooming in on an area of the Dungeon Map, screenshotting it, and then outlining your border in a color of your choice. If you can't take screenshots or don't know how you can just save the image and outline your border anyway, and I can still draw it on a new updated large map. I'm also available for in-game border tours (I usually draw the border as we move along so it's asaccurate as possible). Here is the Dungeon Map for anyone who needs it. 

Once again, it would be SUPER helpful if the Clans on the wiki showed me their border so I may update the territory map. Thanks! :) ~ Ravenstar (Ravenflight)