HD Warrior Cats Official Trailer 2012

HD Warrior Cats Official Trailer 2012

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This page is for any warriors who want to add their name and description. It'll go alphabetically by your warrior name. Just go ahead and add the name and description of yourself or anyone else you know. Use the example shown below. If you need any help just ask Darkheart for help! Thanks! (: GUYS FREE REALMS IS COMING BACK GO TO YOU TUBE AND SEARCH UP THE RISE OF FREE REALMS OFFICIAL VIDEO



May Star Clan be with you.

Warrior Name/Real Name/Gender/Clan/Rank/Fur Color/Mate

Warrior Cats


Warrior Name: Åutumnwhïsker / Real Name: Åutumnwhïsker / Gender: She-cat / Current Clan: Bloodclaw Clan / Fur Color: Orange, Black, Grey, & Pale Yellow / Rank: Deputy / Mate: Fuck love =-=


WarriorName: Blackpool/ Real Name: Skylar Bunny/ Gender: She-cat/ Current Clan: WarriorCats Of WhiteThunder Clan/ Rank: Medicine Cat

WarriorName: Bone / Real Name o.o: Bonë / Gender: Male / Current Clan: Warrior Cats of Bloodclaw clan / Rank: Warrior / Fur Color: I think you should read the books and figure it out o_o

Warrior Name: Blue Claw / Real Name: Zam / Gender: She-Cat / Current Clan: Warrior Cats of Bloodclaw clan / Rank: Warrior / Fur Color: White Cat with Green eyes *Mean and Agressive o-o*

Warrior Name: Bubblefur / Real Name: Derpy Bubblestar / Gender: She-Cat / Current Clan: Warrior Cats of Equinox Clan / Rank: Warrior / Fur Color: Brown, why? o.o

Warrior Name: BrokenShadow / Real Name: BrokenShadow / Gender: She-cat / Current Clan: Prism Clan / Fur Color: Black or Silver & Black Stripes


Warrior Name: skiumnwi ypeoin / Real Name: Bannana Power / Pack: Werewolfs of the moonlight / Gender: Male Cat / Rank: Puppy / Fur Color: Purple, with a touch of ligth pink / Eye Color: Black

Warrior Name: HibyeHibye / Real Name Yosh* / Clan: Warrior Cats of IDK Clan Gender: -Unknown I was born to be both!- / Rank: Lil new born / Fur Colour:My MOMMA / Eye Colour: Uhhhh am I suppose to know this D:????

Warrior Name: Cherryheart / Real Name: Cherryheart / Gender: She-cat / Clan: WarriorCats of Dawn Clan / Rank: Warrior

Warrior Name: CrystalStar / Real Name: Crystall Star / Gender: She Cat / Clan: Warrior cats Of Shadow Clan / Rank: Leader / Fur: All black fur with a white ear and white tip on tail with white anklet mark on right front paw / Eye Color: Light Blue

Warrior Name: Cherrystar / Real Name: Cherrypool / Free Realms Name: Flora Moonstar/ Gender: She-cat / Clan: Warrior Cats of Nightfall Clan / Rank: Leader / Cat: Fluffy Tortoiseshell, turqoise eyes, and a bright pink nose / Mate: None

Warrior Name: CrookedFang / Real name: Råelyn / Gender: She-Cat / Current Clan: Warrior Cats of Bloodlust Clan / Rank: Deputy / Pelt: White/Ash Tips

Warrior Name: Crookedstar / Real name: Bluê / Gender: She-Cat / Current Clan: Warrior Cats of BloodClaw Clan / Rank: leader / Pelt: Blue-gra and black / Mate: A twoleg (if that counts as a mate)

Warrior Name: Crowshadow / Real Name: Crowshadow / /Free Realms Name: CrowShadowz / Gender: She Cat / Clan: ThunderClan / Rank: Warrior / Cat: fluffy, soft long fur, fluffy Tail / Pelt: Black / Mate: Krieg


Warrior Name: DarkStar / Real Name: Caroline DeathBlood / Gender: She-cat / Current Clan: Warrior Cats of ThunderClan / Rank: Leader / Fur: Black with white paws and chest / Eyes: Crystal blue

Warrior Name: Darkash / Real Name: Ashley1 Foxdancer / Gender: She-Cat / Current Clan: Warrior Cats of Maple Clan

Warrior name: DarkBlazing Star / Real Name: DarkBlazing Star/ Gender: tom-cat / Current Clan: DarkBlaze Clan/ Rank: leader

Warrior Name: Darkstripe / Real Name: Darkstripe / Gender: She-kitty / Current Clan: WarriorCats of Meadow Clan / Rank: Warrior

Warrior Name: Demon Star / Real Name: Kyuubi Namikaze / Gender: she-cat / Current Clan: Warrior Cats Of Bloody Moon / Rank: Leader / Fur Color: Orange

Warrior Name: DustFeather / Real Name: Maeeee with a special a / Gender: She-Cat / Current Clan: Warrior Cats of Bloodclaw clan / Rank: Warrior / Fur Color: o_o any ride i am on, it depends :u

Warrior Name: DeathShadow / Real Name: JayClaw / Gender: She-Cat / Current Clan: Warrior Cats of Bloodclaw clan / Rank: Warrior

Leader Name: Darklight / Real Name: Twilight Collions / Gender: She-Cat/ Current Clan: Warrior Cats Of DarkTwilight Clan/ Rank: Leader

MALE NAME / Real name: Idk / Gender: Mixed Gender / Current Clan: Warrior Cats of Clan / Rank:

Leader Name: DarkStone Star / Real Name: DarkStone Star . Gender: She-Cat / Current Clan: Warrior Cats Of DarkStone Clan - CHANGING SOON - / Rank: Leader / Fur Color Uh... I have many Colors but my Main is Black / Eye Color: Blue, Icy to make it specific.


Warrior Name: Ebonyheart / Real Name: EbonyHeart / Gender: She-cat / Current Clan: Warrior Cats of                Clan / Rank: ROGUE

Warrior Name: Eçhowing / Real Name: Eçhowing / Gender: She-cat / Current Clan: Bloodclaw Clan / Rank: Warrior /


Warrior Name: Fireheart / Real Name: Firestar / Gender: She-cat/ Current Clan: WarriorCats of LightningClan / Rank: Leader

Warrior Name: Foxstar / Real Name: Christopher Foxface / Gender: Tom / Current Clan: WarriorCats of EclipseClan / Rank: Leader

Warrior Name: FoxHeart/ Real Name: Sam Storm/Gender:She-Cat/ Current Clan: Warrior Cats of White Mist Clan/ Rank: Deputy/Fur Color: Orange Tabby with one white back paw.

Warrior Name: Flamestripe / Real Name: Flamestripe / Gender: Tom / Current Clan: WarriorCats of DarknightmareClan / Rank: Warrior / Fur Color: Red Solid Tabby / Mate: Ivypool

Warrior Name: FrostThorn Real Name: FrostThorn FrostThorn Gender: She-Cat Clan: Warrior Cats of the Dark Light Clan Rank: Deputy Fur Color: Baby blue with black stripes to define them, hazel eyes, fierce posture and face expression. Mate: None atm

Warrior Name: Flowertail Real Name: Flower Princess Gender: She-Cat Clan: Every single one of them that ever existed. o.o Rank: Warrior/Kit Fur Color: Tortishell with green flower patterns on tail, emerald green eyes, huge puffy tail and has a kittenish attitude at all times. Mate: None. Father: Flamestripe Mother: Ivypool


Warrior Name: GreyStorm / Real Name: Nikky Storm / Gender: She-Cat / Current Clan: Warrior Cats of Bloodclaw clan /

Warrior name: GoldenFlower / Real name: Cc1234 / Gender: She-Cat / Current Clan: Pineclan

Warrior Name: GreyClaw / Real name: Luna GreyWolf / Gender: She-Cat / Current Clan: Warrior Cats Of DarkSkies Clan / Fur color: Teal & Black With Silver Eyes

Warrior Name: Goldenfire / Real Name: GoldenRose / Gender: She-cat / Clan: Whatever clan Ivypool and Flowertail were in at the time. / Fur Color: Shiny Gold color with metallic-silver colored paws and pink swirls on tail. small rose birth mark on left hind leg. Has Bright Gold Eyes with a pinkish tint. Is the second character to Flowertail.


Warrior Name: Halfmoon / Real Name: Halfmoon / Gender: She-Cat/ Current Clan: Warrior Cats of DarkBlaze CIan / Rank: Warrior (Now Med) / Fur Color: Dark Grey with Dark Black Stripes with a Halfmoon Birthmark

Warrior Name: Hollystar / Real Name: Holly Storm / Gender: She-cat / Current Clan: Unknown / Rank: Previously leader / Fur Color: tan tabby

Warrior Name: Bubblefur / Real Name: Derpy Bubblestar / Gender: She-Cat / Current Clan: Warrior Cats of Equinox Clan / Rank: Med/Warrior / Fur Color: Gray-blue c:

Warrior Name: Hazelstar / Real Name: Hazelstar / Gender: She-cat / Current Clan: WarriorCats of Maple Clan / Rank: Leader / Fur Color: Brown Tabby

Warrior Name: HeatherStorm / Real Name: HeatherStorm (Special A) / Gender: She-Cat / Current Clan: Warrior Cats of Bloodclaw clan / Rank: Warrior / Fur Color: Ash colored with a hint of brown and white in the ears


. Warrior Name: Ivypool / Real Name: Ivypool / Gender: She-cat / Clan: idk this is Flowertail editing I don't know everything o.o probably Darknightmare or Skyfall clan. / Rank: Queen/Warrior / Fur Color: Gray and white splotches, with blue eyes. / Mate: Flamestripe / Kits: Holy gosh she had a ton of she-kits. / Main kits: Goldenfire and Flowertail :)


Warrior Name: Jayfeather / Real Name: Jayfeather / Gender: She-Cat / Current Clan: Warriorcats of DarkBlaze Clan / Rank: Warrior / Fur Color: Gray fur, and Blind blue eyes.

Warrior Name: Jaggedstar / Real Name: Lion Shadow / Gender: She-Cat / Current Clan:Owl Clan/ Rank: Leader / Color: Silver -blue fur and has a long scar running down her back.Has pine green eyes.

Warrior Name: JayFlight / Real Name: JayFlight JayFLight / Gender; She-Cat / Current Clan: Starclan ~doesnt really hang out with starclan though, just kinda walks around~ (dead) / Rank: Medicine Cat / Color: Blue/grey fur with darker blue/grey stripes and lighter blue/grey underbelly. Burnt off left ear. Left eye is pale green, right is pale blue.


Leader Name: Kara Star/ Real name: Karana/ Clan: WarriorCats of Amethyst Clan/ How she looks like: A tan pelted gold eyed cat, good sence of humor, warm hearted/ Mate: Austimus C:


Warrior name LegacyStar/ Real name LegacyStar Eclipse/ Gender:She-cat/ Current clan Polar clan /Rank Leader /Color"Silver-blue with 'snow shoes' a special eye marking and a illness that makes my eys change color in rare times

Warrior Name:LegendStar / Real Name: StarCast Eclipse / Gender: She-Cat / Current Clan: Equinox Clan / Rank: Leader / Color: Blue, black, and white with color changeing eyes

Warrior Name: LeopardFire / Real Name: Aubree Turtle / Gender: She-Cat / Current Clan: Warriorcats of AmberRose Clan / Rank: MedCat.

Warrior Name: Lionheart / Real Name: LIONHEART / Gender: She-cat / Current Clan: OutcastClan / Rank: Medicine Cat

Warrior Name: LionStar / Real Name: Michel Lionstar / Gender: Tom-cat / Current Clan: FalconClan / Rank: Leader / Fur Color: Golden 

Warrior Name: Legend Star / Real Name: Legend Star / Gender: She-cat / Current Clan: Unknown right now (o.o I really have no idea if she is or not)

Warrior Name: LavaHeart / Real name: Toxikk Auburn / Gender: She-Cat / Current Clan: Warrior Cats of Bloodclaw clan / Rank: Warrior / Fur Color: Has Grey or Purple Pelt, White belly, and likes pancakes :D, and is way too perky, fierce, and doesn't listen much :P

Warrior Name: Lunar Eclipse/Real name: Renesmee Jacob/ Gender: She-cat / Current Clan:DarkblazeClan/ Rank:kit / Fur color White pelt with silver spots from head to toe with Blue eyes


Warrior Name: Midnightpelt/ Real Name: MidnightPelt/ Gender: She-cat/ Clan: FalconClan/ Rank: Deputy/ Mate: None

Warrior Name: Moonkit/ Real Name: Moonwhisper/ Gender: She-cat/ Clan: None/ Rank: Kit/ Mate: None

Warrior Name: MoonFlame / Real Name: Legend MoonStar / Gender: She-Cat / Current Clan: EquinoxClan  / Rank: Deputy

Warrior Name: Mintleaf / Real Name: Crescent Moon / Gender: She-Cat / Current Clan: DarkBlazeClan / Rank: MedCat

Warrior Name: Moonpelt / Real Name: Apocalypse Moon / Gender: She-Cat / Current Clan: BloodclawClan / Rank: Warrior

Warrior Name: Moka Claw / Real name: Moka Claw / Gender: She-Cat / Current Clan : Warrior Cats of Bloodclaw clan / Rank: Warrior/ Fur color: Grey with blue eyes and white nose.

Warrior Name: Muddywish / Real Name: Cheyyleil / Gender: She-Cat / Current Clan: Warrior Cats of Skyfall Clan / Rank: Warrior / Description: Light brown with white under-belly, white mittens on fore-paws and socks on back legs, Brown Siamese face with white left lip.

Warrior Name: Mudstar/real name: Mudsplash/ Gender: She-cat/ Current Clan: Warrior Cats of Pine clan/ Rank: Leader/ Fur color: Brown with black stripes and white on belly, Brown tail with white tip. Hazel eyes

Warrior Name: Mistyflight / FR Name: Mistyflight / Gender: She-Cat / Clan: Warrior Cats of HazeClan / Rank: Warrior / Coat Color: Can change into either black or yellow


Leader Name: NightStar/ Real Name: Erin Nightshade / Gender: She-Cat / Current Clan: Warrior Cats of NightFury Clan & Dragons of the Ice Cave / Rank: Second Leader of NightFury and Leader of Dragons of the Ice Cave / Fur/ ScalesColor: Can change, real fur is white with cheetah spots, fur now is midnight sky with white stars moving across scales/fur

Warrior Name: NightPelt / Real name: Rebel / Gender: She-Cat / Current Clan: Warrior Cats of Bloodclaw clan / Rank: Warrior / Fur Color: Ash Colored


Warrior Name: PinkSkys/Gender: She-Cat/Current Clan: SkyHeart/Rank: Leader/Fur Color: Pink with a ancient pattern on back (head to tail)

Kit Name: Paw Kit/ Real Name: Hot Paws/ Gender: She-Cat/ Current Clan: Warrior Cats of DarkStone Clan -DarkStone Star is changing it very soon!-/ on



Warrior Name: Rose Star / Real Name: Rose Star / Gender: She-Cat / Current Clan: MeadowClan / Rank: Leader

Warrior Name: Redtail/ Real Name: XxEpiclegendxX/ Gender: She-Cat/ Current Clan: WarriorCats of WhiteThunder Clan/ Rank: Deputy

Warrior Name: Ravenstar / Real Name: Ravenflight / Gender: She-cat / Current Clan: DarkmoonClan / Rank: Leader

Warrior Name: Ravenheart/ Real Name: RavenHeart / Gender: She-cat / Current Clan: StarClan (decreased)/ Rank: Warrior (Originally Med) / Fur looks: Small Grey she-cat with darker grey stripes, white toes, tail-tip ,lighter underbelly, dark grey socks (not clothing kind), black stripe along back and amber eyes/ Mate: Blackclaw (formerly)/ kits: Frostkit & Frostfang

Warrior Name: Redtail/ Real Name: Epic something/ Gender: She-cat/ Current Clan: Warriorcats of WhiteThunder Clan/ Rank: Dep/ Fur Color: White with black and red stripes and a Red tail c:

Warrior Name: Rose Star / Real Name: Roseda Star / Gender: She-Cat / Current Clan: Warrior Cats Of DarkAsh Clan / Rank: Leader / Fur Color: Rosey Red with Black Stripes c:

Warrior Name: RoseFlight / Real Name: Róseeee / Gender: She-Cat / Current Clan" Warrior Cats of Bloodclaw clan / Rank: Medicine Cat / Fur Color:  Ash Colored with white patches on the paws

Warrior Name:RiverStar / Real Name: RiverPelt / Gender: She-Cat / Current Clan "Warrior Cats of FallingMoon Clan / Rank: Leader / Fur Color: White and black.. Warrior Name: Ravenheart / RealName: RavenHeart/genger:She-Cat/CurrentClan:Warrior Cats of EquinoxClan/Rank:Warrior/Fur color: Light grey with big dark flecks, golden eyes..


Warrior name: Skyblossom / Real Name: Skylár Blue / Gender: She-cat / Current Clan: Warrior Cats of Bloodclaw clan / Rank: Warrior / Fur Colour: Pale Light Brown, Pale Brown / Mate: Doesn't have one

Warrior name: Skyleaf/ Real Name: Skyhigh16 / Gender: She-cat/ Current Clan: SolsticeClan/ Rank: Med cat/ Fur color: Dark blue shade with lighter blue speckles

Deputy Name: Stone Star/ Real Name: Epic Failer/ Gender: She-Cat/ Current Clan Warrior Cats of Dark Stone Clan - Changing the name DarkStone Star is -/ Rank: Deputy/ Fur Color: I have White and Black, I mostly use my Black so I'm Black with a light grey belly and deep black stripes Scar on Leg One torn ear Injured Tail Cant be healed- and Missing one Claw

Warrior Name: Stoneteller/ Real Name: Støneteller/ Gender: She-Cat (I think o-o)/ Current Clan: Warriorcats Of DarkBlaze Clan/ Rank: Medicine Cat/ Fur Color: Black with a white muzzle, white under belly, and white leopard spots from head to toe, Has amber blind eyes and a scar from her left eye to her shoulder and blood standed stiches on her chest.

Warrior Name: Silvertail / Real Name:Melody Cloudstones / Gender: She-Cat/ Current Clan: Warriorcats of Eleniel Clan Rank: Med cat/ Fur Color: silver

Warrior Name: ScourgeStar / Real Name:ScourgeStar / Gender: She-Cat/ Current Clan: Warriorcats of Cinderfall Clan (formerly DarkFang Clan) Rank: Leader/ Fur Color: Dark Black Tabby  With a Scar By Eye

Warrior Name:SilverSplash/Real name: Daniellaa (Special letter D)/Gender:She-cat/Current Clan:Warrior Cats of Skyfall Clan/ Rank:Medecine Cat/ Fur Color; Silver

Warrior Name: Snowclaw/ Real name: unknown/ Gender: She-Cat/ Current Clan: Warriorcats of WhiteThunder clan/ Rank: Warrior

Warrior Name: Shatteredstar / Real Name: Shatteredheårt / Gender: She-cat Current Clan: Dark Forest (DEAD) Rank: Leader / Fur Color: Grey, light grey, dark grey, blue grey, light yellow, & black

Warrior Name: Snowfall / Real Name: Samantha / Gender: She-cat / Current Clan: Warrior Cats of Skyfall Clan / Rank: Warrior

Warrior Name: StarLight / Real Name: Asuna / Gender: She-cat / Current Clan: Warriorcats Of DarkBlaze Clan / Rank: Deputy

Warrior Name: Storm Star / Real Name: Bailey StormClaw / Gender: She-cat / Current Clan: Warrior Cats of Flaming Sun clan / Rank: Head Leader / Pelt Color: Silver

Warrior Name: Silverstar / Real Name: Silver Stripe / Gender: She-cat / Current Clan: WarriorCats of TigerClan / Rank: Leader / Pelt Color: Silver Tabby with a dark grey stripe running down my back / Eye Color: Dark Blue

Warrior Name: StormPelt / Real Name: GravityyFalls / Gender: She-Cat / Current Clan: Warrior Cats of Bloodclaw clan / Rank: Warrior

Warrior Name: Stormy Claw / Real Name: Stormy Night / Gender: She-Cat / Current Clan: Warrior Cats of Bloodclaw clan / Rank: Warrior

Warrior Name: ShadowCoal / Real Name: Nick AppleSeed / Gender: Male / Current Clan: Warrior Cats of Bloodclaw clan / Rank: Warrior

Warrior Name: SnowStar/ Real Name: MEGA WAVE / Gender: She-cat/ Current Clan: Warrior Cats of Meadow Clan/ Rank: Warrior / Pelt: Glistening white wiht little specks of grey/ Eye Color: Icy BLue

'Warrior Name: Sky Soul /Real Name: Sky Soul o.o /Gender: She-Kitty /Current Clan: Bloodclaw clan <3 /Rank: (cant get FH) Warrior / Color: Dark red body with black belly and light red front right paw /Eyes: Hazel <3 

warrior name: Stormclaw/ Real Name: Queen Jenna/ Gender: she cat/ current clan: (forgot which one maybe falcon clan)/rank:warrior/ color: red and gold with red and gold wings/ eyes: blue/hazel


Warrior name: Twilightpaw/moon/ Real Name: Twîlight/ Gender: She-cat/ Current Clan: Night Clan/ Rank: Apprentice

Warrior name: Timberkit/ Real Name: awesome person/ Gender: She-cat/ Current Clan: Warrior Cats of BloodHeart Clan/ Rank: kit/ Fur Color: Pink

Warrior name: Tigerpelt/ Real name: Haden Nightmare/ Gender: she-cat/ Current Clan: FalconClan/ Rank: Deputy/ Fur Colour: looks like Tigerstar



Warrior name: Vinestar/ Real name: VineStar/ Gender: She-cat/ Current clan: Prismclan/ Rank: Leader/ Fur color: Light grey, Dark gray spots, light-dark green on head and tail, Dark Gray wings, and Green eyes.


Warrior name: Whitepool/ Real name: White/ Gender: She-cat/ Current Clan: WarriorCats of DarkBlaze Clan/ Rank: Medicine Cat / Fur Color: White, has saber tooth tiger teeth and white huge wings.

Warrior Name: Wind Runner/ Real Name: Wind Runner 45/ Gender: She-Cat/ Current Clan: WarriorCats of LightningClan/ Rank: Deputy / Fur Color: A combo of grey brown and othrr colors with teal eyes

Warrior Name: WolfHeart/ Real name: Derpÿ/ Gender: She-Cat/ Current Clan: Warrior Cats of Skyfall Clan/ Rank: Deputy/ Appearance: Pure black pelt and a fluffy tail (FLUFFEH :3), icy blue eyes, silver spiked collar, white scar-looking pattern across her left eye. (Might add a pic)


Warrior Name:SpyroPelt​/ Real Name:Špyro Pelt/ Gender: She-Cat/ Current Clan: Warrior Cats Of SkyFall Clan/ Rank: Top Warrior/ Fur Color: Light Grey.



Descriptions of Warrior Cats

~Åutumnwhïsker is deputy of BloodclawClan. Her mother is Crookedstar, leader of Bloodclaw and her step father is a two leg, Chaos Thunder. Her closest sibling is Cinderpëlt, and she has four kits (That haven't abandoned her yet) She recently lost one and will soon loose another. She has the sprit of Shatteredstar, and all the emotional wounds as her too, which makes Åutumnwhïsker fast to judge, extremely defensive, but close and trustworthy to her family. She's commanding and protective of her status of respect and power in the Clan. But she's also quite lazy. Her pelt is complicated, but the colors are orange, pale yellow, light grey and black. She has a habit of biting her lip so they're usually torn and dry looking, along with her other battle given scars. She often reinforces her claws with some of the smaller thorns from Briarwood, and she uses them well.

-Blackfire Deputy of LightningClan Blackfire is also Loyal, She is protective, and also feirce When she is upset with other clans she asks her leader if she may attack but she needs a reason for that. In other words she is also kind and trust worthy for a dep. Blackfire is a daughter of Firestar. She always listens and never disobeys a direct order. She is also a great fighter. I guess it runs in the clan She is a She-cat with Teal eyes and fur that's Black. She also has a good sence of humor. I cause sooo much drama and kick people out and kill them back down from fights and hurt kits I am known as not loyal and disobeying everyone hates me i killed my own kits and mate Im not protective i let kits on there own i have no humor...........

-Stoneteller: Stoneteller is the Medicine Cat of DarkBlaze Clan. She is loyal all the time. She has a bad temper and its very short. She has lived in the Clans for many years. Most of her friends are in DarkBlaze and her old friends are with the wolf =/ She has been leader of about three new Clans and her longest one was WhiteThunder Clan that fell but never tell her that Clan is dead or she will flip out. She some times listens after some times, She is a great fighter (Goldenfur says that after they have a practice fight and Stone throws Golden's brains at the house o_o) She can be very very very random most of the time. She has been a "drama starter" most of her life =/ She was touched by The Dark Forest and StarClan =/ She is a Power Of Three with her sisters. She is a black she-cat with a white under belly and white leopard spots from head to toe. She knows almost everything about every Fire Arm there is. And if you break her pistol, she will kill you o-o When she is serious her eyes are black and when she is playing around her eyes are amber.

-Bubblefur: Bubblefur is a warrior of Equinox Clan. She is a loyal cat to Equinox Clan and plans to stay there for as long as she can. She has lived the clan life for a few years so has had many experiences & memories, as well as joined many clans and made many friends. She has been a leader of 3 clans, a deputy of a few, and even a medicine cat of a couple. Bubblefur is nice, loyal, friendly, but if you get on her bad side it's not good. As much as she likes to have fun and RP, when things get serious in RP she actually RP's properly xD, but if people are having clan drama or cat problems she becomes really random, crazy, disturbing and ruins the whole drama moment for them o_o. She believes the phrase 'Blood before Clan' before you're clan can change, whereas your blood can't. Bubblefur wants to be a legend cat so she can have wings :p, but she has one secret; the biggest secret of all about her, which no one can know and ever find out. It's hidden, for as long as she can hide it. When she was a kit, she accidently fell into a pool of serum which made her eyes change colors fitting her moods; so now because of that her eyes change colors to fit her mood. Her normal eye color is icy-blue, and she is a blue-silver she cat with purple tiger stripes and a long tail. Because of her many experience with clans, you can ask her about anything, and even a problem, because she can fix it. I am very bad at fighting I always back down Im sooo scared of one espeacially around wolves xc

-CrookedFang: Deputy'/Creator of BloodLust clan. She got her name from her chipped Fang on her top rack of Teeth. 'This Cat has all nine lives, and has only one kit so far. She is a She-Cat with a white short haired pelt with Ash gray tips and snow whited saber teeth. Her cat Ride is named Cheveyo, which has a meaning of Spirit Warrior in Latin. She has a goal for her clan, to live peacefully with her allies in the Realm. Have the lowest possible number of Enemies. And prosper with hope. Life is good! She was once a Rogue cat without a clan but HollyStar had taken her with her into Dawn clan, until it had gotten hacked long ago. CrookedFang had left Dawn clan after the hacking and moved to Skyfall while Dawn clan was reconstructing. She never went back. She had moved on once again to Bloodclaw clan, and became a true warrior. She had later changed her name in the Realm and every one had forgotten who she was. And was demoted from warrior position in bloodclaw. She had explained, but no one believed. She later went away with her brother, AshScar, And created her own clan. A clan with reasoning and common sense. Peace and Prosperity. Hope.

-DarkBlazing Star: He is the leader of DarkBlaze clan and he does his best to protect his clan, he would rather lose a life then have someone in his clan get hurt.  DarkBlazing star is very hard to anger but when he does get angry it doesn't end well, if you show him your not an enemy he is very kind. he is very strong and you don't want to get on his bad side. he has two sons and three daughters there names are Epikk, Jake FireFall, Jess Moon, Blue/Snow kit and ashley bluegem. he often acts very mysterious and he holds many secrets. he somtimes will show no emotion he also loves the darkness. he is online alot of the time. you sometimes might see him lurking around briarwood but you will usually find him in greenwood forest or near it.

-Cc123: She is a warrior in PineClan. She has a peach colored pelt, and a scar on her flank. She is the kit of Mudsplash (star.) She has became evil and killed many kits. Even one she dropped near a cliff. She was trained to be evil, in a rouge clan before PineClan. After she left that Rouge Clan, she became nice and said to not hurt any kit or betray the code again. She joined Pineclan, and started to become loyal. She had two daughters. She was super protective of her clan. She had a sister who wasadopted by Mudsplash (Star). She is now staying in PineClan and that's where she'll stay.

-WHATEVER STAR PERSON!r: She is the leader of Darkpooooooooo Clan. She's a big, reddish and black she-cat with many allies. She's not one who likes fights and arguements but will defend her Clan at any cost. She has a daughter named Willowbreeze who is the Clan's medicine cat and also enjoys fostering kits without mothers. She is unable to get on the Free Realms website because of computer problems but is keeping in touch threw this website. She once co-lead Aurora Clan with Bubblestar awhile but then left seeking a Clan of her own. Now she has Darkrose Clan. And that's where she'll stay.

-Firestar proud leader of LightningClan. Firestar is Loyal, Calm, and feirce. She gets upset when other clans are in her camp without permission from her. In other words she is Kind to her Clan and was born a Kitty pet but no one talks about it because tey forgot about it. From then she was a good dep but still misses her old leader BlueStar also known as BlueStar100. She was dep for quiet a while. She speaks good in gatherings and she has lots of allies. But when  someone messes with her clan They will see that she is mad and its not pretty. She could also be very Serious. She is a She-cat with a firey pelt and amber green eyes.

Froststar: She is called Miyuki because she wanted a Japanese name, her warrior name is Frostbreeze and she has been in many clans. Her first clan was Riverclan and then she joined more but stopped at Oakclan. She stayed in it for a while until it died out and then she was left to find other clans. She joined Darkmoonclan but Eclipseclan also destroyed that. So after she joined many other clans until she made a few of her own. She stopped joining clans at Auroraclan and then decided to make Nighthawkclan. She is a pure white she-cat with black paws and ears. She has a stubby tail due to a fight with wolves and she has icy blue eyes. Her mother is Doom and her grandfather is Foxstar. She hates having that past but she finds ways to make up for the fact that her family is evil. She is one of the fastest cats out there and really, everyone dumps kits on her for some reason so she gets stuck with them, a lot.

-Hollystar: Hollystar =has been a leader of Aurora Clan and Maple Clan before, but since Dawn Clan got hacked she is now getting it back again, and it's now STRONGER than EVER. She named herself Hollystar in honor of her cat called 'Holly' who has passed in real life. Hollystar is a brown tabby she-cat with darker brown stripes on her, she has a very sleek tail which is colored all kinds of shades of brown. Hollystar has a light brown lower on her legs, and her paws are dark brown. She has a white pelt and has white, alert ears and a white fluffy pelt. She has amber green eyes and a wind-brown face, her nose is black. She does not let anything break her down and will stand up to anything; she will protect her friends and clan at any cost. Hollystar is a skilled fighter, hunter, swimmer, and climber and has a very fast speed. Her birth clan was Mountain Clan and she has one kit, Bluekit. Hollystar is a strong cat and will continue to be just that with the help from some stars in the sky who she shall never forget. LIES NOT LEADER OF AURORA CLAN I THINK XD XD XD XD XD WHO ARE YOU O_O-

-Jayfeather She is one of the warriors of DarkBlaze Clan. She is a medium sized grey warrior with blind blue eyes. She was the leader of many clans, including the original BloodClan ;). Don't think for a second that she can't fight because of her blindness. Most of the time she is in a bad mood, but she might not make it obvious, however she is very loyal and caring (when she wants to be). Her birthclan is IceClan. She has one long scar from the top of her neck, going down to her tail.

-Jayflight medicine cat of Prismclan. Never really thought she would get the respect she wanted so she wanted to train to be a medicine cat and not a warrior. Jayflight never wanted fights to break out and hates being around it and trys to find ways to avoid them. No one ever thought she was blind until they looked into her eyes. She has the gift of the sky and can make others feel free and happy. She has large feather wings that shine in the sunlight Her fur is sleek and fluffy and has to different eye colors. Her eyes glow when she is very mad and her fur fluffs up. Jayflight gets mad very quickly. She never knew about who her father was and was never told who he was. Her mother is Vinestar, leader of Prismclan. She has a super cool sister named Doveleap c: Jayflight does not care if she dies, all she cares about is her friends, family, and clan. She would die for any one in her clan no matter what. Current clan: Prismclan C:

-Lilacstar: lilacstar is the proud leader of lilac clan. she is wise, strong and just got her nine lives! Her clan (lilac clan) has just started. she has two kits one she left behind in the old poison oak clan with her mate and the other is with  her. she is fun, loving, caring and brave. her free realms name is queen jenna. if you meet her, you should treat her with the kindness she deserves... Capitals Person! *rolls eyes*

-Leaf Paw- she has been in every clan in Free Realms she was leader of Leaf Clan before she died and went into Shadow Clan she kept her word bring trust to her clan ans she has by making the Clan strong but seenless. She hides well though easly distracted. She is Med apprentice and hopes Leaf Storm as her med cat name because her mother Gentle Storm died fighting to keep her and she rather remember her mother. She has a bit of anger left from then though is kind if givin what she wants most: to be part med cat and a warrior.

LegendStar ~ She is the leader of Equinox Clan. She is extremely loyal to her clan, kind (until she has to get her claws out, but thats rare) , feirce, fast, and magic. She loves her clan with a burning love no one could understand. She will protect it at all costs, even if it means loosing a life. She is a tall cat with a blue, black, and white pelt, a feather necklace, and a white glowing crown. She currently has 10 lives...(dont ask about the extra life...)

-Lionstar: He is the strong, proud leader of FalconClan. He is wise, brave, 'funny and does not back down from a fight. I first knew him in PoisonOakClan, but I do not know his past clans. His fur is a golden orange and his eyes are a dark green. He is the bravest tom-cat you'll ever meet. Any she-cat would be lucky to have him as a mate. -Written by anomous warrior cat

-Lunar Eclipsekit: LunarEclipsekit is a kit in Darkblaze Clan. She have white long fur and have shadow of white spots from the top of her head to the tip of her tail, She have light blue eyes and if you look closely they sparkle like the evening star of the night.Star started as a kit from poison oak with her step-mother and 4 sisters but when her leader left the clan the clan started to fall apart, LunarEclipse family started to leave as well and became leaders or warriors in another clans or packs and star became alone.Before the clan fell apart Star and Nightshade a friend went to star cave and went to star clan hunting ground and leader firestar gave me powers like her so she became my sister also moon star and Misty.It was a short time for LunarEclipsekit to find her powers and find out that she have dark powers and wont tell no one what she capable of doing so she keep it a secret so nobody can get hurt by the way she only a kit it can get uncontrollable and might hurt other cats. Right now it a hard time for her because of things are going on between her family but even though she little she always bring a smile on people faces and wants her sisters to cheer up even though things are going bad.Lunar is also a element cat,her element is earth, she can heal things and herself also she can make tht earth move by doing earthquakes.         ~smile

-Mudsplash: She is leader of Pine clan, she does her very best to keep her clan Protective. She's fierce, loyal, brave, and kind. She has been in several clans throughout her warrior life. Her second clan ever was Warrior Cats of Ice clan. She shortly left, then made one of the first Pine clans. At the moment Mudstar has 8 lives. She also has several loving kits, some are grown up. Mudstar is a Brown she-cat with black stripes and a white belly. Her tail is brown as well with a white tip. She has hazel eyes. She will fight for her clan even if it cost her all 8 of her lives.

-NightFire: A very sleek she cat, her fur no longer white but now a night sky blue color, stars are dazzled on her fur and shine just like the ones in the sky. Her blue eyes sparkle every now and then, at night the North Star sparkles in her eyes. She is marked with a strange jewel on her fore head, she has a twisted paw from a sickness she got as a kit in eclipse, but she can be more then any normal she cat, unlike her sisters, she has a different mind and some say outside of the Warrior cat world, that she can hold great wisdom, she can be very brave and will do anything to stand up for her sisters, wolves sometimes, and all clans. She has some connection with only Horses and Dragons, she loves to write her own stories, but sometimes she isn't a cat?! She has her ways to form in her human form and strangely she can ride dragons. She has other forms, but her ways can be more of the unexplained then expected. If anyone ever try's to mess with her or do anything to her friends, will pay the price and wished they never did mess that up. She holds hidden secrets of Star Clan, but on her twisted paw has another mark so strange, a dragon mark what she calls "The DragonMark of Nightshade". Her claws can turn to ice that gleam in the moonlight. Currently it is clearly unknown what she plans to do, after hearing from StarClan finally, she is following her destiny of becoming what she dreamed as a pup. She now has feather like wings same color as her fur and with stars, her wings can now change into amazing Star Wings. She is not dead but still alive, her account was hacked (DX) just today on 1/21/2014 in January, plans to come back soon, she promises from her heart because her love for the Warrior Cats ppl here is like family and friends.

-Pine Star: Pine Star is the leader of Pine Clan. He has many colors (He has 9 tigers so he loses one tiger after every life) Black: Black Tom with white belly paws tail and a white circle above his head and white eyes a torn ear and a scar that gos across the eye barly -- Not blind -- Red: red tom with white paws light blue eyes golden: fully golden tom along wiht a red splash on forehead that never comes off with a star on paw with green eyes White: white tom with green eyes stone: gray stone tiger green eyes brown: fully brown cat with large claws and whtie eyes dark blue: dark blue tom with white paws and tail tip red fire: red tiger with golden eyes: dark blue fire: dark blue fire with golden eyes. He hunts in trees and loves doing "The Strike" a move thats made only for Pine Clan. lives by cats who gave him his leader name: Leaf Star Black Star Fire Star Owl Kit Ghost Whisker River Leap Ice Star Chasing Sky and Dark Sky. He hides a dark past from his Clan but he still holds the clan together and with that comes trust. Every day its a fight for his life and if its not that his Clan. Fact: -- Made by one of his clan mates-- He has NEVER eatten or slept scent he joined warriors cats and if he did it it must of been fake. He takes great care to his family

-Ravenheart Top MedicineCat of SnowyMistClan Formor Med of EqunoxClan. The fighter,defender the one who could rule a entire clan with respect .She always dreams of becomeing a leader of a big clan, some look up to her as a leader. But she broke the code many times but some she wont regret. Ravenheart got PrismClan to share land with her clan. Ravenheart can be very impatient and stuborn so beware. Back in EquinoxClan she left she found out that she wan't the true head med of that clan so she left everything. When a kit she got hit by a Monster (car) 3 times  on her right back leg, one monster came, 2nd second one came and hit her leg again and the 3rd one came and had hit her leg like the two first ones did tho two seconds. Ravenheart had difficuties with her right back leg since it didn't heal properly

-Ravenstar: She's the leader of DarkmoonClan. She is a large black cat with purple eyes. She has a variety of scars all over her body from many fights; some from cats, some from wolves, one with a snake, etc. She has half of a tail and wears the teeth of wolves over her claws from her many bad encounters with wolves. Despite her appearance she is fairly kind and treats others with respect until they have done wrong to her. Once you get on her bad side it's difficult to earn forgiveness. The one thing she hates most is traitors, because her own kits decided to spread a rumor about her in order to recruit all of her cats into their own Clans. Then both of the Clans she lead (RavenClan and DarkmoonClan) were struggling to she picked one to save, which had to be Darkmoon. She combined her two Clans after making that decision. Because of this, if you betray her then you will never be forgiven. She gave up on forgiveness for such things long ago.

-Redstar: Redstar is the leader of Haze Clan. She's very loyal to her Clan, despite having been raised as a loner. She's generally patient, but she can be rather short-tempered with disrespectful cats. She is a black cat with a ginger tail-tip, a white right paw, and a twisted left paw. Her eyes are a pale blue, and she's built for her running ability more than anything. She can be found most often in her Clan territory, but will also occasionally be in Seaside, Snowhill, or, really, anywhere else on the map.

-Redtail: She is the Deputy of WhiteThunder Clan. She just found out that her long lost sisters are her leaders (Whitestar, Firestar, Ashstar). She would rather die in real and on FR then to lose her clan. Ashstar tries really hard to Be the Best leader she can! She has no kits. She some times she crys brcause of her bad kit-hood, i dont blam her. Some times you can sent her lurking in the forest or spying on other clans she is tring to get a spy for her clan to spy on other clans but right now she is the spy for the clan. She is very busy most of the time because one of her officers keeps on making warriors officers! (not me). She is very busy tring to get more cats in the clan and getting all the rogues or other cats out of her camp her sister, Whitestar, got a broken paw fighting them.

-RoseFlight: RoseFlight is the Medicine Cat of Bloodclaw clan. She doesn't get a whole bunch of cats that need to get treated, so she goes as one of the Warriors in the clan most of the time. RoseFlight is a She-Cat with an Ash Colored pelt, with white patches on the paws. She also has sea blue eyes. RoseFlight will not back out of a fight. RoseFlight is very good with kits when she is in a good mood. Even though she has none, all of her kits have sadly left her, But she is completely fine with that. RoseFlight used to be leader of the old Shadow clan, which was a very good ally with Moon Clan.. About 2 Years ago, she joined Bloodclaw and became the daughter of BlueStar, and the sister of many of the other cats in her family. She currently has 8 lives, and is currently and always will be in BloodClaw.

Rose Star: She is the leader of Meadow Clan. Her Pelt is Purple of a new moonrise and it suites her well. She is a very kind, strong, brave, and many more things. She is a great leader and has unknowable faith in her clan. She Loves her Clan so much she is at risk of her nine lives. She battled for her clan to keep them safe and now has only four lives left. She wants peace in her clan and with certain clans. (they know who they are) Meadow Clan has recently moved territory because of Sky.fall Clan. Thankfully they found a better home with much more space for her growing clan. Rose Star had grown up in Forest Clan but felt she was unwanted, that was the start of Meadow Clan. She has Surprised many cats in her skill as a leader. She has Worked hard and has gotten her clan to 80 cats and is working for more. Rose Star is a very faithful,talented,brave,and skillful leader.

-Roseda Star: She's the leader of DarkAsh Clan. How she got her name is from her color. She is a large rosey red cat with black stripes & light teal eyes. She has a long soft tail that is always wrapped around her unless she is standing. The only things she looks for is death for her clan & the ones around her. Her mother was Bad Star, old leader of Sun Clan & her older sister is Featheoifhsd;lfhsrtail, deputy of DarkAsh Clan. After her mother's death, she worked hard as the deputy of Sun Clan for almost a year. But realizing she needed to move passed her mother's death, she left to make DarkAsh Clan. Now she is working twice as hard to make her mother proud. Remembering the kindness her mother gave, she is always willing to help another cat, even if there from another clan. She believes anything can be solved without any kind of violence & will not fight unless her clan/family is being threatened. However, when she fights, she doesnt go easy nor give up. She will always be there to fight to the death for her clan/family. My mom is not really dead I lied to make you feel bad also I lied about being a good fighter..... I hate my mother I was never leader...

-StarLight: She is a pure white, gentle cat with glorious angel wings. Her element is Sky, and she was gifted the power of Ice/Snow from Star Clan. Her name comes from her eyes, because although they change colors, they always seem to shine like the stars above. StarLight does not remember much of her childhood, only that she had a twin sister by the name of Darklight. They were both found in the Greenwood Forest by Darkblazing Star which who brought them to DarkBlaze Clan. She's a kind, loving medium sized cat who just wants to be loved and cared for.  StarLight is a very trustworthy cat, and always tries her best to make everyone happy. There are not many ways you could make her mad, though if you harm her sister in anyway possible, you automatically become an enemy. She may look like an innocent, sweet cat, but she can be feirce and powerful when it is needed.

-Storm Clouds At Dusk. Storm is a free and loveable cat. She is all black with amber eyes, short fur, and she is very small. She is a Prey-Hunter in The Tribe Of Hidden Mountains and loves her Tribe dearly. When Storm's Tribe was driven out of their territory in Snowhill, she made friends with the enemy clan's leader so that her Tribe and the clan wouldn't fight. Storm feels at home wherever there is snow and loves to be running free and wild. Storm may seem shy at first but she is super nice and LOVES to make friends.  Scourge is Storm's father, but she vowed to be nothing like him. In the begining she went to live with the clans, but she felt more at home in the Tribe. Right now Storm is trying to be the best Prey-Hunter The Tribe Of Hidden Mountains has ever seen!

-Shadow Claw, Real Name: Shadow, Gender: she-cat, Rank: Unknown, Has a Pure Black pelt and icy eyes that glow claws are dog teeth that are razor sharp and a blood stained color that was white with dog teeth and cat claws on it. Mate: No one. Short Bio: Was in Dark Moon before Scourge left hates Black Paw Werewolf pack, Eclipse Clan, Skyfall clan, and BloodClaw Clan. Eyes switch to red when angered and is slightly insane. Loves blood. Has four sisters Storm Claw, Jay Feather, Blue pool, and hawk Feather. Shadow Claw is a rough with her sister Storm claw and they both go by Storm. Storm and Shadow are Scourage's Kits.

~Shatteredstar: Dead.

~Twilightclaw: Twilightclaw is deputy of Meadow Clan. A clean, soft and fluffy coated black tabby, light blue pelt. She has got four white paws and and white tail tip and white, right tip and a black, left ear tip. Her eyes are dark blue and she has a few scars on her right leg, a few nicks in her ears and she also has claws as sharp as razors. She never knew her parents but she did know her father was cruel and blood thirsty. Her beginning life was dark...lonely. She killed many kits, even one of her own. She was dark-hearted. Moving on from that, she decided to become a medicine cat of a clan. Soon leaving it, she became a lead warrior. Left..again and was a rogue for a while. Left being rogue, found Meadow Clan. Joined it, stayed and is now placed as deputy of the clan. Her troubled past is behind her, as she works out her lifespan now. Twilightclaw has also been leader of quite a few clans. One, her leader left and she was deputy at the time. Two, she'd create a few clans, Broken Clan, BloodymoonClan. No, not the cruel stupid BloodymoonClan now. Her own. She made lots of enemies and allies. And now wants peace with anyone she steps to. But yet again, she wants to pick out some fight too. Just to let out anger that consumes her when just the slightest things make her neves fly.